Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Pedophilia Rings; #TwitterGate Erupts
(Last Updated On: November 22, 2016)

The hashtag #TwitterGate has been trending nearly all day long. It started over a user going by the handle of 0hour being suspended by Twitter. The user is a member of the hacking group Anonymous, and they were working to expose thousands of pedophiles operating through Twitter. After they were suspended, users began asking questions and began trending #TwitterGate and #PizzaGate.

Anonymous was previously in the news a while back when they were also attempting to bring pedophiles to justice by exposing their online antics five years ago in 2011, as reported by the Daily Mail. They later on – as recent as the summer of 2015 – also attempted to bring more pedophiles to justice by exposing their inner child sex rings, as reported by The Telegraph.

Users have been recently getting more active investigating the matter after the Wikileaks dump happened and lots of independent investigations were being made into Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta. According to people looking into the situation, there is a lot of loose links pointing to a potential pedophilia ring. Citizens have created an information hub on the sub-Reddit Pizzagate where they chronicle all of the available data and information on the people involved. [Update 11/22/2016: Reddit administrators shut down the Pizzagate sub-Reddit so they’ve relocated to a Pizzagate thread on Voat]

A lot of citizens have been wondering why the FBI won’t investigate the matter and are disturbed at the lack of attention and reporting on this situation from the media.

In the case of 0hour, there are archives of his activity slightly before the account was suspended, and while the archive shows politically charged content, it didn’t appear to violate Twitter’s terms of use. Just before the account was suspended, 0hour posted up various links to accounts allegedly involved with pedophilia. 0Hour was also linking to the FBI and the NSA, goading them to investigate.

Users have gone up in arms due to the fact that 0hour was suspended but nothing was mentioned about the alleged pedophiles that 0hour brought to Twitter and the FBI’s attention.

This caused plenty of people to question Twitter’s motives, especially after Twitter verified the account of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has ties to legitimate terrorist organizations according to reports from Al Masdar News and Breitbart.

This brought a lot of people to question why Twitter would verify an organization linked to terrorism and why they would ban a user exposing pedophiles?

Strangely, despite trending during the day, the news media seems to have completely ignored #TwitterGate. Despite the efforts by media and social media to suppress the news, citizens put together a list of all of the accounts allegedly involved with spreading child pornography. There’s a Google document filled with more than 24,000 accounts.

Users like Eclipse_OW have also picked up where 0hour left off, notifying people to contact support and the FBI regarding various accounts sharing or spreading illegal pornographic content of underage individuals.

Given that Wikileaks revealed that the mainstream media was colluding heavily with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to spin the news in favor of those within the party, including John Podesta, some feel as if basic human rights are being ignored by the mainstream media in order to further protect the establishment.

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  • Lily

    I just found your blog & glad I did. Ty for writing it btw.
    I just tried to look up the Eclipse_OW acct on Twitter & they suspended him too. I hope others are picking up where they left off. I have no idea how to find accts like that or I would help.

  • Molly Price

    Mine was suspended from this too 🙁 I’ve lost everything I cared about because I tried to do the right thing


    • Hey Molly, I just want to say that what you guys did was amazing work. You really helped set the Pizzagate investigation on the right path with digging into the info and contacting the proper authorities about those individuals hosting CP on their profiles.

      It’s a real shame that we live in a time where doing the right thing gets you silenced by the establishment, but I really hope someday some more good can come out of this.

  • MCPOSSRetired

    It appears that the FBI needs some major changes in leadership. The current bunch of Obama yes-men need to be removed in Trumps first 100 days.Trump needs to pick his Director of National Intelligence to replace that Obama yes-man Clapper. The person picked should have time to determine who needs to be replaced within FBI management and other agencies that will report to him.. That person will report to AG Sessions.

  • trollkiller1

    thought it was a good article up until your “I just have to show my political bias” conclusion, which pretty much makes everything else you say suspect. lame.

