Dave Flintstone Addresses PizzaGate Hawaii Allegations

One of the theories centering around the PizzaGate citizen investigation involved a vodka distillery in Honolulu, Hawaii called Island Distillers. The news quickly garnered the attention of the owner of the distiller, Dave Flintstone, who I spoke with regarding the PizzaGate allegations that ended up bringing him into the fold.

It all started back in October of 2015, according to Flintstone, when he hired in someone named Michael P. McSorely, a consultant for distilleries. McSorely lived in an apartment near the distillery doing work for Flintstone.

What’s the significance of Michael P. McSorely? According to Flintstone, McSorely is the one who posted up the information about the distillery on the BlackOps sub-Reddit and on the Top Secret Forum. The information he posted insinuated that some kind of child sex trafficking ring may have been attached to the distillery, which then caught the attention of the citizen investigators from PizzaGate after hacked e-mails from Dave Flintstone’s account allegedly showed that he was in communication with a booker from Comet Ping Pong, a supposed place of interest in connection with the allegations surrounding John Podesta and Tony Podesta. It’s detailed in the article here.

You can also listen to the full interview below involving Dave Flintstone or you can read about the relevant excerpts just below the video.

In the phone interview, I asked Flintstone about the photographs, the links, the allegations made in the Reddit and forum posts and if any of that meant anything to him, and he stated…

“Yeah, I recognize the photos, I recognize his feet, I recognize his flip-flops. Everything he says are things that – well, not everything he says – we discussed it, [since] he worked here for several months.”

He acknowledged that McSorely was there between six or seven months, and was supposed to be helping setup Flintstone’s distillery in Honolulu, Hawaii.

However, as time passed by, Flintstone claims that McSorely began behaving oddly. I queried Flintstone about the Facebook connection and the eBay account that McSorely allegedly stated belonged to Flintstone, where he mentioned on the Reddit post that he thought something shady was going on regarding the Cheesybay eBay account, for which some individuals believed it may have been a front for child porn.

However, according to Flintstone he doesn’t own the Cheesybay eBay account, just another self-named account on eBay. So where did the connection between Cheesybay and Flintstone come from? Well, he doesn’t know…

“I don’t have a freaking clue. I’m pretty sure I showed [McSorely] my Bif Skipman Facebook – I show a lot of people because I think it’s funny frankly – and he’s working here so he also told me he has his own website […] and says ‘Oh I can help you with marketing’ or whatever […] and I probably showed him at one point. […] What led him to make the [connection between the Facebook and Cheesybay eBay account]? I don’t know, insanity?”

McScorley does have a website called MCSology.com, featuring specialized goods for bartenders.

Given that Flintstone was unsure of how McScorley made the connection between him and the Cheesybay eBay account, I did attempt to reach out to McScorley to ask him about the claims but he hasn’t responded as of the writing of this article.

In fact, he supposedly hasn’t been heard from since a few months ago, where he made claims on 4chan that he was being followed by government types and he was on the run for his life.

According to Flintstone, things started off okay but then he states that McSorley started getting a “little weird”…

“He was perfectly normal. I hired him away from another distillery in Seattle. I went there to visit him to make sure he that was what he said he was; I went to his distillery, talked to the owner there, verified his experience. This is because previously I had hired someone else who ended up being a drunk, even though he had verifiable references. He ended up being an idiot. So I went to go see [McScorley]. I visited his house, met his girlfriend, everything checked out okay […] so I hired him. He came out a month or two later and I was very pleased with what we were doing, [but] very displeased with the continued delays on my building project – which had nothing to do with him or me […]


“Anyway, we would do these little tests […] and everything was going just dandy until… I don’t know, a little while before he disappeared he started getting a little weird.”

Flintstone insinuates that McSorely was “dipping” into something and he began to behave oddly and that his appearance began to change.

According to Flintstone he cites the changes in behavior and appearance happening around the same time, saying…

“His face started getting zit-like marks all over it out of nowhere. Stereotypical tweaker kind of stuff. […] He started behaving erratically, he would leave stuff out and he would forget to do stuff. He started taking an air-gun shooting roosters.”

He explains that McSorley would go out at night and shoot the roosters on the property of their neighbor, a retired 91-year-old man. Flintstone explained that he told McSorley it was okay to shoot roosters that ventured onto their property but it was not okay to kill the roosters on the neighbor’s property.

McSorley actually admits to this in the Above Top Secret forum post where he details using a 22-caliber airsoft rifle to kill the roosters that were keeping him up at night, writing in the third person and referring to himself as “OP”…

“The covert cull went unabated until one night the alpha male of the property took a well aimed shot, fell from the tree, and before collapsing ran 10 feet from the place he fell, just outside of any possible retrieval. Given the coverage of Pferder’s infrared surveillance camera array (which OP was able to observe with his seek thermal imaging device for his phone) and his extremely vicious rottweiler triplets, a personal extraction of the bird was impossible. OP awoke the very next day to the sound of Pferder’s supercharged golf cart going up the driveway and the sound of 3 belligerent hawaiians and Pferder promising to cave in the skull of the distiller that took his birds from him. Surveilling the conversation between Fred Flintstone and Pferder, OP noted a striking quotation that proved that those bird were not simply beloved pets, but the source of something criminally-lucrative in nature: “Fred, he can never be able to understand what he’s taken from us”.”

McSorley had been killing the loudest roosters on the neighbor’s property, and using a makeshift cord device to retrieve them from the yard without being spotted by the infrared devices. But when he was unable to retrieve one of the roosters he killed, the neighbor became angry. McSorley refers to Dave Flintstone in the post as “Fred Flinstone” as a way of disguising the real names of the people involved.

