Dead Rising 4 Gameplay Walkthrough

Capcom let Dead Rising 4 out of the bag and onto the Xbox One and PC. Gamers can barrel through the game right now, but if you’re looking for a little bit of help, there is a walkthrough guide available.

You can press the ‘X’ button to melee on the Xbox controller. You can use the digital pad to quickly switch between weapons. Pressing ‘Y’ and ‘B’ together will allow Frank to execute a special attack with certain weapons, and you can aim with the left trigger and fire with the right trigger when using projectile based weapons such as laser cannons or guns. The gray bar on each weapon indicates how long it can be used before it’s made unavailable. You can grab weapons and objects lying around by pressing ‘B’ while standing over them if you’re using an Xbox controller.

The beginning of the game is a slight recap of the events from previous Dead Rising games featuring Frank West before transitioning into a cinematic explaining how Frank ends back up in Willamette. RabidRetrospectGames has the full gameplay walkthrough of Dead Rising 4, and it clocks in at just under six hours.

You’ll need to take photos of certain situations. The more heads in the view the more points you get.

You can use the night vision on the camera to see in the dark or the spectrum analyzer to open electronically locked doors.

You can create weapons by holding down the weapon wheel and selecting multiple weapons and combining them together. One of the first blueprints you’ll get will allow you to combine a sledgehammer with a grenade.

After escaping there’s a cinematic between Brad and Frank, as Brad attempts to get Frank to head back into Willamette to finally expose the Pentagon. Brad tries to lure Frank back into the fold by showing him a picture of one of his photojournalist students scooping the story out from under him, but mistakenly shows Frank some of the gay porn on his phone instead.

Players eventually get into the action when they start taking out zombies to protect Brad and clear out the zombies.

Dead Rising 4 - Brad & Frank

The first main objective is to get to the hotel inside the mall. You may want to use a ranged weapon because you’ll need to defend Connor and Brad from the soldiers. The soldiers have guns, so hiding behind objects and using cover is necessary if you want to avoid being flanked and gunned down.

You can use the vehicles you unlock from racing around the go-kart track to travel to the security center and get to Vick, as highlighted in the video above at the 45:00 minute mark.

You’ll need to get to the Medieval Village next. You can use the Zero exo-suit to get through the parking garage and head toward the next waypoint.

The Medieval Village requires insulting the guard repeatedly in order to gain entry and you’ll have to deal with some melee and projectile-based NPC foes. Head to the military bunker and use the spectrum analzer filter on the camera to gain entry inside the Obscuris base.

After investigating the scene it wraps up Case 1.

Case 2 begins at around the 58 minute mark.

Use the makeshift vehicle to plow through the zombies. An exo-suit is located at the special supply drop if you were interested in getting a hold of one.

You can also destroy some of Obscruis’ supply shipments along the way, if you’re interested in doing so.

Head to Paula and use the camera to examine the map, the records in the open file cabinet, and the other objects around the room to piece together the info about Obscuris in order to complete the objective and move on to the next objective at the drug store.

You can also access the first of many Panic Rooms in the game, as highlighted at the 1:15:00 mark in the video up top.

You can use the equipment in the apartment to make an ice sword, which is helpful for getting through the zombie hordes in the streets as you make your way to the fire hall across the bridge.

Fight your way into the junkyard. You can actually use stealth if you’re careful and take out the guys without being seen by following their patterns and sneaking up behind them.

The junkyard segment and how to get through the encampment is covered at the 1:30:00 mark in the walkthrough at the top of the article.

You can also upgrade and improve your abilities along the way, putting points into Brawling, Fortitude, Shooting and Survival. Brawling is for Frank’s melee abilities and being able to combo, chain link moves and increase the brawling output of Frank’s abilities. Fortitude is for health and armor, Shooting is pretty obvious enabling an increase in Frank’s aiming and gun damage, while Survival will increase your abilities to craft more efficiently.

Once you get to the dam a cinematic will cue and then you’ll need to go find Hammond at the Willamette Junior High.

Get to the Junior High and defend Hammond and the others from the Obscuris mercenary. Some of them are wearing exo-suits, so if you can make some sticky mines they’ll come in handy big time.

Head through the base, kill the Obscuris guys and go inside to where Darcy is being held. Use the night vision on the camera and go to the junction box near the middle of the room to turn the lights back on.

The Lieutenant boss fight will require having to attack the fuel tanks on the back of his exo-suit. Use the available weapons to kill Lieutenant James Caballero to complete Case 2.

Dead Rising 4

Case 3 starts at the 2:05:00 mark.

Frank’s first task is to hunt down the convoy by checking each of the checkpoints of the convoy. There’s a medical shelter under attack along the way, and if you clear out the zombies you can buy some really nifty stuff if you have the money.

You’ll find the convoy survivor at the checkpoint but he’ll need morphine before he spills his guts. So head over to the emergency shelter to get the morphine.

