New UK Law Allows Spying On Browser History, Personal Internet Habits
(Last Updated On: November 20, 2016)

Whatever you’ve been looking at, whoever you’ve been talking to, and wherever you’ve been getting your kicks (and kinks) online over the course of 12 months will be accessible by the government. A new U.K., bill called the Investigatory Powers Bill has been passed through quickly by parliament according to a brief but frightening report by Breitbart.

The online website reports that the only formality left is for the Royal Assent to put a stamp on the bill to make it official.

The bill is supposed to allow the government better ways to protect users against threats by invading their privacy.

Computer Weekly went a bit more in-depth, detailing how the bill would allow police and government agencies access to personal and private internet usage data, along with metadata access, such as chat feeds, logs, browsing history, form data and contact information.

According to the reports, members of parliament made sure there were amendments in bill to exempt them from being scrutinized by the new security provisions. Do as they say, but not as they do.

ISPs and communication services would be required by law to store user data for up to 12 months so that if or when that data is required to be viewed by law, it will be made available, even if it’s against the wishes of the service providers, whether that be Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft or Yahoo!.

CensorNet’s CEO Ed Macnair noted how devastating this new privacy invasion policy could be for the average citizen, telling Computer Weekly…

““Aside from the arguments around privacy, which are extensive and valid, it’s also a huge security risk,” […] “Can you imagine the damage that could be done to individuals if their private browsing history was made public? That’s not people on ‘dodgy’ sites, but individuals with highly personal concerns, from sexuality and HIV, to addictions and depression.


“The Ashley Madison data breach, if nothing else, showed us the devastation that occurs when incredibly personal information is leaked,”

The really frightening thing about it is that there were two games released recently that deal directly with the dire, invasive and troubling consequences of state-controlled privacy access. Beholder and the fittingly named Orwell deal with state governed infrastructures that allow them instant access to anyone’s personal data and metadata. The game’s offer users an inside look at the dangers of allowing Big Brother access to every inch of your personal life through digital communities and social media.

Both Breitbart and Computer Weekly have reported that various anti-spy groups and citizens who are aware of the bill have protested the law that seeks to invade the privacy of average individuals. Sadly, though there isn’t much that they can do at this point.

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  • doctorwhocommentator .

    while there’s not much that can be done you can still protest by signing this government petition it’s already reached the stage where the government must respond. also if you don’t want to see porn censored even if it has age verification sign this one by the way the amendment for the bill actually gives the bbfc the power to block porn and “other offending material”, I looked at a tech lawyer on twitter who’s is worried about that wording, he say’s it could just be so isp’s can’t be sued for over-blocking but it’s still frightening.

  • This bill was passed virtually under the radar. It’s basically a case of an ‘echo chamber’ passing, for example, this is probably the stages it went through:

    1) Proposal of bill
    2) MPs listen
    3) MPs all vote yes
    4) Government agrees
    5) Government starts writing the law
    6) Proposal of bill revealed to the public
    7) Public oppose it
    8) Government finalizes law
    9) Approval by the Royals
    10) Law installed

    They let the public know only because it makes it seem as if they’re letting
    the citizens have a say, and it also allows them to get away with claiming “oh well the public have had their say”. The reality is, they have NO intention of
    listening to the public dissenters view on this whatsoever. They want it
    passed and they’ll pass it using the most immoral and unethical means

    The UK government has a disgusting habit of doing this when setting up laws where they know that a significant number of citizens would oppose it.

    You know, get it all agreed on through the Parliament echo chamber, and only let the public know when it’s too late. Pathetic.

  • Alistair

    It not reach the royal assent yet that be next year the state opening of parliament by the queen.

    Speaking of queen if she does not use internet but her civil serverts will be exempt of course.

    So watching porn,watching ecchi games play though on YouTube will be under U.K. Govt stink eye. “Oh my what with all this kinky stuff”

    That could prove you up to no good.

    No I see the plot to censored things we are not to see like BBFC to police Porn under the disguise as a fight terrorist bill.

    They be ears dropping you trash talking on cod shouting and cussing.

    The MPs will also be exempt from being snoop upon.

