Astroneer Cheats Give You Infinite Oxygen, Unlimited Battery
(Last Updated On: January 12, 2017)

Astroneer from independent developer System Era Softworks recently entered into Early Access on Steam and entered into the Game Preview program on the Xbox One. The game has already garnered massive amounts of positive feedback from gamers for being a worthwhile space exploration sim, despite being in Early Access. Well, for gamers who want to goof around without the restrictions of survival holding them back, there are some cheats available.

Never willing to miss out on an opportunity to give gamers plenty of ways to cheese through a game with as minimal effort as possible, Cheat Happens let loose a premium cheat trainer for Astroneer over on their website.

The cheat trainer works with the Steam version of Astroneer, and has been tested to be good and compatible with version

There are only two cheats available within the trainer, including Infinite Oxygen and Unlimited Battery. The infinite oxygen means that you don’t have to try to find oxygen supply sources and can venture into the farthest, deepest recesses of space without any sort of survival contingency whatsoever. The unlimited battery will mean that you can power-up whatever you need without having to find or replenish power sources. Both cheats should make venturing through the multiple worlds and galaxies of Astroneer so much easier.

You can download the cheat trainer from over on Cheat Happens right now.

There’s also another cheat trainer that enables you to actually ignore the crafting requirements to build an object. This is extremely useful for anyone who wants to make items but they don’t quite have the necessary resources to do so. This particular trainer is available for download over on

If you don’t want to register for the premium cheat trainer, there’s a free trainer available as well from over on the Mr. Antifun download page, allowing you to have access to infinite oxygen and unlimited power. You can grab that cheat trainer too, and remember… it’s free!

Alternatively, if you haven’t picked up a copy of the game, Astroneer is available over on the Steam store right now for $19.99. It’s a little bit like a mix of Kerbal Space Program and Scrap Mechanic.

According to System Era Softworks they have plans on keeping the game in Early Access and the Xbox One’s Game Preview program for anywhere between a year or two. So it’ll be a while before the game graduates and becomes finalized. For further information you can visit the official Astroneer website.

(Main image courtesy of Blackloch)

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