Video Game Websites Gamers Hate
(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

Some people never learn, and editor-in-chief James Brightman is one of those people. He continues to peddle the “sexist, misogynist” “ism” buzzword nonsense that led to Donald Trump being elected President of the United States.

In a piece called “Video games Trump hate”, published on November 11th, 2016, Brightman continues to harangue about the importance of gaming evolving as a medium to cater to people who don’t play games and have no intentions of playing video games. He continues to condescend and misinform readers about things like #GamerGate and Brexit, using tired talking points that were disproven back in 2014.

Brightman writes…

“There’s a segment of the gaming population that takes that sentiment to mean that some developers want to take their games away, that one kind of game is coming at the expense of the traditional AAA shooter.


“The same undercurrent in society that produced Gamergate, the alt-right movement, Brexit and now a Trump election (bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia, religious persecution, fear mongering, etc.) are what led to exclusionary thinking in the game-playing populace. “How dare you change my games?” they’ll say. But they aren’t “your” games; just because the industry has catered to the 18-34 white male audience over the last two decades doesn’t give you some special claim to the medium. Just like movies, books and TV, games are for everyone.”

There’s so much misinformation in that nonsense that I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, everything about #GamerGate can be summed up by seeing how corrupt Brightman’s peers are over on That’s always the best resource to give you an idea of what #GamerGate is about: outlining the corruption and illegal activity by games journalists.

People like Brightman would need resolve, intelligence and intestinal fortitude to address the issues raised on a site like, which is precisely why he dishonestly deflects to the “isms” instead of acknowledging that those issues even exist.

It’s the same way in which PC Gamer dishonestly deflected to “#GamerGate is a harassment campaign, therefore we didn’t report on the corruption committed by our peers” during their AMA when they were asked about why they didn’t report on the corruption back in 2014 and 2015.

But what’s more, all this talk about “not taking away games” (which has proven to be a lie) isn’t about promoting alternative games, it’s about advocating censorship and promoting friends… the friends of the journalists.

When was the last time these outlets actually talked about alternative games like Lilly Looking Through? It was certainly never mentioned on, but there’s an entire Google page dedicated to talking about Zoe Quinn and Depression Quest, which isn’t even a real game.

When was the last time talked about Neckbolt’s Belladonna? Or how about Bear With Me? Have they ever bothered interview Exordium Games? They sure did give a lot of press and continue to give a lot of press to Gone Home. More Google pages filled with results.

Legend of Iya

In fact, I can’t find one article on about Legend of Iya, which struggled to hit its Kickstarter goals due to a lack of media coverage.

So is Brightman and his staff ill-informed about the games they want on the market or are they misogynists? Do they just not like to write about games featuring women? Are they sexist against female protagonists? Or maybe because they haven’t written anything about the YouTube channel Games For Everybody they’re ableist? Is that it? Is that how this works? Someone doesn’t toe a line or say what you want and you get to call them an “ism” and denigrate their position no matter what they actually stand for?

Thankfully, this kind of exclusionary thinking was called out in the comment section and rightfully so. So many people, especially minorities and women, are tired of white beta males telling them that they need to fall in line with authoritarian thinking or they’re practicing an “ism” or they’re an “ist”.

A QA and translator who works in the gaming industry, Shehzaan Abdulla, says what a lot of people have been thinking or trying to say but have either been censored or prohibited from doing so on most media websites, writing in the comment section…

“Trump won was precisely because those wanting to stop him getting in haven’t done exactly that.


[…] “Instead, they’ve won a cultural war (i.e. become the dominant train of visible thought out there) by simply beating people into silence if they offer another opinion or perspective through a witch-hunt mentality that favours vilification over communication.”


[…] “What is your goal in any of your ‘political engagement’? Is it to effect some hollow moral victory? Or to actually effect change? Because if it’s the latter you can no longer afford the complacency of not caring what others (i.e. people not in your political circle) think. Not when you are actively putting people in danger by doing so.

The thing is, factually #GamerGate was used by a majority of Libertarian Leftists. This is according to a polling survey conducted by Brad Glasgow in a piece published on August 21st, 2016 at Allthink called “No, GamerGate is Not Right Wing”.