    • thought it was a good article up until your “I just have to show my political bias” conclusion

      That’s not bias… that’s fact. The collusion is irrefutably present in the e-mails. Don’t take my word for it, I link to the articles that contain the e-mails showing collusion.

  • Alleged Comment

    One guys name keeps popping up with this pedophile rings. John Podesta. Then another name pops up Hillary Clinton, which brings up another name – THE RAPIST Bill Clinton!!

    Common thread? All Demoncraps!!

  • When will Americans realize that social media is a complete waste of time? You will NEVER obtain righteous behavior from the controllers of social media. The only option is disintegration. Drop Twitter and drop Facebook. Drop them and they die.

  • DAvid

    If ever there was a defining characteristic for humanity, it has to be the protection of children. If you are not outraged and ready to grab your shotgun then perhaps we are doomed. This is a fight for what makes you human, the ability to be compassionate, to be empathetic.When that’s gone, there is only the Borg or Babylon left. Fight with your last breath. talk to people, take some action(s). There is a gentleman in British Columbia who goes around and confronts convicted pedophiles in public and outs them to their neighbors, to the community and to parents. I fear God will judge us all very poorly if we don’t stand hard. God’s speed all

  • TheTruthBurns

    People wake up & realize that the Elite, Judges, Cops, Government People, The Churches, Muslims, Temples & the Wealthy & the UN “Peacekeepers” are all involved in Child Sex Trafficking Worldwide. What do you think happened to All the “Child Refugees” from Central America?

    • DAvid

      Yes it is systemic. It’s almost like this fear/energy/adrenalin is critical to the NWO operations. It happens behind closed doors, it happens in public (check out boy scouts and their founder) and for a lot of people they can only blank out, they can’t handle reality. God’s speed all keep fighting

  • TexasRedNeck

    Maybe the FBI needs a major shakeup, there has to be some honorable people still working in the FBI that can remember the oath they took.

  • Jonathan

    It’s funny we have reports from Afghanistan where soldiers want to stop these pedophile police chiefs, but they get orders from higher up to let it happen. Wonder what kind of people give these orders?

    • FreeMann9

      other pedophiles.

  • Jonathan

    Only scratching the surface. The pedo rings are world wide. Wonder why people who should obviously have a clue say nothing? They’re likely afraid, complicit or both.

  • Alistair

    Double standards as expected from this. Any commer person pull what they pulled. Get caught, and put down in prison for life.

    When the high in power does it treated as A ok 👌

  • Tom Tom

    Anyone with an ounce of awareness will get OFF of Twitter and Facebook NOW.

  • scemar

    simplest explanation
    twitter is just as bad as the people getting exposed, they’re on their side

  • bell02

    Where is the FBI? Where is the Major news outlet reporting on it? Why is twitter still online? Why are people with a loude voice silence? Why is jack not in prison? What is the police doing? This is beyond a smoking gun! why was law not enforced? Why do so many people not care to inform the majority? What happened to the internet?

  • Sick stuff.

    It’s clear that the whole lot of them are connected in some way, and will do whatever they can to protect each other.


  • No one important

    Pedos are the next protected class. Efforts to humanize them in the eyes of public opinion are already underway.

    • PeaceOut

      It was de rigeur in Roman times, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  • Sevuz

    Either they are covering it up to look good or maybe they are already investigating and don’t want people to do anything to tip off the pedos. But I could be totally wrong of course.

    • C G Saturation

      I doubt it. That stuff was allegedly on their site for at least a year and they did nothing.

      • Sevuz

        Well that’s just nasty :/

  • C G Saturation

    Thanks for the writeup. It’ll say a lot if they try to cover this up/dismiss it.

    • C G Saturation

      Something else I noticed: #twittergate and #pizzagate have already been used for other non-serious stuff a long time ago. People really should have chosen better hash tags.

      For example, when I was trying to look up Japanese results, it kept bringing up CNN articles from 2014 about New York’s De Blasio eating spaghetti with a fork, or something like that.

      • C G Saturation

        A small number of sites are reporting that when they tried to report on this stuff, their webhosts shut them down.

