2011 Breitbart Tweets Implicated Podesta In PizzaGate Scandal
(Last Updated On: December 1, 2016)

Back in 2011 Andrew Breitbart – before his untimely death – posted up tweets regarding John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. What were the tweets about? Well, they were in relation to child sex rings, the current choice topic that has taken the internet by storm in the form of PizzaGate.

The PizzaGate subject matter is currently banned from Reddit and Twitter. The censorship has become so apparent and blatant that people attempting to expose pedophile rings are being banned on Twitter for doing so.

Well, in their endless search for more information, the PizzaGate citizen journalists have happened upon age-old tweets from former Breitbart founder, Andrew Breitbart. The tweets in question can be viewed below.

The tweets were posted on February 2nd and February 4th, 2011.

The interesting part about it is that Breitbart was almost prophetic. Media Matters For America has regularly been running counter-op articles to discredit any of the negative news about Hillary Clinton, including attempting to denigrate the Wikileaks Podesta e-mails.

Podesta had setup space for Media Matters to operate and it was founded by David Brock, the former lover of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis.

There definitely seems to be a circle of names that just keep popping up in relation to PizzaGate, namely John Podesta, Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis.

Some media reports have completely dismissed the information from the Wikileaks e-mails as being little more than “wild” conspiracy theories. However, the French version of RT recently published an article on November 30th, 2016 highlighting the coincidental tweets from Andrew Breitbart back in 2011 that ties into the current conspiracy that has been circulating about pedophilia rings operating in the deepest circles of Washington’s elites.

Over on the Conspiracy sub-Reddit they’ve been toying with the idea that Andrew Breitbart may have been murdered for linking Podesta to pedophilia rings, but there is no evidence to suggest that is the actual case. However, some individuals on the The_Donald sub-Reddit did find it disturbing that another individual, Monica Petersen, investigating the Clinton Foundation to ties of sex trafficking in Haiti did turn up dead recently, however her death is still a mystery as to the cause and how it happened.

So far there are a lot of mysterious deaths, odd coincides and strange ties that deserve a full investigation. It all started when people began scouring the Podesta e-mails and thought it odd that the topic of pizza, pasta and walnut sauce kept popping up, including a nonsensical conversation involving John Podesta losing a map of “pizza” that he had on a handkerchief. Some people who investigated pedophilia rings began tying the words to child porn codewords and felt as if the e-mails may have been coded messages, in which case the context of the messages make a lot more sense.

However, the media has been quick to dismiss all the claims and have repeatedly tried getting people to stop investigating in Pizzagate, with the New York Times and Washington Post trying desperately to snuff out the conversation on the topic.

Many parents are concerned, however, that perhaps something more insidious may be happening involving young children and have been imploring the proper authorities to investigate.

In the meantime citizen investigators have been collaborating, collecting and sharing information on the PizzaGate hub on Voat.

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  • Brendan Tnias

    “UPDATE: Prominent AFP Clinton Researcher Found Dead | American …”
    That article from AUgust 01, 2016 referred to Victor Thorn, [a writer for the American Free Press [AFP] & a long time critic of both Clintons who had written a few books exposing their misdeeds,]– supposedly, suddenly suicided right in the midst of his favorite arch-enemy-of- the- people is out to become President? Not likely. Especially if there were already hints of this pedophile-ring-scandal in
    Wash.D.C. I think Mr. Thorn would have been chomping at the bit, and would have put off any notion of suicide until there were no Clinton -associated scandals left unearthed.

  • C G Saturation

    The fact that your comment is filled with insults and absolutely zero actual argument proves that YOU are duuuuuumb. Protip: if you want to snuff a topic, provide legitimate facts and evidence. Don’t hurl insults and labels blindly like the mainstream media is doing.

    You seriously think actual, trained law enforcement have the power to take down people above them? There is such a thing as “jurisdiction”.

    The whole reason PizzaGate blew up is because people in law enforcement got their investigations shut down by higher-ups (who have continued to sit on the evidence with zero action), so they had no option but to leak shit to the public. There are some things in this world that require mass public outrage for anything to happen. If you knew anything about human history, you would know this.

    It’s obvious you’re already living in the woods because you’re not aware of how many times the media and powerful people have already been caught abusing children. Or perhaps you’re just denying it.

    In reality, assholes who want to break the law and get away with it often aim to get into positions where they are less likely to get prosecuted, such as government, high priesthood, etc. It’s obvious.

    It just so happens we live in a time where corruption is so widespread that the feds are filled with these kinds of assholes. You’d have to be naive as shit to think that doesn’t happen. Because it already has happened, many, many times. Look it up.

