Ghost In The Shell First Official Trailer Goes For Sexy Cybernetics

The upcoming Ghost In The Shell movie from Rupert Sanders and starring Scarlett Johansson as the Major, received its first official full trailer. No more snippets and tidbits, but there’s a full-on trailer covering the themes and general atmosphere of the story.

I was curious how they were going to handle the Major disrobing throughout the adventure to utilize the optical camouflage, and they decided to utilize a flesh-colored body suit. I have to admit, it looks good in action and they managed to recreate a few of the iconic scenes right out of the 1995 anime.

You can see for yourself what they’ve accomplished in the trailer below.

I’m both curiously fascinated with the film but also critically cautious about it as well. Visually it looks like a masterpiece already. A few of the scenes – such as the cyborg geisha walking down the hallway – look stunning. The shanty town fight from the anime also seems to have been recreated with a startling amount of attention paid to detail, and the futuristic atmosphere oozes with the sexy cybernetic themes that were alluded to throughout the anime.

The biggest drawback for this film might likely be in its plot. From what they displayed it’s about the Major discovering her past, where-as in the anime the Major already gave up her past and was more curious about her place in the present and future. Then again, Hollywood loves the “mysterious past” trope to milk it for easy dollars and a simple plot line to follow.

I wonder also how they’re going to squeeze a PG-13 rating out of this film? It looks so ‘R’ish but they need those dollar, dollar bills… so I’m guessing they’re going to mute the violence and get rid of all the limb severing and gore to nab the kiddies.

The film is due for release in early 2017. I’m sure Hollywood will be looking closely at the domestic intake to see if they should continue on with the live-action adaptation of Akira, or better known by its real name “Abortion In The Making”.