Cyber Lily Video Tests Out Platforming Abilities, Moves

A new game in development by EroBotan called Cyber Lily is in the early phase of development. However, to help give gamers a sneak peek at what’s in store, there’s a new test video out showing Lily wielding weapons, hopping off walls and unleashing some melee attacks.

The video starts by showing Lily utilizing two different types of projectile fire. One is a standard pea-shooter not unlike Mega Man’s blaster cannon. The second projectile is a charged laser shot that requires a little bit of time to pull off.

We see Lily run, swiveling her hips with every step. We see Lily jump and we see her wall-hop. Much like Metroid you can scale up the sides of walls by timing the jump and going upward. We don’t get to see if there’s a wall slide but maybe it’ll be added in later. You can check out the video below.

Lily also has some melee attacks at her disposal, both neutral when standing and while jumping. If you press the attack button twice in succession, she’ll do a quick combo.

We also get to see a little bit of Lily’s acrobatics on display. Jumping and using the charged shot will see her perform a mid-air cartwheel while firing off the shot. She’ll lose a good portion of her SP in doing so.

Speaking of SP… it appears as if certain moves will drain her special meter, so players will have to balance out their shots and time their special attacks. Lily also has an HP and defense meter as well. I’m not sure what the final and fourth bar is at the bottom of the stats menu, but it could be something implemented in the future.

EroBotan is currently accepting independent funding through Patreon. His previous work included the side-scrolling hack-and-slash game featuring the bikini-clad princess in Princess’ Edge: Dragonstone. He was put under a great deal of pressure to have his game removed from Steam Greenlight for not being politically correct. We’ll see how well he fares with Cyber Lily, which is being designed as an homage to the Mega Man games.


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