Motorsport Manager Cheats Include Infinite Money, Fuel
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

If you’re in desperate need of cheats for Motorsport Manager, the recently released management simulator from Playsport Games and Sega, there are some cheats available that will help you on your way to victory and becoming the greatest racing manager in motorsports history.

The cheats were made available courtesy of Mr. Antifun. The cheat trainer is 4.4mb like the other trainers offered from the site and it features five cheats, which are listed below.

  • Inf.Money
  • Inf.Fuel
  • No Tyre Wear
  • Low Tyre Temperature
  • Max Car Condition

Infinite money obviously allows you to buy whatever you want without worrying about money running dry. The infinite fuel is useful for your car out on the track so it doesn’t have to pit; your racer can just drive and drive and drive. The no tire wear means that you also don’t have to pit to change the tires, which would normally set you behind, but in this case it would give you an edge because all your opponents will eventually have to pit and you can use that opportunity to snatch the lead. The max car condition limits the amount of repairs and body work you would have to put into the car before each race.

The cheats definitely would make it easier to take the pole position and score wins over the race weekends in Motorsport Manager with the kind of ease that causes SJWs to dispense salt at the mere mention of the name “Trump”.

In order for the car cheats to work, however, you first must make sure that the cheats are deactivated and then when you start a race proceed to activate the cheats. For the infinite money cheat you need to head into manager view and go to the budget screen. Once you’re there proceed to activate the infinite money cheat in the trainer.

There’s an alternative cheat trainer available from Cheat Happens, if you’re willing to pay a premium for it. It features more than 115 different cheat properties to modify the game with. You can view some of them below.

  • Instant HQ Upgrades
  • Instant HQ Construction
  • Max Stats for Selected Engineer
  • Change Current Budget
  • Change Reputation
  • Perfect Selected Car Condition
  • Infinite Fuel
  • Instant Build (Design)
  • No Build Costs (Design)
  • Max Stats for Selected Driver
  • Max Stats for Selected Mechanic
  • Infinite Tire Condition
  • +115 Editor for Driver/Mechanic/Engineer

Motorsport Manager is getting fairly positive reviews from the PC gaming audience who really enjoy the new 3D race graphics and the in-depth vehicle creation process where players will need to purchase parts and upgrade their car to perform as best it can during a race.

Motorsport Manager also features Steam Workshop support, so that’s something to consider as well. So custom content will be flowing into the title frequently.

You can grab the cheat trainer for Motorsport Manager from the Mr. Antifun download page.

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