People like Brightman and sites like or PC Gamer or Kotaku or Polygon won’t let the facts or the humans representing those numbers affect their ideology. Behind each click, behind each comment, behind each expression of anguish at the corruption in today’s media circles, the only thing people like Brightman see is the enemy.

Brightman and his ilk have dehumanized people who disagree with them and have done so to their own detriment. Gamers can no longer go to sites like to get informed about a diverse variety of games, they can only go there to be preached down to by a pundit on a political podium.

In result of this “with us or against us” mentality, peddled by cultural aggravators wearing fedoras that are sometimes used to mask vile intentions, many gamers are starting to see through the facade and realize that these outlets represent views and agendas borne of exclusionism. Simply put, they’ve become video game websites that gamers hate.

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Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space. The GJP cried and their tears became his milkshake. Need to get in touch? Try the Contact Page.

  • jlenoconel

    The main demographic for games IS males in their 20s and 30s. Its not white males though, its all races. These morons ruining the gaming industry are just making it easier for me to not spend money on video games. Its the same with Hollywood where I won’t go and see movies at the cinema (I never really did to be fair), and I just use services like Netflix instead. With video games I’m more inclined to just play free to play stuff like MMOs and RPG Maker. It is really sad though because in the PS2 days and most of the PS3 era, this political correctness garbage didn’t exist in games at all. Never thought I’d see the day I would see the gaming industry be ruined by this stuff. I shouldn’t let it bother me though because the gaming industry is probably in trouble anyway because publishers keep on releasing half finished games. Just makes it easier for people like me to make better choices now.

    • Dang, I agree with everything you just said.

      I’ve mostly focused on playing older games now and oh boy is there a stark contrast in both the quality of their design and how nonchalant they are about diving into politically incorrect content. These days you can’t have any jokes in a game that could be deemed “ist/ism” and you can’t touch any subject that doesn’t directly appeal to the sensibilities of the Regressive Left. It’s BS.

  • Beautiful article. Really bring justice to the “One Angry Gamer” name. XD

  • C G Saturation

    Who the fuck is “James Brightman”? He can go crawl back under his rock like the snake he is.

    Brightman: “I like green.”
    Lesbian black woman: “I like purple, personally.”
    Brightman: “You’re a bigoted misogynist xenophobic homophobic religion-persecuting, fear mongerer!”
    *Brightman proceeds to beat her up and record it, then upload it to Facebook*
    CNN picks up the story, with the headline: “Self-hating Trump supporter invites deserved beatdown”
    Video gets posted to YouTube, YouTube deletes it. Twitter hides hashtag.

    Those words have completely lost their original meaning. All they mean is “every person who disagrees with me, at all”. Typical reaction of special snowflakes – react with rage and slander everyone.

    That Brightman believes gaming was ever “exclusionary” says more about his own mindset. The rest of us never minded who plays games. It’s people like him who assume everyone thinks otherwise. It’s projection, pure and simple.

    I was thinking earlier today that GamerGate played a crucial role in Trump winning because it made a lot of people realize several things:
    1. The mainstream media lies like crazy and cannot be trusted.
    2. Idols and famous people in general tend to side with assholes.
    3. Political correctness has gotten way out of hand, and needs to be stopped.
    4. In a digital information war, everything needs to be archived.
    5. Academic institutes are hugboxes where they indoctrinate SJWs.

    I’m sure there’s more, but it essentially boils down to people becoming aware of the shit Soros has been up to, and countering it more effectively.

  • Mr.Towel

    It’s really easy to know where the butt of the World is these days.

    You just need to know were its hurting more.

  • Alistair

    Aww I couldn’t ask James what games he like it look like a special club & gamers are not welcome.

    It only a special place for friends in high places.

  • Alistair

    Clinton not a bigot, she just want games less violent & less sexual in tone.

  • Alistair

    Hmm interesting it’s gamers fault that elected trump then & not more white women. How can that make sense.

    If MSM label trump as misogyny etc then the outcome should have been Clinton had won by the same white women.

