Astroneer Set To Release For PC Via Steam On December 16th

System Era Softworks finally revealed the release date for their space game Astroneer, which will debut on Steam Early Access on December 16th. The space game will be playable for Xbox One sometime in the future, but the testing grounds for the PC version (via Steam) will start one week from now.

Astroneer is oftentimes compared to Minecraft and No Man’s Sky, however the devs felt in the past (and I’m pretty sure still do) that they don’t want to create any false advertisement for Astroneer. This was posted up over on their main blog site.

While we wait for the devs to polish up their game and provide everything that is meant to be in the game that was shown in the trailer, and keeping expectations consistent to the trailers’ content, a new notice over on the Steam Community page arrived and tells us that…

“Astroneer will be available December 16, 2016 on Steam Early Access & Game Preview on Xbox One and Windows Store.


Thanks for being apart of our community so early on – we’re excited you’ll all be finally able to play the game and participate in its development.”

If you haven’t seen any footage of the game, or if this is your first time seeing Astroneer, you can check out the game’s official Early Access trailer, which provides a basic ideal of what gamers will be doing in this game.

If the trailer wasn’t enough and you want to see more of the game to get a better grasp as to what you can do in the realm of Astroneer, a new Developer Let’s Play is now up for you to watch that shows two hours worth of gameplay.

If you can’t wait to reshape planets, explore procedurally generated places, build spaceships, snap together components to create vehicles by yourself or with four other players, then you will be able to on PC via Steam Early Access on December 16th. Astroneer will also be for Xbox One, too.


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