    It is a daft LAW from the Nasty party and should fight this under civil privacy and the MPs that in favour been called out,

  • Hawk Hopper

    UK spy: “Seems like this Sargon of Akkad bloke keeps sending homosexual pornography to neo-Nazis…”

  • durka durka

    EU could have protected you from this. Which is why piratebay exists.

    • Mr.Towel

      For now.

  • C G Saturation

    Very appropriate header image. Speaking of which, that game has a pretty good story and narrative. Hope it makes people realize stuff they never considered.

    • MONAD

      All they need is an excuse. People are being arrested over seas for speaking out against their government for the most benign shit now. This is the world we live in.

  • Mr.Towel

    It’s pretty much the same law that was passed here in Brazil two years ago, when the Worker’s Party was in power. Here, the law is ironically called “Marco Civil da Internet” which roughly translates to ” Internet’s Civic Milestone” or “Internet’s Civic Achievement”

    The law came through a different narrative, it wasn’t based around “fighting terrorism” since we don’t really have terrorism threats in Brazil, so they focused on the socialist perspective of the internet, the fucking Net Neutrality. They claimed that the distribution of power through the internet was “unequal” and it needed to be corrected by the central government regulation, and thus the Marco Civil was born.

    While the debate about the Net Neutrality raged on (which they won easily since we’re a banana republic governed by radical left mindset) they sneakily included provisions regarding security and privacy, and it’s pretty much the same thing as the Investigatory Power Bill. Marco Civil forces ISP’s to keep logs of the browsing history of all their clients for up to two years and the executive power can access that history at will, regardless of what the companies promises to their clients.

    When asked about why that provision was there they said it was to fight pedophilia, “cyberbullying” and the spread of revenge nudes, which of course the mainstream population swallowed this narrative without complaining.

    So for any Brit wanting some reassurance about this bullshit I can say this: good encryption still gives you privacy, as so do does no logs VPNs (and to some point no logs DNS). TOR also works, though it might raise some red flags about you. While the ISP will not be able to log your history, they will be able to see that you’re using Tor, which on their minds is all about the deepweb and crime, they can’t imagine why someone of good character would use Tor…

    For more security, keep your wi-fi off when you’re not using it, get a good firewall and scan your computer for malwares regularly.

    Other than that there’s nothing you can do other then spreading the word about the evil of this bullshit and pressure your government, you guys still have a chance to revert this, well, more chance than in a banana republic.

    For all you outhere in toher countries, keep your eyes open about Anti-terrorism, Anti-cyberbullying and Net Neutrality talks and regulations in your political spectrum, I believe this kind of regulation will always come from these topics.

    • “which of course the mainstream population swallowed this narrative without complaining.”

      Even though the UK bill was briefly passed, I imagine what you said in your sentence line is exactly what happened when the issue was brought up to the UK citizens.

      Because let’s face it, when the government peddles the “anti-terrorism, [email protected], anti-cyber-bullying, anti-harassment, etc.”, all the normie dickheads will suck it all up and swallow it without even thinking about it.

      We all know that women and parents will automatically swallow it, so the bill will have the support of 50% of the UK population to begin with.

      Because there’s nothing that makes people blindly swallow shit faster than something claiming to be “fighting against the evil and looking after you”.

      Like you say, use VPNs or browsers like TOR and EpicBrowser from now on. The options to getting around it are getting more and more limited as more and more of these bullshit laws are being passed.

      • Mr.Towel

        Because let’s face it, when the government peddles the “anti-terrorism,
        [email protected], anti-cyber-bullying, anti-harassment, etc.”, all the
        normie dickheads will suck it all up and swallow it without even
        thinking about it.

        Yep. And it pisses me off so much, specially the pedo shit. It reminds me the Muslim’s Terrorist Cells which hide themselves purposefully inside schools, hospitals and orphanages, so when they get bombed a lot of children die with them. Then they can raise the children’s lifeless bodies as proof that the western military is evil.

        It’s complete appeal to emotions, they don’t care about children, they’re using children as nothing more than meat shields, it’s disgusting. Rarely a predator is caught on the net through these laws, they sometimes catch one or another, sparsely, just to show that the “the system is working as intended”. If you speak against the law, everyone will automatically think you’re a pedo apologist like Alison Rapp or something.