    Either you’re a shill or an unfeeling piece of shit who doesn’t give a damn if innocent people are actually having their lives ruined or not. If this all turns out to be true, are you going to take responsibility for all the dead kids? Because I’m not.

    • redman76

      Agreed, this is why the FBI investigation was re-opened.

      • C G Saturation

        Dunno if true, but it seems the NYPD discovered stuff and the FBI swooped down and took jurisdiction, confiscated the evidence and made them keep quiet.

        I’ve also heard FBI chief Comey has been a close friend of the Clintons for a long time, so it’s not surprising that the FBI investigations are being tied up.

  • C G Saturation

    Did you see that shit going down at Comet Pizza right now?

    If I heard right, someone moved a traffic camera pointing at the place just a day or so ago, so that you can’t see anything anymore, and then today a guy with an assault rifle walks into the store and lets himself get arrested. They’re saying a bomb squad is going to do a sweep of the place.

    My take: they already cleaned up all evidence and walled off the basement. They’ve had plenty of time to dispose of the hard evidence. Now they are creating third party witnesses by getting the bomb squad to sweep the place. They can then say “look, there’s nothing suspicious here, there was even a bomb sweep, and they didn’t find a basement”… because they already covered it up. Pretty sure I’ve seen similar stories in fiction before.

    At the same time, they can use the incident to further demonize anyone discussing this stuff. They’re trying to associate legitimate concern with violent terrorist behavior. Same old typical tactics. To be fair, no reason to change tactics because so many people still fall for it, hook line and sinker.

  • redman76

    Sounds like the reply of a pedo.

    • C G Saturation

      Or a mass murderer. Or both.

  • The topic is trying to be snuffed because there is NOTHING there and innocent pizza peddlers are being harassed to no end

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. If there’s nothing there then let people talk about it and then let it fade away. That’s how ALL conspiracy theories work.

    Could you imagine if a bunch of mainstream media platforms endlessly posted up articles trying to “debunk” aliens every other day? Do you have any idea how ridiculous that is? All because maybe some nuts may have harassed people about the existence of aliens.

    What’s even more ridiculous are social media networks widespread banning people who expose pedophiles and pedophile rings, and then completely censor the discussion around the conspiracy about these rings. Please, good sir, explain to me how there’s nothing there yet everyone in power seems to want to censor a discussion about “nothing”?

    Let a man call a fool a fool and he’ll do so foolishly, but true foolishness is barring a man from calling a fool a fool.

    • C G Saturation

      This. So much this.

      It’s obviously not about harassment either, because the mainstream and social media sites clearly don’t give a flying f**k about other people getting harassed. Double standards everywhere. That’s why they are suspicious as hell.

  • Knotty Foxie Boy

    Whatever happened to rape culture and how even false accusations are actually good because they raise the topic into a national conversation.

    They really suck at this game.

    • Ahaha… that’s a good point and an interesting comparison. Back when the UVA was making the rounds even when it was debunked they said it should “continue the conversation” about rape on campus and that it was also a “conversation starter” regarding rape culture. Yet here we have lots of mounting, suspicious circumstances involving someone in power (on the left) and their whole motif is centered around censorship and shutting down the conversation.

      • C G Saturation

        It’s also weird how they keep using the exact same tactics, because they clearly worked so well for President Hillary.

  • Louie R

    This is the biggest story out there. The MSM is trying to sweep it under the rug but the problem is that there is mounds of dirt on these powerful elites that are involved. Don’t let this story die down and make it known to everyone. Start putting out #pizzagate bumper stickers on your cars. Let the public know what pizzagate is about.

    • Sadly the MSM is saying that #PizzaGate is just being peddled by “Trump trolls”. The Gawker sites (now under Univision) have been peddling the “fake news” narrative, that any site that isn’t claiming #PizzaGate is fake is part of the “fake news” initiative funded by the Russians and supported by Donald Trump’s supposedly white supremacist Alt-Right campaign.

      The more I think about it, the MSM’s fabricated story about all of this sounds even more bizarre than #Pizzagate does.

      • C G Saturation

        Their narratives haven’t made much sense for a long time now. They only work on people who don’t know much about reality (eg. liberals, millennials).

        First GamerGate, then Trump, and now PizzaGate. The assholes have been coming out of the woodwork to expose themselves. Many of the people who pledged undying support to Hillary and her corrupt foundation seem to have links to satanic pedo stuff.

