Fantastic Contraption Set To Launch On PSVR In Spring, 2017

Radial Games’ Stephen Gray recently took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Fantastic Contraption is set to launch on the PlayStation VR starting this upcoming spring in 2017.

The news was accompanied by a recent trailer that was published for Fantastic Contraption, featuring the gameplay mechanics and how players can utilize physics-based properties within an outlandish sandbox in order to complete each level. You can check out the trailer below.

At first you might think this is another Bridge Constructor or The Incredible Machine, but the reality is that the game is far different than both those titles. In fact, I would liken it closer to Katamari Damacy or Noby Noby Boy.

Players are thrust into a strange world where they must complete 50 different levels using a variety of fantastic contraptions to overcome the obstacles and complete the challenges. The core goal is to get a pink glob into the exit point. This task is accomplished using all manner of different widgets, whatmenots, thingamajigs and doohickeys.

Players will pull out their construction kits from the back of a Nyan cat, and use the PlayStation Move wands to stretch, bend, and place down the necessary objects in order to complete the level.

The tools used to make stuff is pretty crazy looking, but some of the stuff actually appears to work. There’s a physics component to the game so you can make moving objects, or catapult objects, or crush objects, or transport objects across the game space.

This likely won’t be a game-changer in the VR market, but it definitely opens up something fun for the whole family to experience using the PlayStation VR. There aren’t many games that push the boundaries one way or another on the PSVR, so it’s at least nice to see something that goes the creative route for the VR headset.

As mentioned, you can look for Fantastic Contraption to launch for the PlayStation VR starting spring, 2017.


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