PizzaGate Sub-Reddit Banned By Admins For Witch Hunting
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2016)

The Reddit administrators have cracked down on the sub-Reddit PizzaGate. They claim that a lot of personal and private information was made available through the sub and that the moderators did not respond or react quickly enough, therefore the sub was being banned from Reddit.

The PizzaGate sub was originally formed so people could easily connect and share information regarding citizen investigations into a variety of pizzerias associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta. Based on the Wikileaks e-mails, no hard evidence was made available but there was enough hints to warrant many people to call upon the FBI to investigate and for the media to further look into the matter regarding possible ties to pedophilia rings.

However, the FBI was instead called upon by the Podestas to look into harassment and death threats being sent to the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria staff, and the media has hand-waved away all of the talking points, with sites like the New York Times claiming all of it is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

Things, however, took a big turn in a different direction when more people began collecting and sharing information from various Twitter users regarding alleged pedophile and child porn rings circulating in broad daylight on Twitter. Twitter responded by banning the people who exposed the pedophile rings.

This created a surge of tweets and ended up making #TwitterGate and #PizzaGate trend on Twitter, and also had a lot of people visiting the PizzaGate sub-Reddit for more information. The upsurge in activity also led to documents being compiled listing all of the alleged accounts involved in the child porn and pedophilia rings, with more than 24,000 Twitter accounts being listed. This included names and some light geo-locations.

Due to Twitter suppressing both hashtags for TwitterGate and PizzaGate, people had to use the sub-Reddit PizzaGate to gather up and share info. In doing so, Reddit administrators quickly clamped down on the sub, banning it from the website on the grounds of being a witch hunt.

The official message from the administrators was posted on the final thread of PizzaGate, reading…

“We wanted to let you know that after several long discussions on our end we are unable to keep your community open after today. This is because we’re still seeing PII of private individuals continually posted on your subreddit and it’s not being removed by moderators after multiple warnings and discussions with your team. We recognize that you feel this is an important investigation, however as it has become clear that this community is unable to stay within our sitewide rules we will be banning the subreddit at 4:00 PM PST.”

The PizzaGate sub-Reddit has now relocated to the PizzaGate sub on Voat. 8chan also opened up a space over on the GamerGateHQ board to allow PizzaGate investigators to continue collecting, checking and correlating information with one another.

A lot of people have been asking for the media to investigate the information and further look into some of the more suspicious details that were uncovered. Additionally, many people have been very perturbed at Twitter’s inaction against suspected child pornography accounts – even though they’ve actively suspended or banned accounts attempting to out pedophiles – but so far Twitter has been silent and the media has declared that it’s all just a conspiracy theory, as well as an outcome of “fake news”.

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  • Alistair

    I post the link here as well.

    It look like the mainstream media has a open season on Clintons now.

    And all stories that cover controversy. What a switch around the BBC won’t not touch this story dying the campaign & election night it self.

    But since trump won. BBC woke from it slumber and gone back to reporting news that worthy.

    • I wouldn’t get too excited yet. It’s an invasion of their own TOS and could get Reddit sued into oblivion. It’s a story too big not to cover (especially since like every other big and small site has covered it). MSM is now put in a bind because it’s going to require a lot of spin-weaving to avoid talking about Pizzagate while bringing up Huffman’s flub.

      • Alistair

        Well of course they had to cover it, from all the flake they got.

        The MSM must substain fair reporting of the news.

        They talk come December 19th Clinton could get the job. It not done yet. From what I’m hearing.

        If the worse come to worse the MSM will no doubt jump up and with joy.

        • At least lately there hasn’t been anything too ridiculous coming out in the past few days from MSM (other than peddling the “Fake News” narrative). It feels like a calm before a storm.

  • Investigate Florence Shellen

  • What the hell is wrong with these stupid people!!! Disgusting liars!! Wanting to know the truth about pedophiles in Washington!!!!!?? Who do these people think they are!!!? Just scum. No one needs to have the truth about Luciferian satanic pedophiles!!! Get a life!!

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Talk about the controversy fine, but what I’ve read is that they were playing fast and loose with personal information and that’s a big no-no on Reddit even if it’s a bunch of fucking pedophiles.

    • C G Saturation

      That’s the “official story”. I’ve been following information on there for weeks, and I don’t recall seeing anyone doxxed. They wanted to be able to discuss this stuff without getting banned, so they actively tried to respect Reddit’s rules. Wasn’t enough, they got banned anyway.

      Remember when GamerGate was accused of doxxing, and it was actually the SJWs doing it? It’s easy to pretend to be part of the group and get everyone else banned, too.

      This also sets a nasty precedent where Reddit can just accuse subreddits they don’t like of “breaking the rules” when they’re not, and ban them.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        I mean if they hadn’t given a warning, I’d understand, but they did. The personal information was still being posted.

        • C G Saturation

          “we made every attempt to moderate within the ToS, with someone assigned to watching /new constantly during busy times. We asked for evidence where we failed to quickly remove PII or instances of legitimate reports.”

          Either way, it still doesn’t explain Reddit refusing to ban other subs that allegedly dox all the time, or promote raping kids. They are clearly being biased (again).

        • Well the admins say they gave a warning but didn’t seem to point to any threads that broke those rules. Given Reddit’s biases and corruption in the past (especially from the Reddit mod chat leaks) I would need more evidence that Pizzagate broke the rules than just the words of the admins.

        • C G Saturation

          Update. Copy paste from a thread at Voat:
          “/r/CivilianInvestigators and every other subreddit associated with pizzagate are getting the hammer.

          EDIT: there are reports of alternative subreddits being created and getting banned withing minutes. They don’t even stand by their “you violated our rules” claim anymore. (source: live discussion on )”

          That certainly sounds shady to me. And Reddit has already proven itself as shady many times.

