Monica Petersen Death Raises Questions About Clinton Foundation Sex Trafficking

Monica Petersen was the assistant director at the Human Trafficking Center. She recently died while over in Haiti. Back on November 13th, 2016 the Center on Human Rights Education posted a message on Facebook informing people about her death.

The director of the organization, Professor Claude d’Estrée, wrote…

“I am heartbroken to report that Monica Petersen died today in Haiti. She was a recent graduate of the Korbel School, a Research Fellow and an Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, and had moved to Haiti to teach and start an NGO.”

So what makes the news important? Well, rumors seem to be spreading that Petersen’s death was in relation to her work of uncovering child sex rings and sex trafficking networks in Haiti. It started a while back and she purportedly took up interest after she linked a friend to a post from the Haitian Blogger talking about some discrepancies with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

The rumor gained widespread attention after a post on Reddit on The_Donald sub caught the attention of thousands. Sites like The Political Insider reported on the rumors, but Snopes stepped in to investigate and dismissed the findings after linking to a comment from Professor Claude d’Estrée who said it was best to ignore rumors circulating about Petersen being killed for investigating sex trafficking in Haiti that may have been related to the Clinton Foundation, he also stated in a post dated November 18th, 2016….

“We do not support any of the rumors that have been circulating around the internet.”

However, in a video that’s now been made unavailable, someone from The_Donald transcribed comments made by d’Estrée in the video at the 39:30 mark where he attended her memorial service, stating…

“(She) decided to take on one of the demagogues in the field of human trafficking.”
“Produced a 110-page analysis of human trafficking in Haiti – 2 years of research.”
“We were looking for someone who was smart enough and maybe brave enough to publish her work”
“I will continue to seek out and publish it for her”
“We are in a state of shock. We may never know what exactly happened to her”

The rumors continue to spur due to the fact that Petersen’s body has not been recovered. The cause of death has not been stated. An autopsy has not been performed. Her family has also not been notified as to the cause of her death or what exactly happened or why her body has not been returned.

Her friends have apparently been trying to dig for more info. One of them shared a message that Petersen allegedly shared with her. A screen-cap of the message from this year on January 4th was posted online to a “Woman’s Work Goes On” Facebook group, where Petersen supposedly wrote about investigating the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s brother’s mining operation, and sex trafficking. Peterson states…

“[…] the real significance of this scandal for me, I know you feel me [redacted], is the link to contemporary slavery and trafficking. I can’t say to what extent, but there is human trafficking happening through the Clinton’s Caraol Complex. And mining has always been historically linked to trafficking, slavery, and labor exploitation. I’d like to go see for myself who’s laboring at Morne Bossa, but I would hypothesize that the Dominicans are doing the contractual oversight of the mining, while marginalized Haitians are being exploited for low or no cost labor in dangerous mining conditions.


“That’s two huge human trafficking scandals, an environmental degradation scandal, a social displacement scandal, a Presidential election scandal, a scandal with billions in unaccounted for earthquake aid… all leading directly back to the Clitons racist cronyism in Haiti.”

The message foreshadows the Wikileaks e-mail dump, where those close to Hillary warned about her brother’s operation in Haiti. Former legislative assistant Brent Budowsky wrote in a message dated March 21st, 2015 to John Podesta…

“ “If there is one thing that could well bring down a Hillary Clinton candidacy it is this cycle of money issues about which I am now feeling red alerts, loud bells, warning signals, and red flags and I am now seriously pissed off that there is a real chance that her candidacy and the Democratic Party could be destroyed by these self-created dangers that continue to proliferate the closer she gets to presumably announcing her candidacy.


“[…] it will be megaphoned throughout the media, and foreign donations and paid speeches and hustling gold mining deals by her brother are entirely legitimate issues that are self-created, and must self-corrected before it is too late….and I do not believe the Clintons fully understand the magnitude and immediacy of the danger in the current political and media climate.”

Another one of Petersen’s friends, Bella Robinson, mentioned on Facebook that it seemed to her that Petersen was in Haiti investigating a pedophile ring, writing…

“It seems Monica was in Haiti investigating the Clinson possible ties to a pedophile ring. Monica family hasn’t been able to get any straight answers about her death.”

Robinson had mentioned in a separate post that she was told Petersen had committed suicide and left a note, but she couldn’t confirm the details and had no further information.

Snopes dismisses any ties between Petersen’s death and the Clinton Foundation, however. They state that these are all just claims and nothing to back up the information. However, they completely ignored what was mentioned in the Facebook post about Clinton’s mining operation that Budowsky also felt was a problem in the Wikileaks dump. Petersen didn’t have access to Budowsky’s e-mail (which wasn’t released to the public until October 12th, 2016, which was nine months after her message to her friend). Yet somehow Petersen raised the same issues with the mining scandal that Budowsky addressed in his e-mail to John Podesta… a year prior.

This ties into other investigations that have been taking place recently into the Clinton Foundation and the Podesta brothers, of which John Podesta was Clinton’s campaign chairman. The Political Insider brings up previous ties that the Clintons have had with child sex abusers and pedophiles, including having ties to NGO’s Laura Silsby, who was reportedly trying to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti, 22 of which still had parents who were concerned about them, as reported by CBS News.

This all has surfaced in the wake of the PizzaGate scandal and the rise of efforts to bring pedophiles running child porn rings to justice. However, citizen journalists have been running into big problems as of late, with Twitter attempting to suppress the information by banning users exposing pedophile rings. Reddit’s administrators also clamped down on the investigations, banning the entire PizzaGate sub on the grounds of “witch hunting”.

[Update 12/15/2016:] Washington Post purposefully misleads readers about Monica Petersen’s death, work and activism in order to smear Pizzagate, but Monica’s mother sets the record straight.


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