Black Desert Online 7 Day Free Trial Download Available Right Now

If you really wanted to play Black Desert Online, which is one of the most visually stunning games currently on the market, but you didn’t want to lay down $4.99 for the game because you weren’t sure if the waifu creator and non-targeting combat was enough to keep you playing the game, you can give it a test run for seven days… for free.

The funny part about it is that the game is called Black Desert Online but you spend a good portion of your time in forested and mountainous areas. That’s not to say that there aren’t deserts in the game, because there are deserts in the game. However, a good portion of your early and mid-goings of the game will be in forests. It’s just funny to me… that’s all.

Anyway, the free trial will only last for seven days, giving you enough time to create your ultimate waifu or husbando (and seriously, there’s no game that gives you the kind of customization and control the way Pearl Abyss does with their character creation suite), and then you can hop into the game and start enjoying what the world has to offer. They give you a teasing little trailer to help lure you into clicking that “Download” button, featuring 30 seconds of explosive combat, exploration and a few of the monsters you’ll face along the way. You can check it out below.

The trailer is nowhere near as good as some of the trailers for WeMade Entertainment’s Riders of Icarus. Now you want to talk about really good MMO trailers? That game has some really good trailers. The real setback for the above trailer is that it does a piss poor job in conveying what Black Desert Online is all about.

I know I’ve only talked about waifus and non-targeting combat, but there’s so much more to Black Desert Online, such as a micromanagement meta-game involving cultivating businesses, agriculture and NPC workers that can help you earn coin and build up prestige. It’s more like a management simulator than a typical MMO – assuming you want to pursue that route in the game.

Black Desert Online also has a series of mini-games and side-quests for you to discover, from fishing to mining for ore. You can take a dive into these other side activities when you get bored hacking and slashing on enemies or journeying with friends into the great depths of the unknown.

The combat is similar to the likes of games such as Monster Hunter or RaiderZ. The different character classes have different combat styles and mechanics for you to master, and the ability to mix and match your combos to create new ways to utilize both melee attacks and magic spells.

You can give Black Desert Online a try, for free, for up to seven days by downloading the trial version from over on the Black Desert Online website.


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