Revere Demo Is Live; Features Turn-Based And Real-Time RPG Combat

Strashiner Studios released a demo for their upcoming game A Story of the End: Revere. The demo allows players to get a small taste of what’s to come for the role-playing title, which is scheduled to release at some point in 2017.

The PC RPG prides itself on a hybrid combat system where players can switch between turn-based tactical battles that are common in most JRPGs, and real-time combat battles that became renown in a lot of Western RPGs.

The demo will allow you to explore some of the characters and the hybrid battle system to give you a small taste of what’s to come.

The story itself centers around a handful of characters, including the main protagonist Troy. The former Empire soldier became disillusioned to the depredations of the Empire and realized that he no longer wanted to work under their regime. His traitorous act left him abandoned and nearly dead during a the middle of no where in a snowy forest.

A Story of the End: Revere

After being taken in by those willing to aid him, Troy makes it his mission to take down the Empire that he once served, accompanied along the way by several other characters, including a village archer named Roland, a Lumerian soldier named Anthalia who also fled from the horrors of her land, and the short-tempered Cecil from the balmy deserts of Grun.

The demo is currently available for Windows PC versions only, but they do have plans to offer a version of the game for Mac users, too.

The demo will introduce you to the game world and allow you to get a grasp on the character motivations, the gameplay mechanics and some of the introductions into being able to optionally engage in battle or avoid them altogether. The full game will feature the ability to upgrade your weapons and tools, as well as craft new items.

The demo clocks in at just 402MB and you can grab it right now by paying a visit to the download page.


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