Nykra Seeks To Bring Story Driven Action To Steam Greenlight

The latest game to hit Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter comes Endesga’s Nykra. The PC game is said by the devs to be a story driven action game, and will not be another sandbox indie game. Nykra seeks a goal of $26,170 on Kickstarter and currently raised $4,609.

That’s right, Nykra is said not to be another 2D sandbox game but a “story driven adventure game, with shooter aspects”. The devs also explained that Nykra is more of a book that plays out like a game.

The story sees seven beings who called a girl named Keu to find the holding cell called Evokreathe, a place that holds an unknown darkness that sleeps. The official description details more about the game and its story…

“Explore, learn, and understand. Travel the vast lands, and uncover mysteries – all inspirited by ancient tales.


NYKRA is a 2D platformer adventure game, planned for Windows, macOS, and Linux. You travel as Keu, a child of Nenoux, accompanied by a lost experiment – the hyperdrone known simply as Eo.


Keu manifested from the dust of Omwarn; a place beyond and before everything. She lands on a grassy planet called Maldis, and discovers secrets that lead her to a black cube called the Boldemo. You are surrounded by new languages, new people, and… a new mind.”

Something that I’m curious about is how much exploration will be in Nykra if it isn’t a sandbox game? Seeing how it holds adventure and exploration elements in its core, I hope the game isn’t linear after reading that it’s like a book. Hopefully Nykra offers something that makes it stand out from the pool of other 2D pixel games, yet releases without any jarring gameplay mechanics.

Endesga posted the official Kickstarter trailer that can be seen below, which also stands as Nykra’s Greenlight trailer.

The current goal for Nykra stands at $26,170 on Kickstarter and currently made $4,609 from 199 backers. If you want to support the game you can head on over to either Kickstarter, or Steam Greenlight. If you want to learn more about the devs and the game you can hit up Endesga Twitter page.


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