Obduction Updated With Oculus Rift VR Support

Cyan announced that the first-person puzzle game, Obduction, has been recently updated with VR support for the Oculus Rift. You can now play the game with the Oculus Touch and there are two different modes of movement, including blinking (to avoid motion sickness) and free-movement for those who don’t like blinking around.

The update was made on the Steam page and allows people to play either seated or standing. They’ve also added Nvidia Ansel and HDR support, along with Razer Chroma support.

Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, explained in the press release that the update has arrived in time for Halloween but is also part of their 19th anniversary celebration for the puzzle game Riven

“We’re so excited to ship Obduction VR this Halloween as we celebrate the 19th anniversary of our blockbuster Riven,” […] “It’s been Cyan’s tradition to make the most immersive worlds possible by pushing the boundaries of advanced graphics technology.”

They also made some changes and updates to the game’s optimization so that it improves the loading times and the rendering of the art across Hunrath, Kaptar and Maray.

They’ve fixed some issues with the control panels, as well as optimized the graphics for the smoke effects on the lower graphics settings.

They’ve implemented auto detection for graphics settings on startup to optimize the game for your computer’s settings, as well as fixed some of the draw distance quality for the LOD, and fixed some glitches when it came time to enter and exit the mine cart.

Ultimately, they made some much needed improvements to the gameplay while also adding in VR support. This seemed like the kind of game that would be perfectly suited for VR. There aren’t a whole lot of segments with wobbly or disorientating movement, so motion sickness shouldn’t be too much of an issue for those who do decide to use the free movement options, and the world that Cyan created for Obduction is a real marvel, so it should look pretty good on the Rift or the HTC Vive.

You can currently pick up a digital copy of the Kickstarted puzzle game from over on the >Steam store for $29.99, or you can grab a copy from GOG.com if you’re interested in building up your DRM-free library.


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