Dexed, VR Shooter Adds Oculus Touch Support

Ninja Theory announced today that Dexed, their arcade shooter game for VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, has received official Oculus Touch support.

The news was accompanied by the release of a new trailer, showcasing how you can either use a standard gamepad or utilize the dual motion-based controllers with 3D spatial recognition. You can check out the trailer below.

The game is played like a typical on-rails arcade shooter. Players line up their shots, assign the targets and then fire away.

The game takes players through a variety of unorthodox stages and environments, seeing players pinpoint the targets and progress through the challenges. It’s very similar to how Crytek had the data collection setup in the game Robinson: The Journey, where players would have to target an animal and then align the reticule over each node in order to collect the data entry.

They also expanded the game modes, explaining in the Steam update what the difference is between the arcade mode and the new zen mode…

“ In Arcade Mode, enemies will pour in from all sides. Put your DEXterity and speed truly to the test, shooting down as many as you can whilst chaining massive combos to max out your high score multiplier. Arcade Mode is endless, and will only be over when your life bar depletes to zero. “

Zen mode is completely different, focused on moving players through the on-rail segments without any enemies or markers. You can just use the VR headset to look around and soak in the view.

It’s literally designed for virtual reality relaxation. I think modes like this will also work really well with a bunch of walking simulators, like Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture.

Dexed is only $9.99 and is now available on the Oculus Store in addition to being available on the Steam store. Ninja Theory will likely use the game as a hold-me-over title to help use the funds to complete Hellblade.


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