Escape From Tarkov Will Feature A Stress System, Multiple Game Modes

YouTuber Open World Games posted up 18 minutes worth of gameplay footage for the upcoming first-person shooter from Battlestate Games called Escape From Tarkov. The new gameplay footage covers some of the gameplay and mechanical improvements that Battlestate have made over the last couple of months.

In the video it details the general outline of the story of the game, as players are thrust into the Russian town of Tarkov, having the option of either attempting to escape after losing contact with command or joining the New World Order that have taken over the city.

You can check out the gameplay video below.

They explain in the video that it’s not just about escaping or killing opponents, it’s also about team tactics and understanding how to operate efficiently within the game world.

The main goal is to be able to team up with your mates and utilize the detailed weapon customization system in order to take down opponents, all while also collecting weapon equipment and gear in order to stay light and efficient on your feet.

The detailed weapon customization feature is unbelievably complex on the back end. For instance, changing different aspects of the weapon will alter the weapon’s center of mass, which will affect its weight, handling and how accurate it may perform. Additionally, going with lighter, cheaper parts may affect the durability and reliability and accuracy.

Escape From Tarkov - Weapon Systems

They also briefly talk about how the player character will be subject to a number of physiological properties that will affect them while on the battlefield – blood pressure, heart rates, temperatore and more will all play a pivotal role in how your character will react to the conditions within Escape From Tarvkov. It’s like survival games taken to the next level.

They also have plans on implementing multiple game modes outside of the main story mode, which is called Raids. In the Raids players attempt to infiltrate and secure a designated location in relation to the game’s progressive story. After finishing all of the story missions Battlestate also plans on having an arena mode and other team-based modes available as well for those who would rather just dive right into a free-play mode.

The game appears to be coming together quite nicely, but it’s still a long ways off from release. You can learn more about Escape From Tarkov by visiting the official website.


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