Robinson: The Journey Launches For PlayStation VR

The CryEngine-powered VR exploration game, Robinson: The Journey, is currently available for purchase from either retailers on store shelves or through Sony’s digital storefront for PlayStation products.

Crytek’s new title is a virtual showcase of visually splendid proportions. The game centers on a space exploration gone wrong, when a young boy is stranded on a planet and is accompanied by an AI unit and a small T-Rex as they attempt to examine the world and search for help.

The game looks pretty cool and is yet another title in the long list of VR exploration games that have come out recently. The hook for the game is in its Lost In Space meets Jurassic Park thematic, seeing gamers explore an ancient and foreign planet while interacting with the prehistoric-inspired wildlife.

The CryEngine’s muscles get some full flexing here. The animations, the material reflective surfaces, the ambient occlusion and the light work look spectacular. They did a mighty fine job with the game, especially given the limited resources of the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

You can get a glimpse of what the visuals and gameplay are like with the launch trailer below.

The game has a Jules Verne vibe to it that seems to hearken back to the days when creators used to make fun, immersive and creative adventures for the whole family. These days everything has turned so politicized and safe-space oriented that it feels like we just can’t have fun anymore.

As far as dangers and fail-states are concerned, it looks like the game is a grade above a walking simulator – there are interactive elements and parts where you get to pick stuff up and move them around, but based on the trailer it doesn’t look like there’s anything that will just outright kill you. Or at least, they don’t mention anything about it on the official game page.

One other thing well worth mentioning is that Robin, the protagonist, actually has hands!

So many VR games these days throw players into the mix with those awful disembodied hands floating around the screen. There is almost nothing more immersion-breaking than disembodied hands floating around the screen.

As pointed out by VR Focus, Robinson: The Journey is a $60 game, so Crytek is expecting full retail value for this one. It’s available right now for the PS4 and PS4 Pro, and designed for use with the PlayStation VR headset.

You can pick up a digital copy from the PlayStation Store or learn more by visiting the official website.


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