Nintendo Wii U Production Reportedly Ends November 4th [Update]

[Update 11/2/2016:] According to The Next Web, a representative for Nintendo has denied reports that the Wii U’s production is coming to an end. While the rep says they aren’t familiar with the details of the Eurogamer article, they’ve denied that anything within it is true, saying..

“[t]here is no change to [their] continuing [Wii U] production.”  […] “Even though the Nintendo Switch is slated to go on sale, [Wii U] production is scheduled to continue,”

[Original article:] It looks like November 4th isn’t just going to be a big day for Activision and Infinity Ward, it’s also going to be a big day for Nintendo, too. Multiple outlets are reporting that the Big ‘N’ will be giving the Wii U their final big push at the end of the week as they’ll rolling out the final production slate of the Wii U home console.

Gamnesia picked up sources from various outlets reporting that Nintendo will be ceasing production of the little Wii U that could, and that the year will round out with a total of 800,000 SKUs shipped to retailers. According to Eurogamer the Wii U has only moved a total of 13.36 million SKUs throughout its entire lifespan.

Nintendo has not confirmed these reports, but Gamnesia reported that European retailers have been unable to replenish production stock of the Wii U as they prep for a final push to get the console out the door and make ready for the Nintendo Switch, which is due to drop in March of 2017.

The Wii U lived a short and uneventful life. It came onto the market during the third quarter of 2012 and after having a hot opening, the console fizzled out faster than an open Coca-Cola can on a Venice Beach boardwalk.

The system lost plenty of exclusives early into its lifecycle following the tampered off sales after its initial first quarter boom, and throughout 2013 and the first half of 2014 the console just sank. Things picked up when exclusives like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. arrived, but then in 2015 the console tanked again until Splatoon and Super Mario Maker landed on the market and gave it a small jolt like the public sex on the horse track gave Chev Cheelios just enough juice to keep cracking skulls and dropping bodies.

Throughout 2016 the most important thing that happened to the Wii U was being mentioned in articles speculating about the Nintendo Switch. There hasn’t been much push from Nintendo to keep the system relevant and it looks like after this holiday season the console will be dead and buried for good.


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