Transport Fever Cheat Trainer Gives You Infinite Money
(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

The campaign mode or the sandbox mode for Transport Fever is no laughing matter. It’s easy to make one mistake building a transportation line and putting yourself into millions of dollars of debt. Sometimes you might start off with good intentions and a great layout but then sometime goes amiss and you find yourself entire game screwed from top to bottom. No worries, though, there’s a way to rectify your problems without starting the game over.

There’s a new trainer available for Transport Fever from Mr. Antifun. It’s designed for build 11807 or later for Transport Fever and you can use it to give yourself infinite amounts of money.

The cheat trainer only literally has that one cheat, but it will likely help a ton for gamers who find themselves in a financial bind due to the difficulty of the game. When you start ending up in a tough financial spot, most times there’s the reliance on the in-game loans for $500,000 at a time. These can quickly build up and work against you because of the sometimes negative costs of running your transport lines and the maintenance and everything else that comes with it. While it’s possible to pay off the loans, usually once you find yourself in debt it’s extremely hard to get out.

Additionally, the size of map can sometimes change how much it costs to run your transport lines due to the fact that the larger the map is the longer your rail lines will have to run, the longer your carriages, buses or other trucks will have to travel, and the longer it will take your boats to get to their destination. Smaller maps means that you can have shorter railways between towns, which means you make more money traveling between towns and lose less money during the travel.

You can download the cheat trainer for Transport Fever from over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

The transport simulator from Urban Games and Gambitious Digital Entertainment is available right now for $34.99 over on the Steam store.

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