Sound BlasterX Katana Gaming Speakers Feature 24-Bit Lossless Audio

Creative Labs announced that their gaming line of speakers for under-the-monitor connectivity has returned in the form of the Sound BlasterX Katana speakers.

They’re designed to offer 24-bit lossless audio outpuet, USB flash drive connectivity for MP3, WMA, FLAC and easy-access to WAV playback. There’s Bluetooth support for wireless connectivity for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as 3.5mm analog stereo headphone input, something that Apple fanboys and fangirls have given up in order to squeeze the iPhone 7 between the legs of their bank account.

Anyway, Long Chye Low, the general manager of Creative Labs, commented about why Sound Blaster was bringing back the physical speaker setup after a decade, mentioning in the press release…

“It’s time to bring back speakers for gaming, something we started more than 10 years ago with award-winning pro-gaming speakers like the GigaWorks series,”


“Internally, we affectionately called Katana, a UMAS which stands for Under-Monitor Audio System as it has a built-in Sound Blaster audio processor, the same audio processor used in Sound Blaster X7 as well as the Sound Blaster Z-series cards. Its sleek design allows it to be neatly placed under wide 4K monitors or multi monitors. Gamers can experience truly accurate immersive audio for today’s gaming, movie and music content. When it comes to connectivity, it caters to every part of a gamers lifestyle; including optical input for console gaming, and even Bluetooth for smart devices”

I completely forgot about GigaWorks… it’s amazing how time flies.

Creative Technology Sound BlasterX Katana

The Sound BlasterX Katana also features 16.8 million colors using the Aurora Reactive lighting system that can be customized to synch up with the lighting of your gaming peripherals.

There’s an acoustic engine powering the audio through five high-performance drivers utilizing DSPs, including two midbass drivers, two high-excursion tweeters and an external subwoofer unit. Each driver outputs at 150 watts with up to 7.1 surround sound capabilities and a Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder for theater quality sound.

All of this high-tech auricular pleasantry isn’t cheap, though. If you want to deck out your gaming or home entertainment setup with the new Sound BlasterX Katana under-the-monitor speakers it will run you a not-so-breezy $299.99. High-end entertainment is an understatement when it comes to the sound your wallet will make as you contemplate upgrading your audio setup.

Anyway, the Sound BlasterX Katana drops on November 22nd. You can learn more about ordering the UTM speakers or learn more about the pricing details by visiting the official website.


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