Orc Hunter VR Free Demo Available With Early Access Launch

Orc Hunter VR is the new room-space virtual reality game from a small indie team. After several delays the game finally entered into Early Access on Steam, and they also launched a free demo for players to grab from the store page.

Orc Hunter VR is only available for the HTC Vive, so you’re going out be fresh out of luck trying it with another major headset. The project is a small student-made VR game, and as they mentioned on the Steam community page, they’re still looking for help to bring the game up to par, writing…

“Since we are studying 3D art, and are only hobbyists at programming, we want to use the money to get some help, especially with the AI of the orcs. “

What they have so far is two maps, three weapons and two different types of enemies. The weapons include a sword, a shield and a bow. They released a new gameplay trailer that you can check out below to get an idea of how far along they are in development.

Players take on the role of disembodied helmets and weapons, fighting hordes and exploring the land. This game seems kind of familiar but there are so many VR games with disembodied player characters that it’s hard to keep up.

Anyway, they have no due date on when they plan on leaving Early Access, other than “soon”. They still have more maps, enemies, bosses and weapons to add, so be wary about whether or not you jump in to support this project given that clarity of release intentions is thin, at best.

According to Blues the game was set behind a few times due to untimely delays, but they claim they’re on track now. You can learn more about Orc Hunter VR or pick up a digital copy for $9.99 from the Steam store.


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