Twitter Suspends User For Reporting Pedophilia Rings; #TwitterGate Erupts

The hashtag #TwitterGate has been trending nearly all day long. It started over a user going by the handle of 0hour being suspended by Twitter. The user is a member of the hacking group Anonymous, and they were working to expose thousands of pedophiles operating through Twitter. After they were suspended, users began asking questions and began trending #TwitterGate and #PizzaGate.

Anonymous was previously in the news a while back when they were also attempting to bring pedophiles to justice by exposing their online antics five years ago in 2011, as reported by the Daily Mail. They later on – as recent as the summer of 2015 – also attempted to bring more pedophiles to justice by exposing their inner child sex rings, as reported by The Telegraph.

Users have been recently getting more active investigating the matter after the Wikileaks dump happened and lots of independent investigations were being made into Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta. According to people looking into the situation, there is a lot of loose links pointing to a potential pedophilia ring. Citizens have created an information hub on the sub-Reddit Pizzagate where they chronicle all of the available data and information on the people involved. [Update 11/22/2016: Reddit administrators shut down the Pizzagate sub-Reddit so they’ve relocated to a Pizzagate thread on Voat]

A lot of citizens have been wondering why the FBI won’t investigate the matter and are disturbed at the lack of attention and reporting on this situation from the media.

In the case of 0hour, there are archives of his activity slightly before the account was suspended, and while the archive shows politically charged content, it didn’t appear to violate Twitter’s terms of use. Just before the account was suspended, 0hour posted up various links to accounts allegedly involved with pedophilia. 0Hour was also linking to the FBI and the NSA, goading them to investigate.

Users have gone up in arms due to the fact that 0hour was suspended but nothing was mentioned about the alleged pedophiles that 0hour brought to Twitter and the FBI’s attention.

This caused plenty of people to question Twitter’s motives, especially after Twitter verified the account of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has ties to legitimate terrorist organizations according to reports from Al Masdar News and Breitbart.

This brought a lot of people to question why Twitter would verify an organization linked to terrorism and why they would ban a user exposing pedophiles?

Strangely, despite trending during the day, the news media seems to have completely ignored #TwitterGate. Despite the efforts by media and social media to suppress the news, citizens put together a list of all of the accounts allegedly involved with spreading child pornography. There’s a Google document filled with more than 24,000 accounts.

Users like Eclipse_OW have also picked up where 0hour left off, notifying people to contact support and the FBI regarding various accounts sharing or spreading illegal pornographic content of underage individuals.

Given that Wikileaks revealed that the mainstream media was colluding heavily with the DNC and the Clinton campaign to spin the news in favor of those within the party, including John Podesta, some feel as if basic human rights are being ignored by the mainstream media in order to further protect the establishment.