Heroine Anthem Zero Features Action Gameplay With Visual Novel CG Scenes

WindThunder Studio and Winking Entertainment recently released their side-scrolling, action-oriented, role-playing, visual novel-style adventure game called Heroine Anthem Zero. The game combines the storytelling and characterizations oftentimes found in visual novels, along with a few CG scenes that would make George Kamitani blush, and puts them into a hardcore action game requiring skills, reflexes and keen hand and eye coordination to progress.

The game sees a cat-girl named Shama Kutami joining forces with a forest keeper named Wanin, as the two attempt to fend off the town from the encroaching forces of evil. Along the way they’ll meet various other unique characters and even make some time to hit the hot springs.

Hero Anthem Zero

The game has absolutely drop-dead gorgeous graphics. There’s a visual art-style here rivaled by few other games that WindThunder has been able to chisel out with precision expertise. The palette bounces between a deep collection of rustic browns when heading into the old-Norse towns, but manages to capture the pristine tranquility of an emerald-drenched forest. There’s a nice contrast between the natural wonders of the fictional world the developers have created, and the more rigid structures of medieval civilization.

Of course, it’s not just great graphics and sexy illustrations to look forward to, the game also sports dynamic combat reminiscent to many of Vanillaware titles. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what they’ve managed to create with Heroine Anthem Zero.

The game got off to a rocky start despite having the kind of gameplay and visuals that a lot of people crave. The port from Japan to the West didn’t quite go over so easy, and there are some complaints about the lack of maneuverability, especially during the early goings of the game, and a lack of being able to properly skip some sequences.

The developers were quick to the draw, though. They recently made an update over on the Steam community page, announcing that they will be fixing some of the issues that gamers brought up in their reviews, stating…

“During the production of Heroine Anthem Zero, the team tested and revised the game countless times in order to give players a challenging experience while still full enjoying the storytelling in the game. This was our wish for the version that we released before Christmas.


“From the reviews and comments and voices heard through other channels, we now realize we need to make revisions to many areas, including the stages, the controls, the boss fights and many other areas.”

They announced that they would be balancing the game out, making some slight alterations to the enemy’s HP, changing the damage dealt by the bosses to make it slightly easier, and adding more difficulty settings for casuals. They’re also making it where you can now dash-jump and jump-cancel into a mid-air dash, giving Wanin more options to utilize during battle.

Heroine Anthem Zero

Thankfully, they won’t be censoring any images or characters, which should be a welcome change for most gamers.

They have a bevy collection of various CG art that would likely make SJWs triggered if they actually played games. Thankfully, since they don’t play games they don’t have to witness male and female characters wearing skimpy clothing and sporting hot bodies.

Anyway, if you want a game that fuses in visual novels with challenge, twitch-based, action-RPG mechanics, you might want to give Heroine Anthem Zero a try. The developers are already hard at work on the second episode, but you can pick up a digital copy of the first episode for only $14.99 from over on the Steam store.


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