Watch Dogs 2 Ending Explained
(Last Updated On: November 16, 2016)

Now that Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft’s hacktion game for home consoles and PC, is out and about, a lot of people who may want a clear cut and concise breakdown of the game’s plot and ending will find it right here. Keep in mind that there are a ton of side-quests with their own vignettes throughout Watch Dogs 2, so this will only focus on the main story line and its ending.

Watch Dogs 2 opens up with Marcus infiltrating a Blume industries office and then heading to a beach party to celebrate. Marcus encounters Blume CTO Dusan Nemec out on a beach jog, manages to get Marcus info after borrowing his cellphone briefly.

Marcus ends up joining up with DedSec, an underground hacking group, which consists of Wrench, Josh, Horatio, Sitara and later on they are joined by Ray. The group decides to target Blume and other big corporations from Silicon Valley after they hack a movie studio working on a film called “CyberDriver”. They find out that the movie studio was working with certain tech companies and decide to “aim bigger”.

They go after a Scientology style cult called New Dawn, and build up a solid following and a lot of momentum from that. They begin exposing some of the privacy intrusion from social media services like !Nvite, which doubles as a fictional version of Facebook, and Nudle, the Watch Dogs 2 incarnation of Google. Haum represents Microsoft and Blume is like Cisco.

Watch Dogs 2

It turns out that a lot of this big companies are working with health insurance companies to raise premiums and further gouge customers. They find out that the police have been using the ctOS monitoring system to use the predictive algorithms to steal from gang members and kill them while posing as undercover cops, and they also learn that Blume and !Nvite were rigging the elections by working with Senator Thruss, feeding him personal user information from !Nvite’s database in order to get him in office and sway the votes.

However, along the way, Blume’s CTO, Dusan Nemec, attempts to thwart DedSec’s plans by allowing them to access certain data and falsely boosting their social media profile using bots in order to sell other companies on the idea that the old security methods don’t work and that they should sign contracts with Blume’s new satellite security pipeline. Dusan manages to turn Marcus into a criminal in the process and set the police on his trail.

DedSec then has to ramp up their efforts against Blume, !Nvite and Nudle.

!Nvite’s CEO Mary Catskill and Blume’s Dusan Nemec continue to work with Thruss to rig the elections, but Marcus and the rest of DedSec destroy the rigged voting machines that they were going to use to force Thruss into office, similar to the way the media was working with the Clinton campaign to rig the elections, which was revealed by Project Veritas and Wikileaks.

Dusan Nemec decides to ramp up his efforts to take down DedSec by hiring in a rogue SJW going by the name of Lenni. Lennie works with a dangerous Sons of Ragnarok biker gang and tries to lockout DedSec from their own servers unless they post a propaganda video telling people not to follow them anymore.

Watch Dogs 2 - Wrench the Badass

DedSec, however, outsmarts the SJW and gets the decryption key to remove the lockout on their servers. Blume has the FBI watch DedSec and other hackers, and the FBI end up capturing Wrench and remove his mask, revealing that the reason Wrench wears the mask is because he has a face deformity on his left side.

Wrench returns to DedSec and Marcus avenges him by getting his mask back. This comes at a price However, one of their members, Horatio, ends up getting attacked by gangs and killed for being a part of DedSec.

They decide to finish what they started against Blume by hacking into the Galilei space program and putting in their own modded board onto the rocket in order to hack into Blume’s global server farms. They manage to shutdown and disrupt the global servers and then hack into Blume’s main server in Delaware where they access all their core data that Blume had orchestrated and allowed Chinese hackers to attack legacy servers in order to sell governments and corporations their newest iteration of ctOS and their satellite security pipeline.

Following the satellite hack, Dusan has Marcus labeled as a federal terrorist and put on the watchlist.

DedSec plans one last push against the Duke of Douche by infiltrating the main Blume campus in a coordinated attack against the company, exposing how Dusan staged vulnerabilities in security organizations and fixed the stock market for his own gain. After exposing all of the data to the media and putting it on their social media networks for all their followers to see.

The game ends with Marcus and Ray telling Dusan that he’s finally going down, and they leave his apartment as the police enter to arrest him. Marcus gives DedSec’s followers one final message about standing against the corporations and corrupt government officials.

Watch Dogs 2

TL;DR: Blume, Haum and !Nvite represent large social media networks controlling the public. They signed deals with defense contractors like Tidis to make machines designed as civil weapons operating on ctOS, which would allow the government to police people using combat drones based on private data. They also worked with corrupt politicians to rig the election and the voting machines to force the person into office that they wanted in order to control policy, such as making it illegal to expose corporate data the way DedSec was doing throughout the game.

Most of the evil stuff was masterminded by Blume’s CTO Dusan Nemec, and DedSec’s hipsters deconstructed the entire corporate networks to expose the corruption and shady deals, ultimately leading to Dusan getting arrested.

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