Weekly Recap Nov 19th: Watch Dogs 2 Vaginas And Overwatch Going Gay
(Last Updated On: November 19, 2016)

Nothing special really happened this week, unless you count Kotaku being unethical as special. What did happen was a few news stories broke out that got a lot of people chatting, such as Ubisoft removing hooker vaginas from Watch Dogs 2, and Blizzard revealing that they will focus future stories for Overwatch on characters coming out as gay.

Geoff Keighley also discussed the Dorito Pope and DoritosGate scandal from way back in 2012 and how gamers view corruption within the industry and the lack of transparency that fosters that skepticism. These stories and more in this November 19th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Demos Galore

Two new demos have gone live for Silence and the game Witnalore: Dreamtime. Both games are due to launch soon and the developers are looking to tease games with a small taste of gameplay. Need a little Batfleck action in your GTA V? Well, there’s a Ben Affleck mod available for you. And Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 will first be playable on the PS4 at this year’s PlayStation Experience.


Vaginas Get Removed From Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft had to remove vaginas from Watch Dogs 2 after Sony banned a PS4 user for a month for sharing a photo from the game featuring a hooker wearing crotchless panties, her legs spread wide open after she got blown up in an alley. Furi is set to make the leap from the PS4 and PC to the Xbox One during the first week of December. And speaking of December releases, Super Mario Run will be released on December 15th. And well over half the internet’s population is subjected to summary governmental censorship.

Multiple Overwatch Characters Will Come Out As Gay

If you really feel as if your fun factors of a game are tied to the sexual orientations of the fictional characters, then you’re going to likely have a fungasm with the announcement that Blizzard will be making multiple Overwatch characters come out as gay. Atlus announced that Persona 5 has been delayed but in doing so they also announced that the Japanese voiceovers would be included in the game… for free! Dual audio for the win. CCP has launched the free version of EVE Online, but it comes with a few restrictions. There’s a new World War II arcade flight sim on the way called Iron Wings. And Nutaku is giving away $10 million to help developers add more nudity and sexy-time to their games, turning them into true NSFW spectacles.


The Dorito Pope Accepts Being Deigned Archdiocese Of Journalism

Geoff Keighley has acknowledged, accepted and finally talked about his title of being the Dorito Pope, following the DoritosGate fiasco. The admission of ascension came during an interview with Funhaus where Keighley was on the podcast to promote the upcoming 2016 Game Awards. A new Western-themed sandbox game called Sunset Rangers is set to arrive on Steam soon. Electronic Arts has made it known that contracts with content creators now includes mandatory disclosure policies following some lapse in ethics during the XB1M13 campaign a few years back. Kotaku had to issue an apology and correction on an article where they attributed fraudulent behavior to a YouTuber over a Nintendo Switch video that turned out to not be true at all. And gamers are being warned away from renting a server for Battlefield 1 due to tons of missing features.


Comic Books Get Hit By Regressive McCarthyism

A lot of people who know anything about comic books probably witnessed the rise of Social Justice Warriors taking over the industry. Sales have tanked and the stories have become crap. But even more than that is the fact that there’s a blacklist going around for comic book creators who cross the wrong kind of people espousing Social Justice issues. The open beta for Steep is underway right now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Dishonored 2 will be updated with a new free update in December that features the New Game+. And Killing Floor 2 has officially launched for PS4 and PC this week.

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  • Fear Me I Am Free

    So if I pick a straight character, will my bullets fly straighter? Frankly this is fucking stupid. If they had mentioned in their already established backstories that “hey, this guy likes penis or this girl likes pussy.” then whatever, but waiting months and months after the game’s release just comes off as hamfisting for no other reason than to just look “progressive”.

    • C G Saturation

      A friend was telling me that Blizzard has been lifting stuff directly from Tumblr because they suck too much to make it themselves.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        Now a days, I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean that’s where the comic industry has gotten all their trash writers and artist that they use now.

        • Didn’t work out too well for Mocking Bird.

    • ForsakenEagle

      It does seem like a calculated effort. Release game with interesting characters, let people become attached to those characters for a few months, drop social justice bomb on them then go “SEE! YOU LIKE OUR (suddenly) GAY CHARACTERS THEREFORE SOCIAL JUSTICE IS RIGHT!!”

      Honestly, between this and ex-boyfriend dummies in WoW (and just the existence of WoW in general), Blizzard has gone full retard.

  • C G Saturation

    Apparently, Farcebook is developing tools to fight itself.

    • C G Saturation

      I was just looking at this article about the woman who made the “fake news list” that’s been floating around the net. She is a professor of “fatness”. You know the world is screwed when that’s a real thing.

      According to her Tweets, she justifes her lies by linking to known fake news propaganda sites like Vox. SJWs seem to only be capable of using proven liars like the Huffingpaint Post to justify their madness. Hugboxes of delusion.

      • Going from how Vox pushed the GamerGate “hate campaign” bullshit, you just know the assholes will flag One Angry Gamer as “fake news”.

        Yeah I’ve been thinking about that. I checked the list to see if we made it, but we aren’t on there… yet. I’m curious what story they would pick out to call fake? Some of the sites they considered fake were basically just right wing, so it’s definitely politically motivated.

        • C G Saturation

          Probably anyone who points out the kid raping or Hillary corruption/cheating, for starters. Those are the ones that so many people find difficult to believe. I’m even seeing people saying Obama has never done anything wrong.

          If they went straight for protecting SJWs (ie. pushing Soros agenda) they’d probably upset a lot of people who wouldn’t believe it for a second.

          I’m sure they’re still working on expanding their list. I think it says a lot that they are literally making a list to tell people “don’t go to these sites!”

          • Probably anyone who points out the kid raping or Hillary corruption/cheating, for starters. Those are the ones that so many people find difficult to believe.

            It baffles me how there are still people calling the Project Veritas videos fake. Speaking of which, they made the list. So yeah, I’m sure they would likely nail us on one of those topics.

            The scary part is that they plan on using this “fake news” list (not hers specifically but one like it) in order to cull outlets from showing up frequently in search engines regarding certain topics. It’s obvious their next step is literally to shape the news based on censoring any outlet that doesn’t get into lock-step with their narrative.