2011 Breitbart Tweets Implicated Podesta In PizzaGate Scandal

Back in 2011 Andrew Breitbart – before his untimely death – posted up tweets regarding John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman. What were the tweets about? Well, they were in relation to child sex rings, the current choice topic that has taken the internet by storm in the form of PizzaGate.

The PizzaGate subject matter is currently banned from Reddit and Twitter. The censorship has become so apparent and blatant that people attempting to expose pedophile rings are being banned on Twitter for doing so.

Well, in their endless search for more information, the PizzaGate citizen journalists have happened upon age-old tweets from former Breitbart founder, Andrew Breitbart. The tweets in question can be viewed below.

The tweets were posted on February 2nd and February 4th, 2011.

The interesting part about it is that Breitbart was almost prophetic. Media Matters For America has regularly been running counter-op articles to discredit any of the negative news about Hillary Clinton, including attempting to denigrate the Wikileaks Podesta e-mails.

Podesta had setup space for Media Matters to operate and it was founded by David Brock, the former lover of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis.

There definitely seems to be a circle of names that just keep popping up in relation to PizzaGate, namely John Podesta, Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis.

Some media reports have completely dismissed the information from the Wikileaks e-mails as being little more than “wild” conspiracy theories. However, the French version of RT recently published an article on November 30th, 2016 highlighting the coincidental tweets from Andrew Breitbart back in 2011 that ties into the current conspiracy that has been circulating about pedophilia rings operating in the deepest circles of Washington’s elites.

Over on the Conspiracy sub-Reddit they’ve been toying with the idea that Andrew Breitbart may have been murdered for linking Podesta to pedophilia rings, but there is no evidence to suggest that is the actual case. However, some individuals on the The_Donald sub-Reddit did find it disturbing that another individual, Monica Petersen, investigating the Clinton Foundation to ties of sex trafficking in Haiti did turn up dead recently, however her death is still a mystery as to the cause and how it happened.

So far there are a lot of mysterious deaths, odd coincides and strange ties that deserve a full investigation. It all started when people began scouring the Podesta e-mails and thought it odd that the topic of pizza, pasta and walnut sauce kept popping up, including a nonsensical conversation involving John Podesta losing a map of “pizza” that he had on a handkerchief. Some people who investigated pedophilia rings began tying the words to child porn codewords and felt as if the e-mails may have been coded messages, in which case the context of the messages make a lot more sense.

However, the media has been quick to dismiss all the claims and have repeatedly tried getting people to stop investigating in Pizzagate, with the New York Times and Washington Post trying desperately to snuff out the conversation on the topic.

Many parents are concerned, however, that perhaps something more insidious may be happening involving young children and have been imploring the proper authorities to investigate.

In the meantime citizen investigators have been collaborating, collecting and sharing information on the PizzaGate hub on Voat.