Drunk Or Dead Requires You To Be Drunk To Kill Zombies

So imagine that there’s a zombie virus about and the only people that the virus latches on to are sober people. Yes, this means that all those stuck up, prissy, goody-two-shoes, Captain America-wannabes will turn into zombies. That also means that all those deadbeat, jobless, no-good, drunk-off-their-arse losers will be the perfect war machines to bring down the hordes of the undead. Welcome to Drunk or Dead.

Developer Alex and the tiny indie studio he’s attached to are working on Drunk or Dead right now, an upcoming first-person shooter where the only way to survive is to stay drunk.

The project was cooked up during a 48-hour Christmas VR game jam consisting of eight indie teams. Drunk or Dead adopts the VR experience to offer gamers something unique in the form of drunken survival.

As mentioned in the press release…

“If you are close to sober you shoot accurately. When you get more drunk, your accuracy drops, but time begins to run slower.


“You have a scale that measures your drunkenness (also HP because you get sober when zombies hit you). If you get too drunk or too sober – you lose.”

If this whole thing sounds too crazy to be true, you’ll have to see it in action to believe it. There’s a trailer you can check out below.

The actual gameplay is a heck of a lot more solid than I thought it would be. Players use the HTC Vive’s motion controllers to pick up glasses and drink liquor in order to get lit. The more drunk you are, the less susceptible you are to getting infected. Of course, your aiming will be about as accurate as the New York Times’ reporting during the U.S., presidential elections.

You’ll need to pick your headshots wisely and stay just drunk enough to beat off the zombie menace.

Now some of you are probably wondering “WTF is up with that hot booty in the header image?” Well, I’m glad you have such intelligent questions for a game that’s clearly designed for Mensa hopefuls. The header image featuring the rotund buttocks of a shapely female carrying a liquor bottle and a pistol, is the image of the bartender that serves you the liquor that will save your life. In other words, you saves a dude in distress by getting him drunk. How’s that for turning tropes on their head?

Anyway, if you want to see the hot bartender’s boobs up close, you’ll only have to wait until January 10th, which is when the developers have plans on releasing their VR game to the public. If you want to see the hot bartender, shoot zombies in the face and get virtually drunk, you can vote for Drunk or Dead to appear on the Steam store by upvoting the game on Steam Greenlight.


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