    The fact is James & all regression lefts cucks are lying bullshitters. The campaign & now this shows me this was the Nasty, shitty smear campaign in history.

    The last two decades & have special claim in James piss poor article.

    The last 20 years ago there was no such things as echhi fan service games. Or triple A Titles.

    “The games are for everyone” does exist now then ever before he not looking hard enough if he has a tablet there are diverse games to carter women.

    Words with friends is one, candy crush, etc etc. There more strong lead women characters in games then 20 years ago.

    TBH a confession of mine when given a chance I always pick a woman character if I was given a choice. Example FF14.

    Now what that makes me James eh I’m playing a woman character that you lot wanted makes you a unbelievable piece of crap 💩.

    Further proof you are unbelievable piece of…. is using briexit as a further example like its sexist, misogyny gamers fault for that.

    Here a news flash I gamer voted to stay. In the end it was most of non-gamers that wanting to leave & the younger gen that do play video games wanting to stay.

    Instead you pushing a agenda that we all know, you want games to be like films & books with. Social justice tie to them. Well Fuck you.

  • AceOfAces_Mod

    And history repeats itself once again. Similar to a revolution, if you spread fear, expect to be given rage.

    They wanted to scare people, this is the majority’s thank you for scaring them. If they were 100% sure that they were right, they could just sit down and discuss with others, rather than listening and believing.

  • Personally I do hate those Gamer hating websites.

    Gaming will always have a place in my heart, probably I would not alive today if it wasn’t for video games, also I learned English thanks to video games (sorta) =D

    • Alistair

      My very first RPG shining in the darkness for Sega mega drive. 🙂

      • Wow, that is so effing appropriate =D

        • Alistair

          Yeah after that was shining force 1 & 2, next up was landstalker lol 😂

  • anopolis

    I wish i knew more lefties. I can’t honestly say I have a relationship with any SWJ types. I have liberal friends..hell, I’m liberal in many ways..the ones I know are normal/reasonable chaps. To have a conversation with one of these types would be interesting as hell. Do they see how much ugliness they spew out on a regular basis? Do they see the only violence out there is coming from them? The only gay dude at work thinks all of this is a stupid joke, he hates Hillary more than I do. I don’t get these people, I wanna meet them. they’re people just like me, cept totally different.

    • C G Saturation

      Just deny everything you know of reality, and only believe what you want. Throw tantrums if anyone says otherwise. Only listen to opinons from sites like Huffington Post. Antyhing else has to be completely false.

      Then you’ll understand them.

      • anopolis

        yeah..not really wanting to do that..the reason i want to know them is I have such bitterness toward them. and that ain’t their head they’re doing the right thing..not actively lying ..I would think anyway..

    • jlenoconel

      I couldn’t with these people. My patience with them would be very, very short, let me tell you that. I doubt very much I could even have a conversation with them whatsoever.

  • giygas
    • C G Saturation

      Oh look, it’s that lying piece of shit SJW scum, Ashley Lynch. White woman bitching about white supremacy. Projection much?

    • Holythirteen

      So much cancer in that post…

      “mAh jawbs” Well, fuck you too Bob. Some people think nationwide economic well-being is more important than hollow virtue-signalling, the silly ducks.

    • Audie Bakerson

      I hope they keep it up! If the liberals lose another state in 2018 there will be no stopping Kek.

      • giygas

        As Sargon pointed out, they’ll continue losing until they realize that their Social Justice bullshit is pure concentrated cancer.

  • I’ve been having so much fun on social media and forums since Election day by kicking hundreds of SJWs/Hillary supporters in the teeth so I haven’t posted much on Disqus, lol.

    But this stuff from James Brightman doesn’t surprise me though. Same old SJW/feminist horseshit propaganda. But regardless, they always need to be exposed to document their corruption. I think their influence is slightly fading, but they are still very significant. The main problem has always been of course, the Western developers who continue to cave in and pander to them.

    This is unrelated, but judging from the reaction of SJWs/feminists/BLM/MSM/Hillary supporters to Donald Trump’s win, I am convinced that these people are the most disgusting, bigoted, hateful and spiteful people on the planet.

