Wikileaks E-Mails Insinuate Clinton’s Role In Ron Brown, Vince Foster Deaths

E-mails discovered in Wikileaks’ database from their Global Intelligence Files dump from several years ago revealed interesting conversations between Sean Noonan and Matthew Powers from the shadow ops intelligence outfit, Strategic Forecasting. The company was oftentimes shortened to Stratfor. The e-mail exchange appears to insinuate Hillary and Bill Clinton as being involved with the deaths (or implied murders) of Ron Brown and Vince Foster.

The e-mail exchange on Wikileaks is dated as April 13th, 2010. Someone contacted Stratfor named Robert Rudisill from a downzero[at] account. Trying to bring up info on the address points to a Roadrunner e-mail server now operated by Time Warner Cable. Rudisill wrote to Stratfor about a Polish plane crash that had occurred recently during that time, saying…

“I’m eagerly waiting for your excellent analysis of the situation. While I’m sure Putin would have enjoyed using Polonium on all those Poles, the crash instead has the earmarks of Hillary’s method of disposing of an inconveniently talkative Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Perhaps someone has radio navigation aids data that could show the plane was drawn off course?”

Tactical intelligence officer for Strategic Forecasting, Sean Noonan, quipped “hillary killed ron brown? what about ron browz?” and links to the following video.

Noonan then forwarded the message to intelligence officer Matthew Powers, who sarcastically responded with the following message…

“I had never heard that, I thought Vince Foster was the only person the Clinton’s killed. How naive I was.”

The two joked some more before Powers dismisses it saying he forgot the details. This was actually preceded by another message from January 13th, 2008 when Rudisill sent an e-mail  to Strategic Forecasting about the Bhutto assassination article, which reads…

“You made several good points. You might have added that even when an autopsy is performed, a sufficiently powerful president who has the connivance of sympathetic media can gloss over a murder. See the deaths of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and presidential advisor Vince Foster.”

After the e-mails were recently brought back up to the forefront of discussion during the DNC leaks, a bunch of people began asking Stratfor about the e-mails, but just as the tweets surrounding this startling discovery started picking up steam Twitter started going down, as reported by The website was monitoring the status through Down Detector.

The theories about Clinton having Brown and Foster killed date back many years.

There’s no startling proof here just interesting conversations between people working for a company that provide intelligence ops for some of the largest government and corporate institutions on the planet.

Back on March 2nd, 2016 the Political Insider reported that new information revealed possible links to Clinton having Vince Foster, a Deputy White House Council, killed back in 1993. Apparently there were indications in prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez’s resignation and memo about Foster pointing to injuries around his neck that were not thoroughly looked into by investigators. Rodriguez also pointed out that there were two gun shot wounds to Foster, one in the head and one in the neck by a .38 caliber pistol.

At the time his death was ruled a suicide, but theories floated around that Foster was too close to Clinton, knew about some of their private affairs and even had an affair with the First Lady, and thus had to be offed.

The stories involving the affair between Clinton and Foster were recently corroborated by a “Fixer” who appeared on Sean Hannity’s show, backing up a lot of what was mentioned in the Political Insider piece, as reported by WND on October 24th, 2016.

Weekly Standard also threw out the conspiracies surrounding Foster’s death in a report they did back on May 24th, 2016. However, in attempting to hand wave away the conspiracies, they went into detail regarding his relationship with the Clintons, mentioning the many instances of Foster covering for Bill Clinton and various sexual escapades that took place under the Clinton administration that Foster helped cover-up.

As for Ron Brown, the former Commerce Secretary for the Clinton administration, a November 14th, 1996 report from CNN indicated that Brown was under investigation for corruption shortly before his death aboard U.S. Air Force CT-43, which crashed in Croatia, killing all the passengers. Following his death, the corruption probe was closed.

Wikileaks originally released the e-mails three years ago back in 2013, but a lot of people overlooked the set of e-mails regarding Clinton and Strategic Forecasting. However, due to the scrutiny of the Clinton campaign during this year’s election — including the lawsuit against the Attorney General for having a secret meeting with Bill Clinton during the e-mail server scandal, as reported by the Daily Mail — the e-mails were brought up front and center during the latest dump regarding the Democratic National Committee.


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