PizzaGate Sub-Reddit Banned By Admins For Witch Hunting

The Reddit administrators have cracked down on the sub-Reddit PizzaGate. They claim that a lot of personal and private information was made available through the sub and that the moderators did not respond or react quickly enough, therefore the sub was being banned from Reddit.

The PizzaGate sub was originally formed so people could easily connect and share information regarding citizen investigations into a variety of pizzerias associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta. Based on the Wikileaks e-mails, no hard evidence was made available but there was enough hints to warrant many people to call upon the FBI to investigate and for the media to further look into the matter regarding possible ties to pedophilia rings.

However, the FBI was instead called upon by the Podestas to look into harassment and death threats being sent to the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria staff, and the media has hand-waved away all of the talking points, with sites like the New York Times claiming all of it is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

Things, however, took a big turn in a different direction when more people began collecting and sharing information from various Twitter users regarding alleged pedophile and child porn rings circulating in broad daylight on Twitter. Twitter responded by banning the people who exposed the pedophile rings.

This created a surge of tweets and ended up making #TwitterGate and #PizzaGate trend on Twitter, and also had a lot of people visiting the PizzaGate sub-Reddit for more information. The upsurge in activity also led to documents being compiled listing all of the alleged accounts involved in the child porn and pedophilia rings, with more than 24,000 Twitter accounts being listed. This included names and some light geo-locations.

Due to Twitter suppressing both hashtags for TwitterGate and PizzaGate, people had to use the sub-Reddit PizzaGate to gather up and share info. In doing so, Reddit administrators quickly clamped down on the sub, banning it from the website on the grounds of being a witch hunt.

The official message from the administrators was posted on the final thread of PizzaGate, reading…

“We wanted to let you know that after several long discussions on our end we are unable to keep your community open after today. This is because we’re still seeing PII of private individuals continually posted on your subreddit and it’s not being removed by moderators after multiple warnings and discussions with your team. We recognize that you feel this is an important investigation, however as it has become clear that this community is unable to stay within our sitewide rules we will be banning the subreddit at 4:00 PM PST.”

The PizzaGate sub-Reddit has now relocated to the PizzaGate sub on Voat. 8chan also opened up a space over on the GamerGateHQ board to allow PizzaGate investigators to continue collecting, checking and correlating information with one another.

A lot of people have been asking for the media to investigate the information and further look into some of the more suspicious details that were uncovered. Additionally, many people have been very perturbed at Twitter’s inaction against suspected child pornography accounts – even though they’ve actively suspended or banned accounts attempting to out pedophiles – but so far Twitter has been silent and the media has declared that it’s all just a conspiracy theory, as well as an outcome of “fake news”.


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