Operation Hardcore Completes Early Access And Launches On Steam

The indie game from Adam McLellan and Ricardo Chirino called Operation Hardcore has officially completed development and has graduated from Steam’s Early Access program. The game is now available for purchase in full for only $5.99.

During the game’s first week of launching on Steam, you can actually pick up a digital copy for 25% off the normal price for only $4.49.

The game is a side-scrolling, 2D action-platformer. Players will be able to utilize jetpacks to reach new areas, fight against a number of different enemies using a large cache of weapons, acquire whiskey and drink it to slow down time, or battle through the various levels with a friend in the local two-player co-op mode.

There’s a trailer featuring the Contra-esque gameplay that you can check out below.

The game reminds me of Metal Slug meets Duke Nukem 2 (the old Duke Nukem when it was a sidee-scroller, not the newer first-person shooter iterations).

You’ll have 12 different levels to play through, four different characters to choose from, analog controls with 360 degree aiming, along with the latest in particle and special effects afforded by today’s game design tools.

The game appears to be a classic throwback to old-school shoot-’em-ups that helped add prestige and diversity to the line-up of games on the SNES and Sega Genesis back during the 1990s. And keeping in that tradition, Operation Hardcore has some ancient system requirements, basically needing only 300MB of hard drive space and a CPU that’s 2GHz or faster… and a GPU that at least supports DirectX 9, so they suggest anything from at least 2004 or better.

Ahead of the game’s graduation from Early Access, the duo developers made some fixes, tweaked some of the weapon balances and ensured that they squashed as many bugs as possible.

You can pick up a digital copy of Operation Hardcore right now from over on the Steam store for only $9.99.


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