        It makes you see the world in a different light. When you do stuff like watch Star Trek or hear Mark Hamill’s Joker, and you remember how far they went to express hating Trump and loving Hillary, you’ll now naturally wonder if they also rape and murder little kids in the safety of their favorite pizza shops.

        It’s not far-fetched, either. Apparently, people have been complaining about Hollywood pedo rings for years.

        • Goofball

          Is there any evidence? Or is it all just Reddit posts (that won’t stand up in court)

          • C G Saturation

            I don’t know what you mean by “just Reddit posts”. I’m sure there are cases where Reddit posts can stand up in court, like that idiot Clinton tech guy StoneTear, who asked Reddit how to delete evidence, and the UK jailing people for saying stuff online. Although Spez’s recent stealth editing puts a lot of that into question.

            In regards to PizzaGate, Reddit was just a place people discussed the evidence. There is tons of evidence from multiple sources (suspicious deaths, photographs, money trails, strange connections, strange behavior, leaked mails, etc) that very strongly suggest there is shady shit happening.

            I’ve been trying to poke holes in PizzaGate to break it, but it is pretty solid. For example, there was suspicion that the “identifiable pedo symbols” posted by a supposed FBI anon may have been false, but it turns out Daily Mail also reported on them a long time ago.

            Like this, lots of the evidence isn’t just one questionable source, but unintentionally backed up by many independent unconnected third parties over the years, like many puzzle pieces suddenly fitting together.

            Where there is smoke, there is fire. Good investigators don’t believe in coincidences. If any of us did similar shit we would absolutely without a doubt be under investigation or already arrested.

            Anyway, the courts are literally controlled by these same people, so I wouldn’t expect them to do anything.

            Like I’ve been saying, powerful people have been doing this shit for centuries. They were more open about it before, until everyone else complained. There’s no reason to believe they aren’t still doing nasty shit privately. They have the money, power, resources and influence.

            If anything, it’s probably become easier to cover shit up than ever before, largely in thanks to the advent of the digital age and its severe lack of proper oversight. It’s currently very easy to spread misinformation, conceal facts, and influence public opinion.

            Humans have proven many times that they will do nasty shit as long as they know they can get away with it. It becomes a “conspiracy” because people naturally find others with similar interests and goals, and work together with them. It’s not an unbelievable phenomenon.

  • C G Saturation

    Thanks for the writeup, as always. This is something true journalists should be covering, because the mainstream media fake news propagandists certainly aren’t. They already decided it’s fake without even looking into it.

    I thought this Voat thread was particularly entertaining:
    “If #Pizzagate is not real, then we have to believe that:”

  • thelight022

    This is blowing up.

    • C G Saturation

      You know what would be amazing and really blow things up? If someone used Unreal Engine 4 VR to make a horror escape game based on what we know and have seen of this. Just use the existing imagery as-is, it’s already terrifying and creepy.

      I’ve been thinking that all this stuff puts Life is Strange (and its source inspiration) into perspective. Life is stranger than fiction, indeed. It’s a shame we can’t rewind time like Max.

  • Alistair

    The “theory” being REGRESSION SJWs does not exist and Antia is not our queen 👸

    Wake up & smell the coffee, Regressions idiots. It because of your self loathing & in your own little dream world.

    That your bullshit spreads.

    • C G Saturation

      They are smelling their Starcucks coffee.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    Meanwhile moronic SJWs keep calling Pizzagate “conspiracy theory”.

    • C G Saturation

      cuz mah “real news” sed so!

    • Goofball

      what is it then?

      • C G Saturation

        “Conspiracy theory” is a term used by the mainstream to debunk stuff. A conspiracy is essentially just multiple people working together, usually while concealing it from others. In reality, this happens all the time, every day, everywhere.

        The “theory” part is just people discussing possibilities. Nothing wrong with theorizing. It only becomes a problem when you act on unfounded theories and cause trouble.

        At this point, PizzaGate is much more than just a theory. People are talking about it because the undeniable evidence from multiple sources of blatant suspicious behavior reeks to high hell. Of course there isn’t going to be hard evidence to easily convict, because they’re not that stupid.

        The impression I get of OneAngryGamer is Billy won’t cover stuff unless it’s tangible enough. He likes to research and verify information, reach out to multiple sources from multiple perspectives, etc. He wouldn’t write about PizzaGate here if it didn’t have weight to it.

        Think of it this way: if it’s really a non-story, why don’t mainstream media “journalists” and law enforcement do a proper investigation and prove everyone wrong? It’s easy to debunk nonsense theories by using facts. Instead, they try to shut down any discussion, without addressing any of the evidence. At all. That in itself speaks volumes.