        Also, someone found a link between Clinton, Dorsey (Twitter), Huffington and Haiti:

        Small world.

  • m0r1arty

    I was hoping this was all just conspiracy nuts building a distasteful mountain out of a perceived misinformation molehill but with Twitter banning those reporting indecent/illegal images whilst continuing to host them itself and apparently taking no action to remove the accounts and the MSM seemingly just sitting on their hands whilst social media magnifies this perceived oversight in aptly reporting genuine online harassment of children – it makes me think there could be something to it.

    Either way, images of children in compromised situations have apparently been hosted on Twitter’s servers which should have it fall under the purview of a warrant for searching for criminals in every country signed up to the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

    • I was hoping this was all just conspiracy nuts building a distasteful mountain out of a perceived misinformation molehill

      Once there was an organized effort from the media to say it was all crazy conspiracy theorists — the same outlets mind you that were found out to be colluding with the DNC and Clinton campaign according to Wikileaks — I instantly stopped thinking it was misinformation and that there was something legitimate there.

      They repeated verbatim the same thing about #GamerGate “It’s all just conspiracy theories!” even though there are mounds, and mounds, and mounds of facts to back everything up.

      It would likely take a group like Project Veritas to infiltrate and expose the pedo-rings because the mainstream media appears to be in on it.

      • C G Saturation

        B, but muh Fatness Professor says Project Veritas is “fake news”!

        You’re right, the liars doing dismissive damage control instead of making a valid counter-argument rings warning bells in my mind. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

      • m0r1arty

        I’ve been catching up on the British media reviving a Pizzagate incident from 2004 involving two soccer teams having a tantrum and now apparently the McCann girl may have been spotted in Rome. It’s far too fishy to say it is all unrelated when no open investigation is going on but from my experience it could just be dodgy newspapers being cunts like they regularly are to get clicks and cash (See News of the World for details of UK gutter press).

    • C G Saturation

      Not being rude or anything, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to eagerly dismiss stuff as “conspiracy nuts”. For me, I first consider whether it is impossible or not, and then I consider likelihood. In this case, it’s definitely possible, and there are tons of similar past incidents.

      From what I heard, the accounts posting that stuff were mostly Saudi Arabian. If I recall correctly, Twitter’s top shareholder is Saudi Arabian.

      I heard those accounts have been posting that stuff for years, and have several hundred followers each. I also heard someone else wrote a script to grab the users’ real names and stuff, and they got banned too.

      • m0r1arty

        I’ve spent decades researching conspiracy theories C G, almost all of them are nuts – I’m not eagerly dismissing anything, that’s why I’m so annoyed. Mentally unstable people lie to themselves and others to perpetuate their fantasies and it takes time to investigate their claims in good faith.

        Molly has been banned form Twitter on at least occasions that I’m aware of since writing her script to geolocate and collect data on those involved in this “Ring”. Those involved seem to be from all over, with high amounts in the Middle East, Latin America and the US. How accurate this information is I don’t know.

        Sex trafficking is a real crime, a team of French investigators all died around a month ago flying back from the Mediterranean looking for evidence of it. I’m sure there could be some truth to parts of it and I’m fairly certain some parts are more fantasy than true.

        All I know is that Twitter has hosted illegal images and should have the same processes applied to it that other websites would by ISPs, governments and businesses. That would solve the issue and remove a large problem with the media too.

  • giygas

    Wasn’t the first time either. Something rotten is definitely going on. They banned the one who exposed Nyberg as a pedo.

    • C G Saturation

      Let’s not forget how Sarquasar apparently had a convicted pedo moderating her gaming livetream.

  • Hawk Hopper

    A lot of citizens have been wondering why the FBI won’t investigate the matter

    For decades, the FBI wouldn’t investigate the mafia. J Edgar Hoover insisted that there was no such thing as the mafia. He controlled the FBI with an iron grip for decades and didn’t have the FBI look into mafia activities until Robert Kennedy got a mafia insider to rat out a bunch of mafia members.

