Dead or Alive 5 Mods Add Kill La Kill’s Ryuko, Bane And Schoolgirl Mai
Kill La Kill Dead or Alive 5

If you’re in the mood for updating Dead or Alive 5: Last Round with some fresh new mods for the PC version of the game, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are some cool, sexy, interesting and exquisite new mods available for Koei Tecmo’s aging but beloved title.

The first mod up is Ryuko Matoi Senketsu, the feisty heroine from Kill la Kill, the risque, tongue-in-cheek battle anime. Modder huchi001 put the mod together and it features Hitomi sporting a complete makeover from head to toe. Hitomi is decked out in the thigh-high boots with the micro-bikini bottoms and the barely-there skirt. The suspender straps are attached to the decked out shoulder armor and gloves, along with sporting Ryuko’s typical red-streaked hair and neck-length bob-cut.

The mod is only 2.7MB, a stark departure from the 100MB-sized Street Fighter V mods. You can download the Ryuko Mataoi mod for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round from over on Google Drive.

DOA5LR Bayman as Bane by monkeygigabuster on DeviantArt

Up next is Bane.

Modder monkeygigabuster put together a cool Bane outfit for Bayman from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. He has such an appropriate taste in screen captures of the mod, as the Bane modification is used to grab and grapple Batman, along with breaking his back, just like in the Knightfall comic.

The mod is just slightly larger than the Kill la Kill mod, clocking in at 6.2MB. You can get a hold of the mod from over on Deviant Art.

If you’re interested in keeping Mai’s wardrobe contemporary with the times… there’s a schoolgirl-themed outfit that modder huchi001 put together that some gamers have really taken a liking to.

(RELEASE) MAI SCHOOL by huchi001 on DeviantArt

The schoolgirl outfit is only 4.4MB and it sees Mai in a super short skirt, penny loafers, and a cropped top with a bow on it and wrist bands. Huchi001 took some liberties with putting some accessories in her hair and giving Mai long blonde pigtails, not unlike Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw.

You can download the mod right now from over on Google Drive.

And last but not least… is the updated Succubus Queen V2.

(RELEASE) SUCCUBUS QUEEN V2(REMAKE) by huchi001 on DeviantArt

This mod has fans drooling like an open fire hydrant during a burning hot summer in Harlem.

The succubus mod is is based on the succubus from Vindictus. The mod inevitably comes from huchi001.

The outfit and mod absolutely lives up to its name.

There’s a demonic element to the design of the outfit, but there’s also a strong S&M vibe going on as well. And if SJWs absolutely hate boobplate armor… well, in this case we have skeletal bat wings with a skull at the crest that only just barely covers the areola.

If you want to really add some bits of tantalization to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on PC, you can download the updated Succubus Queen mod themed around the one from Vindictus by visiting the DeviantArt page.


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