Juri’s Legacy Costume, Sexy Bikini Mods Appear For Street Fighter 5

“Away with ye, that foulness that is censorship and political correctness” says the modding community. They’ve banded together to either restore original content to Street Fighter V or amp up the spiciness of the costumes and sex appeal in ways that would make the Carnaval’s most blatant displays of barely-there costumes look like PBS fanfare for kids. Well, that’s sort of the theme with some mods for Juri in Street Fighter V, including a classic return to form with her braless legacy outfit from Street Fighter IV.

Renown Street Fighter modder Brutal Ace recently dropped the Juri mod just in time for Christmas. The legacy outfit is designed and fixed for the season 2 patch of Street Fighter V.

Over on his DeviantArt page he explained…

“Here is the pinnacle of my SFV modding knowledge, Juri’s Legacy Costume. It was a request from our humble friend and site admin Robhal but it became my passion as I kept working on it, I put all my SFV modding experience into this mod so I hope you guys enjoy it.”

The mod didn’t just land on the netwaves for downloading purposes… it was also accompanied by a well edited trailer featuring a detailed look at the outfit, scouring every inch of Juri from head to toe. You can check it out below.

The mod features everything you see in the trailer above, including fully animated belt physics, new bone implementations on the skeletal mesh with advanced collision detection. Reanimated hairstyle, modeled spider-straps that aren’t just texture mapping on her skin, as well as “glitch free” boob physics, so you get all the proper bounce and spring that you would expect from such an outfit.

Another modder also helped provide Brutal Ace with Juri’s signature pink special effects for her supers and close-ups for Street Fighter V.

As showcased, Juri also gets two different hairstyles with the outfit, along with multiple color schemes… 10 to be exact.

The 4K textures are also an added bonus for those looking to count pixels on a microscopic level.

You can download the Juri legacy costume from over on the DeviantArt page.

But wait, there’s more!

It’s pretty obvious the microkini is not safe for work.

Nevertheless, Brutal Ace delivered a barely-there dental floss bikini for Juri. According to Brutal Ace the microkini is compatible with season 2, and he explained that the reason he made was that Capcom skipped out on a summer swimwear outfit for Juri for their bikini DLC and he felt it was his duty to free her booty…

“[…] since Capcom didn’t gave Juri her share of swimwear, I decided to seize the opportunity and give her one; a microkini in fact, some might not like the design or too much lewdness and I am sorry for that but it’s something I found fitting on her.”
The mod features skin textures for Juri when she’s dry… and when she’s wet.

There’s also support for her alternate hairstyle variants, along with barefoot and sandal variants. She still sports 4K textures and Brutal Ace put in some extra time and dedication to ensure she has proper boob physics.

You can download the 7z file for the Juri microbikini mod from over on the DeviantArt page. It clocks in at a hefty 48.4MB.


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