Star Citizen Videos Tour Aegis, Misc And Drake Ships
(Last Updated On: November 26, 2016)

Two more preview videos for Star Citizen have been circulating, this time the manufacturers Aegis and Drake grabbed the spotlight.

DualShockers spotted the new previews that have been let loose recently by Roberts Space Industries as they attempt to hold over interest leading up to the release of Star Marine and the next PTU release. You can check out the Aegis Dynamics video below, featuring the fake Top Gear-style presentation to mimic Jeremy Clarkson.

It’s explained in the video that ships like the Aegis Saber are only available to pilors who sign up and serve in the intergalactic military service. It’s one of the many different manufacturers in the game, but here we learn that access to some ships will be dependent on the faction you choose to sign-up with.

This could make for some fascinating, emergent player-stories to unfold as different groups join and form their own factions in order to control the outer rim territories. I suppose if you see a fleet of Aegis ships inbound, it means that they’re there for business and you better not be in their presence if you’re a pirate or wanted space scoundrel.

The second video is just a minute and a half long, featuring a look at the Drake Interplanetary ships, including the multi-use personal vessel, the Dragonfly.

You get a brief look at the two ships in the background and the two Dragonflies upfront. They round out the video with a blurry image of the Caterpillar in the back, complete with bikini models holding guns and gogo dancers putting on a show inside the cargo bays.

If so many male feminists and SJWs weren’t being arrested, fired and excoriated online for sexually assaulting, harassing and raping women, they might have been able to ratchet up some rage and yell about the patriarchy and sexual oppression in between breaking the law, abusing women and spreading misinformation.

Star Citizen - Galactic Tour

However, there’s no reason to dwell on a dead profession like games journalism. This is about Star Citizen… and there’s actually a couple of more video trailers worth checking out that released recently.

Roberts Space Industries posted up a quick tour of some of the Misc ships in the game. They don’t particularly have any specific branding style but they’re still in the game to fly around, haul cargo or maybe even partake in some battles for a few pieces of space scraps. You can check out the minute and a half long video below.

The shorts are pretty cool simply for the fact that they’re running in-engine tech. It’s a glimpse at what’s in the game and what’s to come.

It also makes me wonder if we’ll see actual in-game renditions of the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo as a special event taking place within Star Citizen? It would definitely make for some fun times.

They rounded out the fictional sci-fi event with a finale video posted up on the RSI website.

They used the video to sell a whole bunch of different ships for several hundred bucks.

I’m just more interested in when the next PTU update drops and when Star Marine’s FPS module goes live. I think those two milestones will be turning points for the development of Star Citizen and verify that the game at least has stable legs to stand on.

For now, you can learn more about the game and the upcoming updates by visiting the official Roberts Space Industries website.

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