Putin’s Zil Punisher Tank Mod Available For GTA 5

If you’re into Russian heavily armored light tanks, you might like the new mod for GTA V that features a dangerous, weapons-mounted light tank.

Modder Foxtrot Delta managed to put together an awesome little mod featuring the Zil Punisher, which was introduced by Vladimir Putin just this year. It’s designed for both urban warfare and off-road combat.

The vehicle is a sleek carrier that can hold several members and can fire a turret from the top of the vehicle. There’s a fully functional cockpit with a speedometer, a fuel gauge, a turbo indicator, a brakes indicator, along with lights and blinkers.

The front cockpit looks so cool; it has an angular designed windshield to protect the driver, as well as a tinted glass so it’s tough to see in from the outside. There’s a really nice video breakdown of the new mod from Foxtrot Delta giving gamers a look at the Zil Punisher in action. Check it out below.

It has working blinker lights, four-wheel drive for rough and smooth terrain, as well as two different liveries and three different versions, one of which is unarmed while the other two are armed.

If you want to see what the unarmed version looks like you can check out the other video below.

One of the really impressive things about the mod is that the physics, shock, roll and suspension are all tweaked to perfectly emulate the real life Zil Punisher. You can grab a hold of the mod by downloading it from over on GTA5-Mods.com.

Also, if you’re in the mood for something speedy, classic, retro and stylish, modder Gtagam3r actually moddled a Ferrari Testarossa Type F110 with a 12-cylinder mid-engine block into GTA V. The classic 1984 roadster comes in multiple colors and features true mirrors, breakable glass, working dials in the cockpit, an extra bumper and spoiler for customization and even under-car neon light support. You can check out a video below from GTA World Modifications to see what the beauty looks like running in the actual game.

That car is the very definition sexy personified.

You can download the Ferrari Testarossa 512 right now, for free, from over on GTA5-Mods.com.


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