If you want to take on some side-quests from Paula, you can do so, but the shelter is just over a hundred meters away from the survivor’s position. If you take on Paula’s side-quest it will put you nearly 500 meters out from the main quest location.

The Emergency Shelter segment is highlighted at the 2:43:00 mark in the video up top. The morphine is on the lower level of the shelter and if you already cleared it out it shouldn’t be hard to acquire.

You’ll need to blast through a horde of zombies in a trade yard, and it’s not just a horde… it’s a massive horde. You’ll need to head down into the sewer after the monster. This will lead toward a boss fight with the some new evolved zombies.

Dead Rising 4 - Evolved Zombies

The next task is meeting up with Dr. Blackburne on the far side of the map. You’ll likely need to commandeer several vehicles along the way.

Free Blackburne, grab the exo-suit and you can craft a new freeze weapon for it by combining it with some smoothie machines. Head outside and kill as many zombies as you can while heading to the checkpoint.

Dead Rising 4 - Vick

Head to the winery and enter into the cellar. You’ll need to move over into the far corner of the basement using the night vision goggles where you’ll find a broken wine barrel that allows you access to the hidden lab under the winery.

Following the cinematic where Frank mistakenly presses the button in the machine, two super zombies will hop down. They’re pretty quick but if you run and kick them you can stun them briefly. It might be best to use the assault rifle on the table to finish them off after running and kicking them. A wide-sweeping melee weapon is also essential since after defeating the first set of evolved zombies, the room begins to flood with zombies dropping from the ceiling.

Escape from Dr. Barnaby’s lab after the timer runs out and Case 3 will be complete.

Dead Rising 4 - Murder Zombies

At the 3:22:00 mark Case 4 begins and you’ll need to head to the West Ridge with the big houses to find Hammond.

There are a few extra side-quests that open up nearby in the area that you can complete if you feel like murdering high school mascots and killing bully football jocks.

When you eventually get to the suburb where Hammond is holed up, you’ll need to investigate the houses to find Hammond, who has lost her eye due to crazy Tom. Frank will then be tasked to go to the pool hall to help evacuate the civilians while they hunt down and kill Tom.

Head to the pool hall and clear out the horde inside. The first wave of zombies will be normal but there is a super zombie inside.

Head to Hammond and get the explosives. Use the Spectrum Analyzer to place the charge at the weak spot of the wall.

Once inside, grab the exo-suit, defeat the Obscuris soldiers and and destroy the communication tower.

Take out the Obscuris troops, destroy the rest of the towers and proceed to head through the base toward the gym to investigate Barnaby’s work.

There will be a variety of zombies who attack you; defeat them to progress. Since some of them are super zombies, it might be best to use the provided assault rifles scattered around the map.

Proceed to use the camera to examine the hard drive and data and then find all the necessary data records to unlock the surveillance footage of Calder in his exo-suit, looking like a mirror image of Walton Goggins.

After the cinematic plays you’ll need to fight against Commander Fontana. Before she can be defeated Lt. Calder busts in and Fontana sacrifices herself in an attempt to kill Calder… but fails.

Case 4 ends and Case 5 begins at the 4:21:00 mark.

You’ll need to escape the base and kill some zombies while doing so. Pretty straightforward and simple.

Grab a vehicle and head to the West Ride shelter after escaping from the base after Hammond’s coup goes south.

Head to the buses across from the shelter and climb up top to scout the area. Zoom in on the electric fence and take a snapshot, and also take a snapshot of the dead bodies at the truck in the corner.

Head into the emergency shelter and clear out the zombies to secure it before making your way to Tom’s farm.

Examine each of the checkpoints to find Hammond. Head upstairs in the house and use the camera’s Spectrum Analyzer in the closet of the main bedroom and you’ll find a secret entrance.

Examine the document on the desk, the mask in the corner, the picture on the wall, the keys on the desk and the book on the writing table by the window. You’ll need to head to the cement factory to face off against Tom. There’s a blueprint in the garage for a new vehicle.

Drive to the cement factory and take out the masked cultists working for Tom.

Head up to the top of the building – you’ll find the staircase leading to the roof around the opposite side of where you come into the factory. Make your way hrough the zombies and get to the roof.

Be sure to bring a hard hitting long range weapon because the fight against tom will require you to either use explosives or a gun.

Head back into the sewers after defeating Tom, and clear out the zombies in the in the sewer-style arena.

After the 5 hour mark Frank heads deep into the lair to track Calder.

You don’t have to fight him, just grab the data device and run. Run out of the lair to end Case 5.

At the 5:10:00 mark you need to chase Vick through the mall. The final boss fight is against Calder, but you’ll get an exo-suit. You can use the trees and fixtures around the mall as weapons to attack Calder, and slowly but surely chip away at his life. The boss fight will take you about 15 minutes.


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