Hello Neighbor Alpha 3 Releases, Alpha 1 Goes Free To Play

Hello Neighbor, the terrifying stealth game that follows the main protagonist breaking into his neighbor’s house to gain access to his creepy basement, has recently announced the release of their new Alpha 3 build.

The development team at Dynamic Pixels and publishers TinyBuild, posted a new tweet that officially announced the release of the Alpha 3 build on their website earlier in the day of December 22, 2016. The tweet also had a new short trailer that gives us a glimpse of the  neighbor’s new house design, which has once again grown in size and has become even more ridiculous from the previous designs.  You can see some obvious changes to the outside of the house and its layout. The setting for the new trailer also takes place at night, with some really creepy music playing in the background.

Another notable feature that I noticed, was the protagonist driving the car. In earlier builds he was invisible so you couldn’t see him, but in this new trailer you can see him sitting down behind the wheel as he drives through twisting and winding roads towards his new house, with a sign on the side of the road announcing the “Alpha 3” build. YouTuber IULITM uploaded the trailer as well, so take a look at the video linked below.

One new feature for this Hello Neighbor build is that the entire stage seems to be pitch dark and at night, requiring you to find a flashlight to navigate the house and the surrounding area. A few people complained about the design choice in the Twitter feed, but the developers responded that it was not a design choice, but a test. It looks like they are experimenting with something specific for this build, so if you are up to the challenge you can head on over to their official website to download the new Alpha 3 build to try it for yourself. Other changes for this update that the developers said they worked on includes the following:

  • Worked on pathfinding, the AI should navigate multiple floors

  • Widened perception of surroundings. AI reacts to moved objects, opened doors, lights, etc — depending on his memory of the previous state of said objects

  • Modified the traps system, it’s now real-time. The AI will now place traps also based on environmental changes, not just player behaviors.

  • Added post-failed attacks analysis. AI will analyze what went wrong & why, and try to prevent it from happening again

  • AI now sees your flashlight when it’s on

  • AI now throws glue that slows you down, trying to aim based on your run trajectory You’re now slightly faster than the AI

Additionally, the Hello Neighbor Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1 versions are now free to play and download from their website as well. So if you are on the fence about buying the game, you can test out the older builds to see if you like it.



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