Zone 4: Fight District Launches On Steam, But The Lag Ruins It For Some

Infovine revived the old MMO fighting game that OGPlanet rolled out for PC in South Korea and North America back in 2010. Six years on and the game features new content, new modes and more gameplay options than ever before. After taking Zone 4 through the grueling process of Steam Greenlight, they managed to launch on the Steam store recently.

There’s a few major problems standing in the way of the game, though: lag, pay-to-win rich kids, and cheaters.

Two of those problems are functionality issues severely limiting how people engage with the game. The lag is brought up frequently by some players who mention that it’s not just common lag but input lag.

Tatsuya Hiroki explains that playing in Europe makes it almost impossible to enjoy the game, writing…

“As much as the game has a good/fun premise, there is one giant elephant in the room that ultimately ruins the experience for me: the lag, more precisely the godawful input lag this seems to have for almost everybody playing from Europe.”

Scrub Tricks was a heck of a lot more harsh about the game, after putting in three hours of game time, writing…

“I have no idea where to being. It lags, the movement style is trash, trying to pvp against someone who dumped 50 dollars into the game is impossible, it’s loaded with cheaters, bots spam chat non-stop, the fighting is one combo, and last but defiantly not least – the game is trash. That is all.”

Part of the problem is that some users pointed out that the netcode is old. Whether or not it’s the same cold from more than half a decade ago isn’t clarified, but old netcode with international hosting usually results in a bad mix.

Others like alch also pointed similar problems as well, writing…

“the latency made me want to throw my pc into the asian seas to never return. pvp is a joke and it’s nothing but button-mashing until you get lucky and land a punch. also the game tosses you in the town full of afk sellers and no instructions on what to do. “

Keep in mind that the game currently has a mixed rating on Steam. It’s not all hate and bad tidings for people downloading, booting up and logging into the game.

Some people genuinely enjoy the combat, the multiplayer free-for-alls and the isometric gameplay. However, even people who do like the game have complained about the lag and netcode.

The developers recently released a patch to fix some bugs and implement some options, but they did not touch the netcode… yet. Commenters on the patching news continued to ask Infovine to address the latency issues as soon as possible.

Hopefully, for the people who want to check the game out will be able to do so once the lag issue is resolved. Until then, Zone 4: Fight District is available to play for free over on the Steam store, but you may have to fight through input latency delays and some cheaters and botters in order to enjoy the game.


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