Alien: Covenant Trailer Revels In Sex, Gore And Science Fiction

Foreign alien worlds? Check. Sensual sex scene with a gory twist? Check. Xenomoprh bursting out of a guy’s back? Check. Sounds like a rocking good time for an aliens flick.

The general theme of the Alien: Covenant trailer feels more like the producers are saying “Here’s a throwback to a classic movie theme” rather than the trailer attempting to tell something new, original, unique or groundbreaking. If you were hoping for further explanations of the Engineers, you’re in for an awful surprise, as they seem to be pushed to the back burner for yet another kill-off team exploration crew on a seemingly doomed mission. Or at least that’s how the movie is portrayed in the rather nihilistic trailer that Fox recently pumped out. You can check it out below.

It doesn’t look anywhere near as taut as Prometheus, but maybe another trailer will make it feel a lot less contrived. The shower sex scene with the alien hinting at double penetration was hilarious, but also fits into the box of also feeling contrived. I was trying to think of a situation where a full grown-arse alien has burst out of somebody and yet two crew mates decide to run off together and sexy it up in the shower?

To the credit of the first two Alien films and Prometheus, they aimed to keep a lot of deaths within reasonable context, and opted for intellectual escalation, so the risks and the deaths made sense. Various characters seemed to bite the dust in the trailer above, but it was impossible to tell how far into the movie they took place due to the way the trailer was edited… and that’s not a very good thing.

Some fans of Aliens may not like this comparison I’m about to make… but based on the trailer above I was getting more vibes of Leviathan and Deep Space Six more than I was Aliens. That’s just me, though.

Anyway, Ridley Scott’s full-on return to the Xenomorph saga will take place in theaters starting May, 2017.