Games Industry Made $91 Billion In 2016, According To Superdata
(Last Updated On: December 22, 2016)

2016 hasn’t ended yet and December still has some days to go, but that hasn’t stopped Superdata Research from tallying up their total for 2016 when it comes to the revenue intake of the global gaming industry.

According to, Superdata estimated that the gaming industry brought in $91 billion in 2016. That’s up 18% from the $74 billion they estimated for the gaming industry in 2015.

The numbers get a bit hazy, though. Over on the Superdata Research website, they report that mobile gaming alone brought in $41 billion thanks to Clash Royale and Pokemon Go. They also mention that digital software sales for consoles totaled $6.6 billion, while PC gaming totaled up to $34 billion.

I’m sure NewZoo and Price Waterhouse Cooper might also have some different stats to reveal in regards to the revenue of 2016 when it comes to gaming.

More interesting than the basic stats was Superdata’s attempt to side-step the abysmal failure that is virtual reality.

They only have a blurb on the site in regards to the 2016 report, mentioning…

“A high price point, the absence of a strong content line-up, and difficulties with properly delivering through retail cooled consumers’ expectations of the Oculus. We expect firms with more experience in hardware manufacturing like Sony and HTC to take the lead in 2017.”

There’s nothing that incites more confidence in an emerging product than to completely forfeit talking about how much money it didn’t make. Superdata, earlier in the year, had kept downgrading their forecast for VR, so it’s no surprise that they eventually avoided listing a number altogether. Michael Pacjter from Wedbush Morgan Securities just came out and said that profitability for VR is about three to five years away.

E-sports on the other hand was valued at around $892 million for 2016. Not bad.

With all the censorship, identity politics and nonsense disrupting gaming markets, I wonder if the industry will be able to recover in 2017?

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  • If the industry is making $91 billion a year now, then I doubt we’re going to recover from SJWs ruining shit for a lot of us, because the overall growth in sales is going to tell people, “Hey, the shit we’re doing now is making us money!”. Whether or not that’s true doesn’t seem to be mentioned by Superdata, but publishers will make their own assumptions and continue down their current path of pandering.

    • Keep in mind that majority of the money is coming from free-to-play games, mobile games and online games. Retail sales has taken a HUGE hit, and despite growth in digital sales, it too also took a hit compared to some of the games released last year.

      Publishers will see the numbers and either keep going down the same path, where AAA titles continue to lose money (like Mirror’s Edge and Battleborn, etc.,) and offset those costs with mobile games, or they’ll try to rekindle what they accomplished early in seventh gen by actually making good games. I suspect only Nintendo will attempt the latter.

    • It takes around three to five years to make a AAA game, so over the next three years we will really start seeing the SJWing of games being released. We started to see elements of SJWing around 2014, with it becoming more visible within 2016.

      If publishers see over the next three years that their attempts at pandering to SJWs is really damaging the earnings from AAA games, then they will have to change course or drastically down size their companies.

  • Gorgon

    >We expect firms with more experience in hardware manufacturing like Sony and HTC to take the lead in 2017

    Won’t happen without games. They can make the best VR gear in the universe, but if there’s no content for it, it’s useless to consumers. And honestly, I doubt ability of publishers to make anything innovative or even just impressive anymore, if only for their lack of balls to even try.

    • Publishers are too focused on identity politics and SJWism. There’s never going to be a killer app for VR headsets in today’s climate. It would require something like the original Doom, or Duke Nukem 3D, or Streets of Rage or Mario. Essentially, games aimed at a majority straight male audience.

      Those kind of games are a big no-no these days, so publishers will continue to pump funds into crappy VR games aimed at people who don’t buy games.

      • Bitterbear

        Methinks they’re going to try the Marvel comics route and go to extraordinary lengths to camouflage lezploitation with progressive rhetoric.

  • Alistair

    That a very healthy industry, it such a pity that there some people that wants to destroy that industry.

    It reeks of jealousy.