Allods Online Adds New Aoidos Race With Immortality Expansion

The eighth playable race to make their appearance in’s Allods Online is the Aoidos, a race of immortals who face extinction at the hands of a separatist order. The Aoidos are also part of the all new Immortality expansion pack for Allods Online, which sees gamers venturing to an all new set of allods and exploring a new adventure amongst the astral stars.

They don’t go into much detail about the expansion in the press release, but they do have a trailer that’s very well put together, which highlights the new allods, the new race, the new bosses and some of the new villains that players will face off against. You can check out the trailer below.

I’m amazed this game is still alive. Gpotato had it at one point but a lot of gouging on the cash shop led to a major exodus.

Russian developers Astrum Nival put in a lot of time and effort into the game, around $10 million to produce it, and it turned out to be one of the best MMOs I’ve ever played. It was rich with a tapestry of unique lore taken from the various historical sub-cultures of Russia. There was a tinge of World War II in there, a bit of gypsy mysticism and the country’s under-publicized horticulture.

What really made Allods Online stand out above and beyond other MMOs was the astral travel. After a certain level, nearly half way through the game, players could either buy an astral ship from the cash shop or go through an in-game grind and have one built over the course of several real life months.

The astral ship travel was unlike anything else out there on the market, giving gamers an opportunity to gather together a crew of fellow players and traveling into the great beyond in the flying ship. Players could deck out their ship with cannons, and other customization features, and even loot new parts and customizable items by raiding allods and defeating allod bosses. The cannon gameplay was cool because it turned into a FPS, basically, as players would have to battle astral demons on their way to a specific destination. You can see what the astral ship battles were like with the video below from Youtube user eminencehq.

Astral ship battles were also pretty cool because you could jump over to the opposing ship and attempt to sabotage their core, or even steal the treasure and loot from their treasure room. It was a really, really cool experience and it’s a shame there are no other MMOs or single-player games out there remotely like Allods Online.

Anyway, you can play the alternate version of the game offered up from by visiting the official Allods Online website.


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