Tether, Unreal Engine 4 Sci-Fi Game Receives New Trailer

Freesphere Entertainment released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi adventure game, Tether. The Unreal Engine 4-powered title is due for release for PC and Mac, and gamers can snag a look at the work-in-progress title with the short gameplay clip.

Players take on the role of a struggling mother named Lesleigh Hayes, tasked with dealing with some troubling mysteries aboard the UEF Sonne. However, Hayes has trouble staying focused because she’s a mother of three, struggling to make ends meet, and having a tough time strolling through the gauntlet of challenges we call life. Nevertheless, things take a turn on the UEF Sonne that helps put her life and her choices into perspective.

You can check out the gameplay video below, which follows up on the game’s environmental trailer that the developers released earlier in the month during the start of Tether’s Steam Greenlight campaign.

So right away, the game seems to have an Alien: Isolation vibe going on, which is pretty cool. There’s a dark, menacing look about the atmosphere, which is further brought to life in this particular clip thanks to the obscured voiceovers talking about the troubles at home and the amount of time that Lesleigh would have to spend away from her family on the UEF Sonne.

Like most first-person adventure games, you can examine the environment, pick up objects and interact with certain things.

The sound effects are insane! They have this frightening, sharp bite to them that makes the audio really standout in Tether. The grimy, walls and dirty floors make the game look as if a monster could pop out at any moment.

It reminds me a little bit of The Park, the Secret World spin-off. The gameplay trailer doesn’t contain any monsters or any jump-scares, but it definitely sets up what kind of atmosphere and thematic elements that Freesphere Entertainment are going for. I’m impressed.

Tether still hasn’t been Greenlit to appear on Steam but it might be happening soon, especially after the new gameplay trailer was released. If things go over well, they also have plans on implementing VR support.

If you think that this is the sort of game that you would like to see on the Steam store, be sure to visit the Greenlight page and give it an upvote or two. For more information on Tether, you can also visit the official website.


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