        Ridiculing and dismissing is not a valid argument. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t prove someone wrong by character assassination. It’s a common deflection tactic – make someone look bad so nobody listens to what they’re saying, even if it’s true.

        That they’re using deflection tactics means they’re hiding something. The general behavior surrounding this stuff gives the same impression of hiding something. You’d think that if those people really did care about the possibility of kids being abused, traded, murdered, they would get angry and want to look into it. But they don’t.

        It’s even more suspicious because the same people who smeared GamerGate and Trump, using the exact same tactics, are clearly involved in this as well. Many of them have already been convicted or busted doing terrible things, or are closely associated with people who have been.

        As far as I’m concerned, I’m already certain the elites are doing nasty shit in private. It’s just interesting to see history unfold, and whether people have become so gullible as to blindly trust the fox guarding the henhouse.

        I’d also like to see justice smack down these assholes for ruining so many innocent lives, to prove to me that the world isn’t a shit place. But I really doubt that will happen in my lifetime, if ever.

        • Goofball

          I appreciate your thoughtful posts. so my question would be, where do I go if I want to find the truth about something like this? I don’t want to trust anonymous posters on message boards – any accusation of child abuse has to be taken seriously by authorities. Surely that means there’s some kind of well-researched material I could review?
          FYI I’m an ‘elite’. Yes, one who has enough time to post on here as well for fun. That’s if we’re measuring ‘elites’ in terms of how many $millions we have…if you’re talking about those in political power, that’s a whole different group from mine. So while we do have excessive lives…everyone I know would shun / exile / report / disown people as vile as the ones being described here in this pizza thing.

          • C G Saturation

            Of course not all “elites” are doing bad stuff, or I would hope they aren’t. I was thinking more along the lines of people who have power to do stuff and consider themselves above others, don’t value the lives of those below them, etc. There isn’t really a specific word for that, so I apologize if I sounded like I was generalizing.

            There’s no easy way to know the truth for anything, I think. Even within PizzaGate discussion, a lot of shills are planting false information, and there are also some “crazy conspiracy theorist” types who jump to conclusions. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you were a shill or not. There’s an obvious active effort to discredit legitimate concerns.

            I don’t think there’s a good source for this right now. It’s still early and developing. Not much we can do but read the sites linked in this article. There’s an increasing number of people around the world making videos and articles covering the primary points, but I personally haven’t looked at those.

            I’ve been following it piece by piece as it comes in. I look at what people are talking about, check out stuff they’ve found, and how others are reacting to those people’s findings. They don’t just believe whatever’s said, they’re trying to vet information and stick to the facts. I have to decide for myself whether it’s legitimate information or not. I mostly just file it away in my memory as a possibility.

            People have dug up a lot of witness reports and past incidents of child abuse (some at pizza places), child abuse perpetrated by political elite, child protection agencies, etc. The witness reports and other seemingly unconnected incidents often weren’t taken seriously before, but recent revelations have brought them into the spotlight. Lots of past precedents.

            It’s a scandal of epic proportions. I am pretty certain most authorities are involved in some way, so I wouldn’t look to them for information. From what I’ve gathered, this is corruption on an immense worldwide scale, and a lot of very powerful players are involved. People have to stay anonymous because there literally are a lot of suspicious deaths directly tied to these things. I’m just observing because quite frankly I don’t want to get involved and “suicided”.

            At the same time, a lot of these people are the same ones responsible for stuff like the SJW/globalist agenda that are tearing apart our everyday lives by sowing distrust, hatred, etc. So I would like to see something done about those people. But I don’t expect (can’t imagine) anything good happening because there are so many of them and they are really very powerful.

            Sorry if I’m not being much help. A little sleep deprived right now. I do hope you’re able to get on the right track.

          • Goofball

            you don’t sound sleep deprived – you laid out an interesting process there…as such, I will now keep an open mind about this and not summarily dismiss it as I had before. nicely done – it’s rare that anyone can convince anyone to look beyond their own opinion these days, and you pulled it off!

          • Cap’n Catpants

            Thank you. I know I end up writing way too much that could probably be summarised briefly, so I don’t have any confidence in convincing others. I haven’t been able to sleep well in years, it sucks :/

            I think it’s very suspicious when the mainstream media eagerly jumps the gun to ridicule stuff as “fake” without ever explaining why.

            Here are some of the more tangible key points, off the top of my head. I may have gotten some minor details incorrect or forgotten them entirely, but here’s the gist of it:

            * Podesta leaked mails:
            Contains lots of strange food references that are blatantly out of context. Various connections between the suspects revealed. I think that includes the satanism stuff, Comet Pizza, etc. There were also allusions to stuff like “torture chamber”, if I recall correctly.