        • LurkerJK

          If you speak against the law, everyone will automatically think you’re a pedo apologist like Alison Rapp or something.

          This is a huge problem of the modern times, the further down the socialism path governments go the more often you hear about cases like this

          There are so many subjects that have become taboo its not even funny, you cannot even mention them without everyone getting the pitchforks out, things like “climate change”, “subsidies for the poor”, “human rights”, etc

          Here in Argentina we have plenty of examples of subsidies for the poor laying down a life path for ppl of perpetual poverty or “human rights” ending up protecting criminals (still alive) more than victims (dead already no need for rights)

          I have no idea how we are going to turn it around really

          • C G Saturation

            People keep simplifying language, words, concepts, and we’ve reached a point where their brains can’t separate anything. A law could refer to 10 different things, and if you question 1 of those 10 things, people will attack you for the other 9. I’m sure the people who make these laws are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

            And you know those same people responsible for the laws will be breaking all of them in the comfort of their own homes.

          • LurkerJK

            A law could refer to 10 different things, and if you question 1 of those
            10 things, people will attack you for the other 9. I’m sure the people
            who make these laws are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

            You can bet you ass they do, and they intentionally make the law ambiguous enough to cover those 10 things so they can protect the 1 they really want

            Its been a problem here the past few years (guess what, progressives were in charge) that they are making laws so ambiguous (and without consulting involved parties) they need to stop everything affected by it for weeks to consider wtf just happened

          • Mr.Towel

            To tell you the truth, things have been getting better here in Brazil. You might have heard, just this year the public approval of the Worker’s Party have gone so low that we managed to impeach our President, ending a 15 year long rule the Worker’s Party had over the presidential office.

            The reason of why we’re managing to overturn our mainstream media and the political establishment is the same that happened with USA and Donald Trump. We’re culturally demoralizing the left through memes running in the social media.

            The reason the left managed to get so much power is because they managed to demoralize the right through dominating the academia in the 60s, 70s, 80s, so that all that came out of the colleges were useful idiots working unknowingly against the spine of our civilization. Specially in courses related to journalism, as it’s what controlled the flow of information inside a society, at that time at least. In around 20 years, pretty much the whole of journalist communties have been converted into useful idiots, which in turn, gave rise to SJW through positive feedback loop back at universities.

            That’s what happened in the USA, that’s what happened in Brazil and I’m pretty sure something similar happened in Argentina.

            The way to revert this subversion process is the same way they started this conquering process: demoralization. it’s impossible to win a debate against the left because almost all of their arguments are rhetorical in nature, they appeal to human emotions directly in an irrational way. There is no way to win a debate when you adversary knows no dialectal discussion and is corrupted like this, it’s a fruitless effort.

            So the best way is just to demoralize them, use rhetorical arguments as well, but instead of speaking with them directly, speak to the silent masses. Through memes in social media. it might sound ridiculous but really, it works. it’s something that makes people laugh and then think about it while at the same time it enrages the left and they start acting even more stupidly, which is more meme material. Then the common man start to see the lunacy that the left has become.

            The beauty of it is that the left establishment can do nothing about it other than call you names for using it, usually through the mainstream media, but MSM already has become an echochamber for leftist so it rarely affects anything.

            Here in Brazil we even have our own Donald Trump, an outrageous populist candidate rising on the silent approval of the masses. His name is Jair Messias Bolsonaro and he’s powering this wave of popularity through memes, pretty much like the Trump.




            Translation: “Cry some more.”


            Translation: “here, chilling out… Surfing on Worker’s Party tears”


            Translation: “Bolsonaro, people say you’re too radical, is that true?”




            Translation: Virile President 4


            Surprisingly, all this stupidity is making his popularity skyrocket at pools and the mainstream media is doing the same shit they did with Trump, they’re just snobbing him out and calling the idea of him as president as a ridiculous dream that will never come true because he is *insert SJW slang here*

          • LurkerJK

            Here in Brazil we even have our own Donald Trump, an outrageous populist candidate rising on the silent approval of the masses.

