Tyranny Cheat Trainer Offers Infinite Health, Money, Supplies, Attribute Points
(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive recently unleashed Tyranny onto the gaming audience. The game rekindles the old-school isometric CRPG flair from the olden days of game; the golden age. So far the game has been receiving positive scores from the gaming audience, and some people intent on cheating through the tougher parts of the game will find that a cheat trainer has been made available for the new role-playing title.

The most recent trainer made available works with version of Tyranny and features eight different cheats. The list of the cheats in the trainer can be viewed below.

  • Inf.Health
  • No Fatigue
  • Inf.Attribute Points
  • Inf.Talent Points
  • Instant Skill Cooldown
  • Instant Attack Cooldown
  • Inf.Money
  • Inf.Supplies

Infinite health isn’t quite god mode but it’s awfully close, ensuring that you don’t lose health from enemy attacks or other HP draining effects. Not having to deal with fatigue means that there’s no rest for the evil, you can keep on ticking like Bill Clinton at the Cat House with a jacket full of Cialis.

The infinite attribute points allow you to buff your character(s) up with as many points in as many different categories as you please. Nothing is off limits. Infinite talent points work the same way but for the specialty skills that your character focuses on in the game.

Instant skill cooldown helps with making sure that your magic abilities are always at the ready instead of having to wait for them to recharge. The same applies with the instant attack cooldown. You’ll need to get into a fight first with an enemy and then after using a normal attack proceed to activate the instant attack cooldown cheat.

For the infinite money cheat, you’ll first need to open your inventory and then activate the money cheat. Close your inventory and then open it again. For supplies, you’ll need to use at least one of the supplies in your inventory first before activating the infinite supplies cheat.

Also, before you activate any of the cheats be sure to start a game world first and take a few steps around and then open up the trainer and activate the cheats.

Tyranny uses the classic Baldur’s Gate style of combat systems, so you have real-time combat with the pause feature. The majority of Steam user reviews are positive, but some people are angry that you don’t go around curb stomping subjects like Super Buu and that the game has a slow-build in the story toward the whole evil pawn storyline.

Nevertheless, if you feel the need to cheat you can do so right now by grabbing the trainer over on the Mr. Antifun download page.

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