    Stuff like #TwitterGate, the FBI knowing about the Orlando shooter, and Hillary should make everyone understand that the FBI isn’t on the side of the American people.

    Imagine if you were questioned by the FBI and lied to them, then it was made public that you did lie to them. You’d be thrown in jail. Unless you’re Hillary Clinton.

    Imagine if the FBI let a terrorist conduct a mass shooting even though the FBI knew about the guy. What happened to the FBI after this terrorist attack? Nothing? They got a free pass after once again failing at their jobs.

    The FBI has caught pedos in the past, but this really makes me wonder if the FBI has only arrested pedos that had nothing to do with the political elite or if the actively arrested pedos with ties to the elites, just to keep them silent.

    As for Twitter, it’s just a shit company. They’ll cozy up with the city burners known as Black Lives Matter, they’ll kick out conservatives, they’ll allow users to call for the assassination of Trump or anyone else they don’t like, they’ll verify the terrorist group The Muslim Brotherhood, and they’ll ban you for calling out pedos.

    They banned LeoPirate for calling Nick Nyberg a pedo, but Nyberg is still on Twitter, cozy in the embrace of @jack.

    • C G Saturation

      Twitter is one of those assholes part of the “purging fake news” cartel and people already found a bunch of links between Twitter and other assholes causing all kinds of trouble. I hear they recently verified the Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered a terrorist organization.

      Speaking of Orlando, there was a guy (first name Howard, forgot the rest) who was reportedly busted for having a car full of weapons. Alt news reported that he actually turned himself in to the cops after seeing Marteen get killed, and confessed that they were trained as part of a group assigned to hit multiple LGBT related targets that night. If I recall correctly, the FBI then stepped in and took the guy, gagging the cops, but some of them leaked info to alt news. There’s an interview of the guy floating around. No idea what became of him.

      I’ve been thinking that if the pedorings are real, they may be recruiting the people that they catch distributing that stuff. We see them get prosecuted, but behind scenes they get a new job working for the “in” club?

      And it’s very likely the rings are real. UK government and celebs already got busted doing it. There are tons of interviews/documentaries talking about similar incidents over the past 30 years, and a few victim testimonies that have been dismissed as crazy. But the mainstream is already in damage control, trying to dismiss it all without addressing any of the facts. The same mainstream who tried to smear Trump and GamerGate, and pushes Soros SJW agenda, defending pedos.

      People are happily denying that such things are happening because they don’t want their view of the world ruined. Are those people going to take responsibility for all the dead kids when they can’t deny it any longer? I doubt it.

      Meanwhile, Kanye West reportedly tried to redpill his audience, but the cops handcuffed him and threw him into a mental hospital. California, Los Angeles – deep in SJW territory. He is so screwed.

      • TT

        “People are happily denying that such things are happening because they
        don’t want their view of the world ruined. Are those people going to
        take responsibility for all the dead kids when they can’t deny it any

        sadly i know plenty of people I doubt would care even if their own kids were hurt. Take the shit going on in Europe right, especially the sex assaults or the Podesta emails. I hear virtually no-one talking about it, but Trump tweeting things, someone making a crass joke about women? Non-stop bitching. Not criticism or that, full on freak out in some cases. And the worst part, some are aware of those things, but either don’t care or say things like “well, that won’t happen here” while prioritizing very benign or trivial things. It’s fucking surreal.

        • C G Saturation

          Yeah. I’m seeing the same thing everywhere.

          I think a big part of it is because the media tells people want to be enraged about. Most people don’t seem capable of processing the info themselves and reaching their own conclusions.

          The media is also actively suppressing all this stuff. They even muddied up the search engine results to make it difficult to search up, just like how it was difficult to get any alternative views on Trump that didn’t portray him as a monster.

          I tried looking up this stuff in Japanese to see if they are aware of it, and so far I’ve only found one blog that gave a very brief summary.

