Weekly Recap Nov 12th: Media Corruption, Wikileaks And Trump Becomes POTUS
(Last Updated On: November 12, 2016)

This was a bizarre week for news. There was the e-mails from Wikileaks centered around exposing the Clintons that fingered them as having direct implications in the deaths of Vince Foster and Rob Brown, former political aides that died violently. There was the revelation of the Comet Ping Pong conspiracy involving the Podesta brothers being attached to some sort of pedophilia satanic cult ring, and then Donald Trump became President of the United States.

The news never stopped being bizarre and head-scratching all week long, but a lot of people took solace in seeing Social Justice Warriors literally crying over Trump becoming President, and for some of us… justice had been served. These stories and more in this November 12th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Clinton Implicated In Ron Brown, Vince Foster Deaths

Old e-mails that went unnoticed when they first appeared in 2013 from Wikileaks have resurfaced, painting Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as possible murderers. The e-mails come from Stratfor, a strategic intelligence outfit for big corporations and government. Speaking of e-mails, we also learned that CNN had been collaborating with the Democratic National Committee to help them shape how they would interview Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Censored Gaming was recently censored by YouTube because some of their content was labeled as pornographic. Blue Dragon is now backwards compatible for the Xbox One. A new farm simulator called Cattle and Crops successfully completed its Kickstarter run. And SAG feels as if voice actors deserve more than just the 0.03% they’ve earned from the total revenue of Call of Duty games.


Wikileaks E-Mails Point To John And Tony Podesta Pedophilia Sex Ring

It could all be a conspiracy theory or it could be something far more serious, but e-mails, images, videos and testimonies point toward the Clinton campaign being an engine that chugs off the coals of children. And I don’t mean sweatshop labor… I’m talking sex-shop labor. Disturbing reports have surfaced pointing to the Podestas being involved in a pedophilia sex ring. But on the upside, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 are both available as backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One. The Cemu 1.6.3c has released for the public and it features more fixes and updates, but it also comes with a nasty BSOD bug. Young Justice just might get a third season, and PC Gamer has defended the corruption antics of the GameJournoPros, including their illegal activity.


Jill Stein Files FEC Complaints Against Trump, Clinton

Dr. Jill Stein has filed complaints with the Federal Election Commission against both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for organizing with Super PACs to tarnish their opponent in the media. The sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has dropped by nearly 50% in the U.K., compared to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3‘s first week sales. The Brawlhalla championships take place this weekend and the pot is a whomping $50,000. A new pirate survival game set during the age of sail called New Dawn is prepping to launch a Kickstarter campaign and it’s running on Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. And there’s a new gaming channel just getting started on YouTube called SSPlays that you can check out.


PC Gamer Actively Chose To Ignore Corruption

The AMA from PC Gamer was quite telling. The staff made it known that any of the corruption brought up by #GamerGate wasn’t worth discussing because they had already made up their mind that they weren’t going to be reporting on the corruption. Kadokawa Games have announced that RPG Maker Fes is set to launch on the Nintendo 3DS, giving handheld gamers an opportunity to make their own JRPGs. Planet Explorers, one of the more celebrated planet colonization games has graduated from Early Access. And Spanish politicians want to make memes illegal… yes, they want to start a war on memes.


GamesIndustry Goes After Gamers For Trump Winning Presidency

The left are salty… really salty after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. The news has sent ripple waves through the Marxist community and now sites like GamesIndustry.biz are out attacking gamers and #GamerGate for Trump becoming POTUS. The PS4 Pro isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, having a difficult time maintaining 60fps at a sub-4K ultra HD resolution of 3200 x 1800. The off-color resolution still wasn’t enough to allow the PS4 Pro to hit 60fps in strides. The NES Classic Edition managed to sell out instantly at retailers across the nation, from GameStop to Target to Best Buy to Amazon… in a matter of minutes. And a new PC karting game similar to Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart called The Karters is set to launch in early 2017.

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