Motorsport Manager Now Available For Purchase On Steam
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2016)

Sega announced that Motorsport Manager has officially launched on Steam for PC. The game was originally released a while back for mobile devices but they’ve taken the concept and made it viable for PC gamers on Steam.

The launch of the game comes with a launch trailer explaining all the new content that they’ve added to this iteration of the title, including fully realized 3D cars and racing instead of the overhead, dot simulations that sim fans have had to become accustomed to previously.

The trailer features a catchy tune and a lot of the new features that they’ve implemented into the new game, which you can check out below.

Given that the cars show up in full 3D, it now means that livery options are available so that you can see exactly what the cars look like and you can have a special team paint applied along with sponsored decals to give your team car the look it has always deserved.

They’ve added full race weekends as well, including the two preliminary rounds of practice and qualifying before the actual start of the race.

They also have full staff management, from pit crews to maintenance to mechanics. You can check out the stats for each member of the team and compile a hard working group of individuals who will help turn your crew into a well oiled machine that can knock out one win after another over those long summer weekends.

They’ve also included things like the behind-the-scenes politics that affect the outcome of a race. Things such as voting on racing under certain conditions, when to face the rain and when to concede under the reign of a thunderstorm. They also have various rule changes that can be voted on via committee, allowing you to weasel through the ins and outs of politics to help bring as many victories to your team as possible.

There’s also improved car mechanics and building, so you can find the perfect parts you need to help bring your racing machine to life.

You can pick up a digital copy of Motorsport Manager right now from over on the Steam store for only $34.99. The early user reviews are in and they’re quite positive.

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