Tarzan Finally Enters the World of Games – as a Slot Machine

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John Clayton, Viscount Greystoke – better known by his Big Ape name, Tarzan – has recently turned 100. This didn’t stop him from returning to the big screen this year, played by Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård (you might know him as Eric Northman from HBO’s “True Blood”). Skarsgård is the last in a row of 20 actors who have portrayed the Lord of the Jungle in the last century – Hungarian-born Olympic swimmer turned actor Johnny Weissmuller was perhaps the best-known of them all but the list contains other well-known names, like Christopher Lambert or Casper Van Dien.

While there are over 200 films involving Tarzan of the Apes, along with radio plays, comic strips, stage plays, and other forms of popular entertainment, there are no serious video games with him in the title role (Disney’s Tarzan doesn’t count). This year might finally see the Ape-man break into the world of video games – even if it’s in the form of a casual title, a slot machine set to be released at the All Slots Casino this December.

Tarzan of the Reels

Online slots games are among the most popular casual games ever. With a history of over a century, slot machines have conquered all gaming venues of the world, both online and in real life. They are simple, easy to play, versatile, and entertaining. They have a vast potential to “dress up” in any gown a player might think of. The All Slots alone has over 600 video slot machines in its library – among them there are many inspired by movies and TV shows, sports and myths, everyday objects and mythical creatures, even video games. Tarzan will join them this December.

A slot machine, by any other name…

The Tarzan character depicted in the All Slots’ upcoming video slot machine looks much more similar to Disney’s rendition of the character (plus the facial hair) than the one depicted by Johnny Weissmuller. He is joined on the reels by Jane, some jungle animals, and a ton of fruits. Interestingly, though, the only ape to make it to the game is Cheeta, Tarzan’s loyal sidechimp – no member of Tarzan’s tribe is to be seen anywhere. As all modern slot machines, this one is not without side games and bonuses. When three or more Bonus symbols land on the reels, the Bonus Wheel feature is triggered, taking players into an unexplored realm of wins and benefits: Multipliers applied to the wins, Bonuses hidden inside the mouth of hippos, Free Spins with Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds, and a Jackpot payout worth 200 times the total bets.

The Tarzan slot machine looks great, and it might also have a great atmosphere. We’ll see when finally get to play it, sometime at the beginning of December.


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