            We sadly have no Trump in here, i dont think we even have a chance for a Trump to appear, heck we dont even have a conservative party, the current government is the rightest leaning party and they are full on progressive socialists

            I watched the members of your congress justifying their vote during the impeachment of Dilma, i have to admit i felt a little jealous, you still have congressmen with brains in their heads, your institutions are still healthy, they can recover

            I’ve given up on mine, the congress is filled with zombies, the institution is dead, they recently approved a 50/50 gender law for it which will only make it worse, we have barely any female politicians of note so they are going to fill those posts with literally *anything* with a vagina, there is no way they can produce that amount of quality candidates out of their asses in a few months (as if the ones already in have any quality to speak of)

          • Mr.Towel

            Interesting, very interisting. To tell you the truth, I can’t comment much on argentinian culture as my knowlodge of spanish is only the good old Portuñol, I don’t dwell much in spanish languages. I know that the Kirchner family managed to destroy not only the Peso but the whole country in less than decade. But all that I have seen from them were political maneuvers, mostly when I lookinh at the São Paulo Forum stuff. I didn’t even know about Cristina’s Evita delusions. That’s very telling.

            Here the cultural subversion started at colleges then spread to Middle-schools and high-schools. Of course, there always was a level of leftism inside middle/high school but only recently it has become blatant, like forcing children to draw capitalists as slave workers in industrial complexes and socialism as heaven-like societies. In middle school textbooks they even describe Marx as a leonic fighter of the oppressed, hah.

            Bolsonaro movement is fairly knew around here, about 2 years or so. Before that we just highlighted the hipocrisy of mainstream media through memefication, since there was no meme candidate. Like how the mainstream media would scorn personalities of our military regime era as sadistic homophobic racist mysognistic torturers while at the same time praising a real sadistic, homophobic, racist, mysoginist Che Guevara as a savior. Or how they would scorn any kind of totalitarian regime while showering Fidel Castro/Hugo Chaves with praises. People started to pickup on that so quickly that almost no leftie likes to talk about Che Guevara around here anymore. Not officially at least.

            The femicide thing almost got some momentum here, but by the time the word started appearing on social media, our president was making deals with muslim countries, where real femicide really happens, so the hipocrisy on the narrative was very open for anyone to see.

            To me Argentinian culture was always more European, and I mean french/germanic European than our Brazilian-Portuguese culture. Maybe because your climate is much colder than ours, mimicking more the northern countries landscape than let’s say Portugal or Spain landscape. Now it seems to me that even your mainstream culture is more European, with SJW movement being way stronger on Argentina than it is on here (as it happens to European countries in relation to Brazil).

            Maybe I’m being too optimist but things don’t look so bad for Argentina to me. Macri doesn’t seem so bad, well, at least he does look better than Kirchner. If anything. Here in Brazil we’ve been seeing many of the lies of Peronism being debunked, like the 30.000. I guess they’re coming from argentinian conservative groups. I say you should not lose hope, it seems there still a spark there.

          • LurkerJK

            I had a lot of expectation out of Macri but he has fulfilled (or even made a step in the direction of fulfilling) exactly none of them, its not because he doesnt want to but rather because he allowed himself to become stuck

            Imagine that the day Trump takes office he becomes the meekest, most well spoken, calm and honest president ever in human history, what a great guy he would be. The problem is that he is not governing an utopia, he is governing a snake pit, THEY WOULD EAT HIM ALIVE. Thats pretty much what is happening with Macri

    • LurkerJK

      Youll never stop governments from doing this shit, they will always find an excuse and ppl are too ignorant to see the dangers, i still hear the “i got nothing to hide” shit whenever i mention something about this

      Still you cannot truly escape all tracking, your cellphone is the worst
      offender, there are soooooo many things you cannot control in a device
      with all the sensors necessary to track anything they would ever want
      about you

      The best thing to do imho is to change habits to make it as hard as possible for them without going full on hermit

      • “i still hear the “i got nothing to hide” shit whenever i mention something about this”

        Dear lord, the “I got nothing to hide” brigade are absolute fucking parasites who do nothing but help these laws get passed.

        They are absolutely clueless.

  • anopolis

    Yeah, but it’s for our safety!!!…I’m sure they have our best interests in mind. and frankly I think its right and just the U.S. gave up control of the internet. It’s not as if we made that damn thing. ( i don’t believe a fucking word I just said, I just figure its best to start off on the right foot with our new overlords)