Nights Of Azure 2 Trailer Highlights Jiggle Physics, Swimwear And Burst Moves

Gust released a new video trailer for their upcoming hack-and-slash action-RPG, Nights of Azure 2. The new game features a lot of yuri themes and plenty of titillation without going a step too far. The developers also put a hefty amount of time into the boob physics, ensuring that there isn’t a frame that goes by where the wind doesn’t sway the jugs when the girls aren’t wearing armor.

AllGamesDelta linked to the video that was posted up over on the official Gust YouTube channel, which features five minutes of mostly cinematics with a light sprinkling of in-game play. The theme of the video is called “Forbidden Lily Plus”, focusing on the very intimate and close relationship that the main character can have with the other partners who can aid her in battle. You can check out the video below.

There are three “Lily” characters featured in the video, where they will be able to hop in and lend a helping hand to the main character, Arshe, by using a special burst combo attack. This will be the theme to the sequel to the original Nights of Azure – the same original which Gust recently announced will be coming to Steam in February of 2017.

PS4 gamers, meanwhile, will get to try their hand at strengthening the bond between the Lily characters. In the video above we see how some of these “bonding” moments include dropping in on the other characters while they’re in the bathhouse.

Nights of Azure 2 - Bath House

These bathhouse sequences are designed to tantalize with tempting visuals. We see the jiggle physics on full display, as they wobble and bounce independent of the way the characters are actually moving. This isn’t like Boob Simulator where it’s going for real-to-life physics with not-so-realistic proportions. The jiggle physics could best be compared to Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura series.

Anyway, we see how the relationships further bud between the characters during those bonding moments, leading up to some possible yuri action. A lot of it appears to be implied, but based on the way the game is designed, it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if they go a lot further than what they do in the video above.

Nights of Azure 2 is due for release in Japan on the PS4 starting February, 2017.


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