Dave Flintstone describes in the interview that after the rooster incident McSorley started to become unhinged. He stated that…

“It didn’t mean much to me at the time, but now it certainly does: out of the blue, we’re walking on that same concrete pad looking at our little testing equipment, and I ask him how stuff is going and he says – he’s got his phone with him – says ‘I’ve got this app testing wi-fi signals […] and there’s a bunch of signals coming from beneath this concrete pad and I’ve got a heat signature here […] and it’s hotter there than over here.’”

Flintstone states that he was confused about what McSorely was telling him, and he says that the conspiracies grew as McSorely began walking around at night and examining the property. Supposedly McSorely came across 55 gallon barrels from when they used to do aqua-culture on the property and claimed that the dissolved material inside the barrels was human flesh. One of the skeptics on the forums mentioned that what was inside the barrels was likely fish remains.

An image of the barrel and its contents were snapped by McSorely, which you can view below.

McSorely had discussed on the Reddit threads, 4chan threads and other forums that the Wi-Fi signals appeared to be emanating from underground. He used an app to pick up the signals and claimed in one Reddit post…

“The next peculiar thing, is that these networks SSID’s would change every 5 minutes or so. They also covered the entire 2.4g spectrum from channel 1-14 and had total coverage over the entire spectrum.


”as you watched the signal strength diagram on wifi analyzer in real time, there were peaks and valleys in signal strength, but they were all coordinated across these low strength networks”

That’s when he drilled the holes and stated that the water drained through one of the holes, indicating that since it didn’t fill up there must be something underneath.

McSorely also claimed that the high-powered electrical lines were used to power the property since the property didn’t have visible power lines.

Flintstone, however, explained that the high-powered cable lines McSorely were concerned about were transmission lines, saying…

“There’s these high-powered electrical lines at the back of the property – off the property they run entirely across the Koko Crater – and those are transmission lines; they don’t go to anyone’s house.


“Our power comes from the street. Every single home’s power comes from the street and you can see the power lines going up. Each one in someone’s driveway. I just buried mine actually… it cost me a pretty penny but they were ugly.”


“Those transmission lines in the back go across, and about two blocks away from here and then they go back underground.”


“We’re the only street within a half a mile radius with overhead lines. Everyone else has underground lines. It has to do with the date of the design, which is old and crappy. We don’t even have a sewer system, we have septic and cesspools here.”

According to Flintstone, McSorely started going “wacky” a couple of weeks before he disappeared.

Flintstone’s only explanation is that he could only link it to “substance abuse”.

Pursuing the topic further, Flintstone explained…

“I found some weird stuff in his apartment. He took apart the ceiling fan in his room because he thought someone was spying on him. […]


“[…] In his bathroom in his medicine cabinet was a clear plastic bag, full of foiled plastic pills that I didn’t recognize. […] I looked up the primary use of these pills and it was some kind of treatment for heroin addiction.”

He goes on to detail how Michael P. McSorely’s father, Robert A. McSorely, called the distillery about a week after Michael left and let him know that he would have movers come to pick up his stuff and a cleaning crew to clean up the apartment. He says that he asked McSorely senior what was going on but he didn’t receive a response.

Flintstone further describes Michael McSorely’s behavior as having gone through a “persecution complex”, due to McSorely becoming paranoid and feeling as if people were those out to get him. Flintstone explains that McSorely became friends with a local – who McSorely described as a pill-popping meth junkie in one of his posts. It was insinuated in the interview that perhaps McSorely and the local began engaging in hard drug use and it pushed McSorely off the deep end.

According to Flintstone, McSorely actually purchased a truck from him, but also damaged some of their equipment by leaving it out in the rain overnight. McSorely never finished paying off the truck and left it there when he eventually took flight.

Following the disappearance of McSorely, Flintstone attempted to track him down but was unsuccessful, and neither Michael nor Robert McSorely would get back with him. He did state that he found Michael P. McSorely on another distillery message board a few months after he first disappeared, and attempted to contact him but didn’t receive a response.

After the initial “Hawaii Connection” thread on Voat’s PizzaGate popped up, Flintstone says an anonymous individual contacted him and told he needed to get ahead of the news, which prompted Flintstone to send additional e-mails to McSorely to request him to stop posting the messages about the distillery since it was libelous and actionable.

Before wrapping up the call, I asked Flintstone about the alleged hacked e-mail messages and if the e-mail address from the Reddit thread belonged to him, and he did verify that it was his e-mail address. However, he stated that he had no idea who Anita Lord/Sasha Lord was, the young woman who was featured in the e-mail message who is supposedly the music booker at Comet Ping Pong.

In the other message, relating to a “sleep partner”, he says he doesn’t remember it but it was likely for a Craigslist ad. In regards to that message with the Mr. Potato Head image in it, he says…

“Hmm, I didn’t make my Facebook page up until quite a time after that. But no… I have no link to that. November, 2008? I formed Island Distillers in October, 2008, and I didn’t start any other activities until a year after that.”

In regards to the Mr. Potato Head avatar, he says that he basically just went to Google Images to find one and put it on his Facebook page.

He says that occasionally he uses the Mr. Potato Head as an image to send while doing online dating because it seemed like a fun joke when someone would ask for a profile picture.

This still doesn’t really explain the correspondence between the alleged Dave Stone e-mail and the Comet Ping Pong booker, unless it was all fabricated.

In addition to trying to contact Michael P. McSorely multiple times, I also reached out to his father, Robert A. McSorely to get his take on the situation involving his son. If either of them respond back the article will be updated.

Meanwhile, Dave Flintstone doesn’t really hold any bad vibes against PizzaGate but also isn’t involved anyway. He’s mostly ambivalent to the details but doesn’t rule out something could be there, he just wanted to make it known that he has no part in it and the distillery – which is due to open sometime in January, 2017 – is just a distillery.


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