The Keeper, Survival Action Game Enters Steam Greenlight

If you are a fan of Terraria and Starbound and seek to find something similar to the two games, indie developer Ludic Studio brings The Keeper. Honing elements of survival and action, The Keeper is a 2D story driven game that is now on Steam Greenlight.

As of now The Keeper doesn’t have a release date, but it will be for PC on release. However, while the project may not be out right now the devs posted up an official description and video trailer on Greenlight, which actually tells us something about the action survival game.

The game follows an old farmer named The Watcher who, for some reason, guards a tower that holds superior knowledge, which a creature named The Sin Eater wants to invade.

“The Keeper is a side-scrolling survival action game that features boss battles and a combat system focused on combos, executions, defense and counterattacks. Also, it includes passage of time where the scenes switch between day and night. By the day, the keeper can hunt, go fishing, cut trees, explore the surroundings of the tower in search of resources and many other things for his subsistence. The fights usually take place at night when the creatures of Sin Eater appear.”

That’s right, in the wild lands, and in the midst of the forest, The Sin Eater will send its minions after The Keeper (the player) while said hero must discover the secrets that engulf their surroundings with mysterious figures and strange events.

As for gameplay, I’m really liking the counter mechanic that is brought up in the game’s description. It reminds me of playing Marth from Super Smash Bros., countering lethal attacks — and in this game the counter is followed up with a zoom-in to show that it was performed successfully.

Other fighting segments in the trailer show dynamic moves like grabbing enemies and pummeling them, and doing other brutal yet quick moves to execute foes in a stylish way. However, the moves seem to last long enough for the player to see but are short enough to spin around and get an enemy before it can hit the player from behind.

But, enough of me talking about The Keeper and its features and on with footage of the game. You can check out the latest trailer for the game below, thanks to Ludic Studio.

All in all, I’ve got to admit for an indie game, Ludic Studio did a good job with the animations, as well as with sculpting the world and presenting actual engaging looking gameplay that reveal The Keeper’s core mechanics.

Anyways, it looks as if Ludic Studio does not have an official site at the moment, but if you want to help support The Keeper and the devs you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to do so.


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