PSX 2016: The Last Of Us Part II Runs On New Engine

According to Sony Computer Entertainment America president Shawn Layden, Naughty Dog is already hard at work on the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us entitled The Last of Us: Part II. The new game is running on a brand new game engine.

Despite being early on in development, Layden revealed during this year’s stage conference of the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, that The Last of Us: Part II is coming. Don’t expect a 2017 release given that according to Layden, Naughty Dog is just getting things underway for the long awaited sequel. They did release a near five minute cinematic of the game, featuring both Joel and Ellie, the protagonists from the original Last of Us, in what looks like dire straits once more.

You can check out the cinematic below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The crowd went absolutely nuts over the news, which is to be expected. The reveal of the Naughty Dog logo probably caused a few people to get pregnant.

We don’t learn much from the new trailer other than that Ellie is now a few years older, Joel is still a haggard, bearded brute, and apparently Ellie is out for revenge for whatever those people did to her. It’s likely they killed her lesbian lover… it seems like the go-to plot device based on how vengeful she appeared in the trailer.

Joel seemed to be more of the backup surrogate father, giving the impression that maybe this time around gamers will play as Ellie instead of Joel.

The graphics and animations look good in the cinematic, which is par the course for Naughty Dog. Unfortunately it does little to inspire confidence in the PS4’s capabilities to handle what they’re planning on doing with the new game. It would be nice to see them push the boundaries on the PS4 Pro, but since they’re going to have to make a version that runs right proper on the vanilla PS4, you can basically toss out any expectations to see the game take full advantage of the Pro.

Overall, this was just a teaser to let people know that Neil Druckmann and Bruce Strayley are working on a Last of Us sequel. If what Layden is saying is true – that the game is still early on and running on a new engine – don’t expect to see The Last of Us: Part II on store shelves until late 2018.


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