            The mails are dismissed as false by left supporters, but as far as I know, Podesta and the Democrat party never said they were fake. They only tried to imply that they may be fake. Hillary herself directly referenced them during the debates, and people reportedly used passwords in the leaks to access private accounts. So they don’t seem to be fake.

            * Comet Pizza Instagram images:
            Posted by the owner of Comet Pizza, James Alefantis. He’s one of the top 50 most powerful people in Washington D.C. Lots of highly suspicious images depicting creepy stuff that no normal person would expect in a pizza shop. Also included photos of Obama, other “elites”, etc. I recall reading that Comet Pizza and all/most of the surrounding shops were all bought by the same person? for $0. George Soros apparently pumped money into Comet Pizza. There’s more suspicious stuff, like website login, links to bands with highly questionable themes and stuff like that.

            * Comet Pizza inspection:
            There was a guy (forgot his name) who inspected Comet Pizza as part of his job a while ago. He said something like they were doing shifty stuff there, and after that he got bullied and stalked by the media, etc. People have been trying to contact him, to no avail.

            * Past victim/witness testimonies:
            I forget the names now, but people found videos of two victims that managed to escape child pedo rings. The victims had never met each other, but it seems they both told the same stories of satanic abuse. There was also an Australian woman who said she was abused from a young age by the very top of the Australian government. All of these people were dismissed as crazy or lying. To be fair, there was a case of children who were found to be brainwashed by their mother to accuse their father of satanistic child abuse.

            * Past precedents:
            BBC and Jimmy Saville is the obvious one. Everyone knows Catholic priests are notorious for pedo stuff, too. Apparently, Hollywood is also well-known for having huge pedo rings. Australian 60 minutes did a long video report about rich elites who got busted for child abuse. I downloaded it, but haven’t gotten around to watching it. I also heard there were reports of various pizza shop employees involved in child abuse.

            Interestingly, one of the BBC guys who defended Saville became the head of the New York Times, which is mostly owned by Carlos Slim. Carlos Slim reportedly donates to the Clinton Foundation.

            * Pedo symbols:
            Leaked by a supposed FBI anon, but recently discovered to also have been reported by the Daily Mail long before any of this blew up. People have since discovered lots of pizza shops and child protection related agencies using the symbols or variations of. Reportedly, three pizza shops suddenly quietly changed their logo after that.

            * Clinton Foundation in Haiti:
            Clinton Foundation is known for messing around in Haiti. I read that Hillary’s first action in Haiti was covering for a women named Laura Silsby who apparently tried to kidnap a bunch of Haitian children. I’ve forgotten if there were other blatant Clinton Foundation links, but I heard FBI anon told everyone to focus on the Clinton Foundation.

            * Clinton Foundation connections to international governments:
            New Zealand, France, Norway, Australia and Germany were funneling huge amounts of taxpayer money into the Clinton Foundation. After Clinton lost to Trump, Norway and Australia ceased or greatly reduced donations, and at the same time, Norway reportedly arrested 50+ pedos in their government and other high places. Some of those countries are currently investigating why so much money was being given to the Cilntons.

            * Social media behavior:
            Reddit suddenly decided to shutdown the PizzaGate subreddit, claiming it wasn’t being managed well enough, despite the mods saying they were removing anything questionable immediately. There were reports that admins were unbanning people posting material that would get the subreddit banned.

            Twitter reportedly allows tens of thousands of accounts to post images of child abuse, but anyone who complained about that has reportedly been banned. Around that time, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey supposedly banned himself, and after his account came back up, people said many of his tweets were removed. People found vague connections between Dorsey and Clinton.

            * Mainstream media behavior:
            So far, they’ve just dismissed the entire thing as ridiculous fake alt-right fringe conspiracy theory and have completely failed to address any facts other than interviewing Alefantis who claimed he does not have a basement, despite stating in a previous interview that he does. People also looked up info on Comet Pizza and it’s listed as having two storeys, just like Buck’s Fishing next to it which also has a basement.

            * Comet Pizza Shooter incident:
            A day before the incident, a traffic camera pointing at Comet Pizza was mysteriously moved to point elsewhere, with the view mostly obscured. The next day, some guy supposedly carrying multiple weapons walked into Comet Pizza and supposedly shot the floor. The media is currently reporting that he was “investigating fake conspiracy” and shot the ground in an attempt to reveal a basement. The suspicious camera move makes this look more like a false flag.