    • Yeah the admins said it was doxing… but it was hard to point out where.

      I thought it was overkill to nuke the sub, tough. In r/Games and /r/Gaming they just nuked the threads. Not sure why they didn’t do the same for Pizzagate.

      Also, SRS is supposedly known to dox and brigade but get multiple free passes for some reason. I understand they want to uphold their rules but nuking an entire sub shortly after Twitter suppressed the hashtags and banned the users for exposing pedo rings just seemed extreme. Especially as they started picking up steam and outing more groups.

  • C G Saturation
    According to the discussion there, r/pizzagate only shared publically available information, but was accused of “doxxing”. Meanwhile Reddit has long allowed several subs to dox people freely, and they also allow several dedicated subs for actual pedos to share info on how to get little kids. Anyone who tries to stop this gets banned immediately.

    Anybody else see a pattern here?
    GamerGate = stop corruption in the game industry, promote ethical behavior. Gets dismissed as “women-hating harassment”, without addressing the facts.

    Trump = stop corruption in politics, meaningless war, illegals breaking laws, terrorism, poverty. Gets dismissed as “woman-hating racism, instant nuclear war, and the death of all human rights”, without addressing the facts.

    EmailGate = stop security breaches, murder of Americans, corruption. Gets dismissed as “woman-hating that means nothing and doesn’t affect anyone”, without addressing the facts.

    PizzaGate = stop the widespread kidnap, torture, rape and murder of little kids. Gets dismissed as “fake fringe harassment”, without addressing the facts.

    TwitterGate = stop the spread of illegal imagery depicting child sexual abuse. Gets dismissed as “hate against homos posting nudes”. Literally saw someone argue this. I guess adults raping little kids is now considered “LGBT”.

    In all cases, mainstream media constantly lie their asses off, support criminals, ignore facts. Social media constantly deletes relevant discussion and bans people talking about this stuff. Both push the opposite agenda hard.

    Where are the authorities on this shit? They tell us not to do this stuff, and then they all do it themselves. When we report other people doing this stuff, they arrest and punish us instead. It’s bullshit, plain and simple.

    I dunno what else to say. If you’re someone who can’t see the corruption in all of this, then you don’t really exist in reality.

    • fnd

      “TwitterGate = stop the spread of illegal imagery depicting child sexual abuse. Gets dismissed as “hate against homos posting nudes”. Literally saw someone argue this. I guess adults raping little kids is now considered “LGBT”.”

      LGBT normalization advocacy(behaviour, civil marriage, hormone therapy,etc) leading to pedophilia was considered a “slippery slope” argument not long ago. They probably still use it. They are trying to normalize pedos with apologetic advertorials right now. How long until “LGBTP”?

  • Hawk Hopper

    Whatever is happening with PizzaGate and TwitterGate, this is part of the death of mainstream tech. Censoring discussion and stifling investigations only makes big tech look suspicious and beneath trust.

    How many times have users been banned for any reason, or de-verified, or had their groups shut down or been locked out their accounts? Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, all the big tech companies will shut you down at the drop of a hat, and you may never know what reason, if any, it happened.

    Alt-Tech has been a lot more open and flexible for users. Gab doesn’t censor or filter anything and has tools for users to filter out content they don’t like. Infogalatic seems a lot more fair and less biased than Wikipedia. Minds lets users “boost” their posts, so they have a chance to have everyone on the site see what they’re posting.

    Beyond these alt-tech sites, it seems like future sites will be even more decentralized and have less interference from mods, admins, or whoever else thinks it’s necessary to shut down investigations against pedos while allowing the pedos on their site to run free.

    • Hawk Hopper
    • C G Saturation

      Here’s something I discussed with a Japanese friend a month or so ago. On Japanese social media, you can’t downvote stuff, only upvote. Downvoting seems to often be used to suppress legit information. That, and people often downvote stuff for stupid reasons. If something is naturally popular, it’ll get boosted naturally. So it should theoretically work better.

      Of course, I’d imagine that the West is so corrupt that they would still try to bury the facts by employing bots to mass upvote all the lies. Actually, I’ve already seen that happening. On some DailyMail articles, every pro-SJW comment received 20,000+ upvotes each. Not exaggerating. Other comments only had around 100 upvotes at most.

      • Hawk Hopper

        When things like the trailer for Ghostbusters get massive downvotes, it turns into an “internet nerds hate women” narrative , never mind that the most downvoted video is from Justin Beiber.

        I see a lot of SJW Tweets getting hundreds of retweets and likes even though it’s a bunch of victim narrative crybullying and whining. SJWs do have a cult that’ll upvote, RT, repost, etc their messages.

        • C G Saturation

          True, but I can’t help but wonder if Soros is using bots to help push his SJW agenda.

        • anopolis

          Mr. Hopper I don’t understand your point. You said “internet nerds hate women.” . then brought up justin beiber. kinda proving their point my man…everybody hates that little girl.

          • fnd

            Bieber is just a puppet of the Illuminati, i feel sorry for him for that.

  • Ms_Fortune

    Awhile ago Twitter banned some accounts trying to help muslim women in the worse countries, I think its pretty obvious who twitter sides with.

    • C G Saturation

      If only it was obvious to everyone else. Sadly, I’m not expecting much when the average IQ in most countries is so low.

      • fnd

        No wonder they are pro-dysgenic policies like third-world immigration. Gotta make dumb proles dumb and keep the bright ones distracted.

  • jjj0309
    >for exposing wide corruptions, conspiracies, and vicious crimes against humanity, done by billionaire politicians
    I.. I’m going crazy.. this amount of hypocrisy.. it’s madness…

  • truther

    fucking atrocities being committed here, people, spread this far and wide!!!!