Subsistence Cheats Add Infinite Ammo, Health, Stamina
(Last Updated On: November 23, 2016)

One of the new survival games to have rat-trapped gamers into the survival genre recently is ColdGames’ Subsistence. The game sees players building fortifications, acquiring supplies to make weapons, and fending themselves off from bandits, wildlife and harsh conditions. If surviving in the wilderness is just too much for you and you’re more interested in blasting through the game with ease the way the DNC blasted through the primaries by cheating to knock Bernie Sanders out of the race during the American elections earlier this year, then you can grab yourself a ripe and ready cheat trainer.

The newest version of the trainer works with version 1.0.12466 of Subsistence and features seven different cheats. You can check them out below.

  1. Infinite Health
  2. Infinite Stamina
  3. No Hunger
  4. No Thirst
  5. Infinite Protein
  6. Infinite Fruits & Vegetables
  7. Infinite Ammo

The cheats for infinite health will keep you from biting the dust when some bandits come to rape you clean and leave you out in the cold like fellow gropers anonymous member Arnold Schwarzenegger dropping support of Trump during the generals for the President elect having an uncontrollable penchant for grabbing pussy… cats.

The infinite stamina is so you can keep it up all night long… banging rocks. The idea is to be able to work around the clock so you can build a crib that would make Conor McGregor jealous and cause Kanye West to show some humility.

Of course, you would still have to deal with hunger and thirst… which is why the cheat trainer allows you to infinite keep those stats up so you don’t have to take a break and eat a peach for hours. The no thirst will also help you maintain vigilance for fighting, building and adventuring without having to drink clean water, something I’m sure residents in Flint, Michigan wish they could do.

Infinite ammo will also help out during firefights for pacifists who don’t know how or don’t like to shoot. It makes hunting easy because unlike Dick Cheney shooting his friend in the face multiple times, you don’t have to worry about not getting the job done because you ran out of ammo.

You can download the cheat trainer right now for Subsistence from over on Mr. Antifun’s web page. Alternatively, you can get your hands on the Early Access rendition of the single-player survival game by visiting the Steam store page.

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