          • TT

            The lack of basic common sense is what gets me. Like, I’ll admit I wasn’t too keen on Trump, bunch of reasons, but the extent people went to trash him, and praise her, not doing any real research, alot of them admitting to just hearing what the news says…like I hate that me defending him was considered endorsement, when all I did was point out things that were blatantly wrong. Same with gamergate, alot of “well how do you know gamers/games AREN’T sexist?” And this is in Canada, and trust me there’s a lot of interesting stories I can tell about this. I absolutely blame the mainstream media for this, or mostly, they are corrupt, disgusting, egotistical trash.

          • C G Saturation

            Exactly. I still don’t trust Trump either, but the blatant bias is what really shits me. Seeing so many people fall for the bullshit is really depressing.

            They can’t seem to separate stuff. Point out lies = you’re endorsing the enemy! Point out men are treated badly = you hate women! Point out corruption in the industry = harassment! Etc, etc.

            Probably why Sarquasar is so popular. She jumps to conclusions too.

          • I absolutely blame the mainstream media for this, or mostly, they are corrupt, disgusting, egotistical trash.

            At least 70% of Americans agree with you about this.

          • amuncat


          • amuncat

            Yeah, the thing that amazed me was that seemingly educated people were spouting the same lines as the unwashed, Trump is a misogynist, racist, Islamaphobe, etc., with nothing to back it up!!!! They weren’t listening to his speeches, nada, just repeat the MSM/FAKE news babble!

          • trollkiller1

            theres a lot to back it up if you took the time actually research facts instead of spewing slogans. suffice it to say we have a POTUS whose policy positions are the same as the KKK, as they pointed out then they endorsed Trump

        • Its the Matrix, and we darned sure live in it. The mechanics and methods are different, but the result is the same. People are brain dead, unquestioning, uncritical and lazy. But I also think that we all sense that a small fire could become an inferno, and very few want that. Therefore some of the lethargy is more accurately simply waiting for the overall condition of attitudes to improve. If we regain cohesion in the United States and observe that our Constitution is diligently respected by the government, we will improve. Conservatism must carry the day because liberalism is destroying us. And if the left resorts to widespread violence, it will likely be time to give them the fight they think they want. If it comes to that, then it must be pushed through all the way. Liberalism must be destroyed down to the last, glimmering spark.

      • Hawk Hopper

        I think the DOJ and FBI also lost track of the Orlando shooter’s wife even though there was some evidence she was involved.

        With Kanye, I don’t know. To me, it seems more like a threat to other celebs than it is to Kayne. He’s playing along, he said what they told him to, and then is “thrown” into a hospital and “lost” $30 million because of it. Seems more like warning to celebs than anything else.

        • PeaceOut

          TMZ is reporting Kanye will get a big insurance payout for cancelling those venues. This is the second huge insurance payout in the space of a few months. BlindGossip ran an item recently about he & his wife and how she had more money, he’s losing his behind because of his spending. So yes, there might be a SJW angle to his hospitalization but ultimately it’s about $$$

    • Bitterbear

      Gong after pedophiles? FBI goes We are understaffed! We are stretched too thin all over the country and we don’t have enough budget!

      But if those kids are using megaupload to download Taylor Swift’s newest album? The FBI invades New Zealand and arrests the site’s owner.

      • Tom Tom

        yes, you understand.

        • Bitterbear

          It’s been ages since the FBI doubles as Hollywood’s armed forces.

    • Tom Tom

      you don’t seem to understand that their job IS to obfuscate and cover for the satanic pedophiles like Hillary Clinton, George Bush, etc.

  • mikebrand83

    Gotta love it.

    Some random regressive leftists make inane comments on Twitter getting less than 100 Likes, and the mainstream media is frequently happy to report them as news to support their narratives.

    Huge number of Twitter users trying to uncover the truth about a situation like this, and the mainstream media can only look away and whistle as they pretend they don’t see a thing.

    • C G Saturation

      I don’t understand how there can be such massive blatant bias, and people still can’t see it. Average modern person IQ must be minus 100.