    And the same goes to the utter fucktard public figures like Lena Dunham, Lady Gaga, Jessica Lawrence, Cher, Laci Green, etc. as well. Aside from Miley Cyrus, not one of them had the decency to put aside their differences for 5 minutes and congratulate the next President of the United States. It’s been nothing but bitterness, hate and spite from them towards Donald Trump.

    These SJW leftists are just fucking vile, and I would not bat an eyelid if a skin-eating disease infected these people.

    • Butt-hurt celebrirites and Hillary supporters really throwing their toys out of the pram and campaigning to get Hillary elected instead.

      Using the usual slanders of “sexist”, “racist” and “sexual assault” against Trump.

      This really does show just how much Western society has degenerated into this victimhood feminist-SJW mentality. How on earth was this allowed to happen?

      It’s fucking pathetic.

  • Bitterbear

    You wanna know why Trump won? Because of this picture:

    One week ago, the Libertarian circles were teeming with people talking about voting for Hillary instead of Gary because no one wants Trump to be president. Then that picture happened on Facebook along with the parade of insults.

    After that? Complete silence from the Libertarians. Those tiny margins cost her dearly.

    • C G Saturation

      “What is Aleppo?”

      I think HIllary lost a lot of votes because the media pushed the lie that Hillary would win by 99.99999%, so a lot of SJW dumbshits obviously thought “why bother voting if she’s gonna win anyway?” because they fail at applying simple mathematics to real life situations. Unsurprising, considering that all their “statistical evidence” is hugbox bullshit.

      Hell, the same probably happened with Brexit. Remain was so confident of victory. Arrogant shits never learn, thankfully.

      The stupidest part is SJWs aren’t blaming the mainstream media for lying to them. They still haven’t considered that as a possibility. Instead, they are entertaining the ridiculously impossible idea that everyone but themselves has to be an idiot. Special snowflakes.

      • Bitterbear

        And before Brexit it was the British general elections from last year, they were so smug because of the exit polls that when the real count happened, the whole party had a meltdown and their media began to push hit piece after hit piece insulting their voters.

  • Muten

    Let me report, like i did before on a similar piece you did Billy, that this type of behavior from the games press (shitting on gamers) does not EXIST in Spanish or Portuguese games media.

    • You lucky ducks.

    • Alistair

      There don’t exist because it not in English, I notice EG is from uk or out of UK.

      Kotaku is from UK, the Mary Sue from USA, RPS from USA and others do the bullshit & they believe it.

      The thing with trump is it was white women not buying the whole MSM bullshit of sexist & misogyny that carry trump of the winning line.

      & the ones that protesting is regression lefts feminist SJWs that is butt hurt.

      • C G Saturation

        From what I saw here and there, plenty of Muslim and Black women also thought the whole thing was bullshit, and voted Trump. I don’t know the actual numbers though.

    • C G Saturation

      Doesn’t exist in Japan either, as far as I can tell. I’ve said this before, but it’s normal for people of any kind to play games in Japan. Nobody thinks anything of it. They don’t assume games are only for men. The only people who think that are Western SJWs.

      That being said, a Japanese friend told me that there aren’t many people in Japan who consider themselves serious gamers. Most people just play games on the side, but aren’t super serious about it.

      I have a bunch of female Japanese friends who play all kinds of games, and I know even more that I don’t personally talk to. They don’t care if the protagonist is male or female. Only SJWs make a big fucking deal about it, and most SJWs don’t even play games.

      I know this one JP girl whose mother beat I think it was Xenogears (probably when she was around 30-40 years old), even writing tons and tons of notes as she played. I’d imagine that if she did that in the West back then (and maybe even now) other girls would probably make fun of her and dismiss her as a “loser geek”. Yes, other girls. Not boys.

      • What’s even funner is that there used to be a Kotaku Japan, and the political correctness and progressive in the English site was absent there.

        So of course it got folded when Gawker started cutting corners. Brilliant.

    • Tamschi

      It’s mostly fine in German media too. They to my knowledge also gave the whole GG issue a _giant_ berth, except for one publication which called it ‘a clusterfuck’ and never mentioned the topic again.