Weekly Recap Nov 5th: FBI Was Stopped By DOJ From Investigating Clinton Foundation

News this week was both comforting and upsetting. It was nice to know that the FBI is looking back into the Clinton campaign and some of the e-mail servers, but it’s disappointing to know that the corruption hinted at in the Wikileaks e-mails taking place at the Clinton Foundation that should have led to an investigation from the FBI was blocked by the Department of Justice.

Later in the week we had vindication in some small degree when Rolling Stone Magazine was sued successfully for $7.5 million, forcing them to pay comeuppance for their lies, but equally disappointing to find out that Rock, Paper, Shotgun and other outlets have been attacking RimWorld based on an unfinished piece of Early Access alpha code regarding gender roles and romance. These stories and more in this November 5th, 2016 edition of the Weekly Recap.

South Korean Government Implicated In Anime-Style Conspiracy Plot

There are eight goddesses apparently controlling the ruling South Korean government. The whole thing is so absurd that it’s been making waves even across the pond. This isn’t new news for Korean anons on the chan boards, though. They’ve known about this conspiracy for years, and are now grinning from ear to ear now that the news has reached mainstream and thousands of South Koreans are asking their female President to step down. Censorship has struck Japan, with Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization getting a bathhouse scene censored after it was already rated by the ratings board. A cool new game called When They Won’t Stay Dead is gaining a lot of traction on Steam Greenlight for being a completely different take on zombie-survival and visual novels. Windows 10 recently was updated with a new offline mode, but there’s a catch… you have to be online to use it. And games journalists are the real anti-consumer group, not so much Bethesda when it comes to their new review policy and it’s due to a history of games journalism corruption.

FBI Was Stopped By DOJ From Investigating Clinton Foundation

The FBI was asked to stop investigating Hillary Clinton’s Foundation by the Department of Justice. The crazy thing about it is that Wikileaks e-mails from Podesta featured a Huffington Post contributor warning Podesta and the Clinton campaign needed to clean up the corruption of the Clinton Foundation. Brutal Doom 64 has been released as a total conversion mod for Doom II and it’s available for download right now. Cyan updated their first-person puzzle game Obduction with VR support. THQ Nordic is rebuilding their brand by acquiring NovaLogic, and they’re bringing back some of those classic military sims.


Wii U Production Comes To An End?

Nintendo has reportedly brought a cessation to the production of the Wii U, ending the little console’s four year run on the market. The news wasn’t something that made its way onto the interwebs due to the Big ‘N’ but due to various other sources. On November 4th the Wii U’s production was brought to its conclusion. Valve has made a pretty big change to the Steam store, forcing developers to use actual in-game screenshots instead of relying on concept art and cinematic stills. The SPJ has chimed in on Gizmodo’s hit-piece targeting Palmer Luckey and his girlfriend, and even the acting president of the SPJ had to agree that it was pretty unethical for them to fillet Luckey’s girlfriend. And the cool 1970’s themed sci-fi horror game Routine is due for release in March of 2017.


New York Times, Wall Street Journal Layoff Tons Of Staff

Piss poor sales and a barely there print front has driven both the Wall Street Journal and New York Times to lay off large portions of their staff. New gaming gear from Fnatic is on the way, featuring a new open or closed ear-cup headset and a new gaming mouse. Unity has announced that they will be supporting the Nintendo Switch right out of the gate with launch titles, and this comes on the heel of new AR and VR tools announced during Unite16. The celebrated sprite game, Owlboy, has launched for PC on Steam. And if you need help building an engine for your car in My Summer Car, there’s a guide for that.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Goes To The Gullet Of SimWorld

Rock, Paper, Shotgun took direct digs at the RimWorld developer to make arguments about gender politics that don’t actually exist in the game. The developer tried engaging but got attacked for it. Frank Cho and Milo Manara were celebrated at an event in Italy when Manara gave Cho a saucy picture and quite naturally a bunch of SJWs got salty over it. Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure is making the leap from the PC to the PS Vita. Niantic Labs have a new bonus setup for Pokemon Go, allowing gamers to earn some big bonuses by just playing the game.


Rolling Stone Charged $7.5 Million For Libel

Making up lies and trying to cost people their jobs is illegal. A libel suit against Rolling Stone over their defaming article aimed at the dean of the University of Virginia and the fraternity accused of gang-raping a girl cost the magazine $7.5 million when quick deliberations from the jury saw them easily siding with the dean, who was dragged through the mud over the fake rape story. The attacks on RimWorld continued as ThinkProgress targeted the developer and #GamerGate with blatant lies and now it’s spreading throughout the interwebs. The new game Dungeon Rats has officially launched on Steam and gamers seem to enjoy it. And there’s a Western release planned for the bouncy beat-’em-up Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash.


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