PSX 2016: The Last Of Us Part II Runs On New Engine
(Last Updated On: December 4, 2016)

According to Sony Computer Entertainment America president Shawn Layden, Naughty Dog is already hard at work on the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us entitled The Last of Us: Part II. The new game is running on a brand new game engine.

Despite being early on in development, Layden revealed during this year’s stage conference of the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California, that The Last of Us: Part II is coming. Don’t expect a 2017 release given that according to Layden, Naughty Dog is just getting things underway for the long awaited sequel. They did release a near five minute cinematic of the game, featuring both Joel and Ellie, the protagonists from the original Last of Us, in what looks like dire straits once more.

You can check out the cinematic below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The crowd went absolutely nuts over the news, which is to be expected. The reveal of the Naughty Dog logo probably caused a few people to get pregnant.

We don’t learn much from the new trailer other than that Ellie is now a few years older, Joel is still a haggard, bearded brute, and apparently Ellie is out for revenge for whatever those people did to her. It’s likely they killed her lesbian lover… it seems like the go-to plot device based on how vengeful she appeared in the trailer.

Joel seemed to be more of the backup surrogate father, giving the impression that maybe this time around gamers will play as Ellie instead of Joel.

The graphics and animations look good in the cinematic, which is par the course for Naughty Dog. Unfortunately it does little to inspire confidence in the PS4’s capabilities to handle what they’re planning on doing with the new game. It would be nice to see them push the boundaries on the PS4 Pro, but since they’re going to have to make a version that runs right proper on the vanilla PS4, you can basically toss out any expectations to see the game take full advantage of the Pro.

Overall, this was just a teaser to let people know that Neil Druckmann and Bruce Strayley are working on a Last of Us sequel. If what Layden is saying is true – that the game is still early on and running on a new engine – don’t expect to see The Last of Us: Part II on store shelves until late 2018.

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  • Qrow Blackstone

    Uncharted = Both movies and games
    Metal Gear Solid = Both movies and games

    The Last of Us = Both a movie and a game, but for some reason seems perfectly justified to have people hate it for doing so like a bunch of children.

    Makes no sense

    • Sevuz

      I agree it’s stupid that some get a pass while others don’t.

  • Melvin Flax

    Lesbian lover gets killed? is that the best conclusion you guys could some up? You guys do know riley got bit, and died right? And ellie isn’t identified as a lesbian, just because she kisses her best friend for staying at that point in time. Nobody knows who ellie is talking about. We do know in the last of us, the fire flies are still alive, and they could still be after ellie to kill her, and make a cure. They could be resorting to evil tactics to make her give up. Who knows what’s going on.

    • You guys do know riley got bit, and died right?

      Who said it had to be Riley? Could have been a new love interest.

  • C G Saturation

    Yeah, I glanced at the trailer and it’s obvious they’re using a new engine because it doesn’t look as flat with boring shaders as the remastered first game does.

    But I can’t trust that footage of the characters. Even in the original game, most of the cutscenes were prerendered movie files, not in-game visuals.

    • Chris

      Trust naughtydog, they are amazing. They have an incredible real time engine for cut scenes. Play uncharted 4 for what they did on their first try with ps4

  • Sevuz

    I have zero respect for Neil Druckmann since he did his ass kissing of Anita. Of course that doesn’t mean that this game will be bad, but I will remain skeptical as I am with the next Mass Effect.

    On topic. I only expect to see more of the same “I wanna be a movie” with a lot of walking and less of a game. I not saying that there ain’t room for all types of games, but it seems that more of Sony’s first party titles rather wants to be movies than games.

    • durka durka

      The funniest thing is he read that shit from a teleprompter. He has zero respect for himself.

      • Sevuz

        That says a lot about the man xD

    • C G Saturation

      Same. The guy is a huge SJW cuck. I recall that lots of Naughty Dog people are ultra SJWs. It’s a shame so much talent is being wasted on self-destructive regressive agenda nonsense. I hope they’ll be around to witness the collapse of society that they have facilitated.

      • Sevuz

        Yeah it’s a shame

      • Qrow Blackstone

        If only any of that were true xD

      • Qrow Blackstone

        Agenda nonsense? Where are you pulling this bullshit from? Thin air?

    • Qrow Blackstone

      What’s wrong with being both? -_-

      • Nothing wrong with games trying to be movies so long as they don’t forget that they’re still games. A lot of people buy games to play, not just to watch hour long cinematics.

        A healthy mix of cinematic nuance with actual, progressive gameplay mechanics can make for a good well-rounded experience, similar to the Metal Gear games, which — despite having a heavy narrative focus — still manage to add plenty of cool gameplay features and mechanics for a lot of replayability.

        • Qrow Blackstone

          So when Metal Gear Solid being both a movie and a game is fine, but when Last of Us does both everybody gets all hissy and pissed off for no reason? That’s what
          I’m noticing in the comments here

          • What? They’re not the same, though.

            MGS V is a game you can nearly replay infinitely. There’s a lot of discovery and emergent gameplay opportunities.

            The Last of Us is a linear story with limited gameplay mechanics. It’s all crafted with expert care, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very linear and very limited when it comes to replay, hence why people say that it’s more movie than game.

          • Sevuz

            To be fair MGS4 was not much different if you think about it. You sneak, walk or fight through a small area and then you get a long in-game cutscene. Even the old MGS games had a bad habit of this but had at least more gameplay compared to MGS4. Can’t speak for MGS5 since I am never gonna touch that trainwreck.

            But I think we can agree on that SONY like this movie + game trend a bit too much. What I hate most about this trend is that games with cool ideas and worlds is being locked away behind a linear corridor point and click game that is trying to be a movie instead. But some people seems to love to pay +60$ for that :/

          • Well you’re absolutely right about MGS4 which is why I didn’t mention it, lol. It’s almost worse than Last of Us, actually. But MGS5 had a lot more playability compared to those other two.

            I can understand why people like the movie-style adventure game combo, and I can understand why others hate it. I think when 1 out of 10 games utilize that method it’s not bad, but when a bunch of AAA games try to replicate that style that’s when it becomes a problem.

          • Sevuz

            The Last of Us is okay. MGS’s cutscenes is way too long. 30-40 min is just ridiculous and I have always had a problem with that.

            Cutscenes shouldn’t be more than 5 min long. Most of the dialog can be done in game while you play the game.

        • Qrow Blackstone

          It’s next level pathetic and blindness

      • Sevuz

        both what?

  • Hawk Hopper

    Here’s to a bright future for myself starting more comment section flame wars by stating the obvious fact that The Last of Us 2 tries to be a movie and fails.

    • Here’s to a bright future for myself starting more comment section flame wars

      See, I miss these. I miss the old fanboy flame wars. I miss the Xbots and the SDF. I miss the poor little ‘ole Nintendonites and the PCMR getting up in the console fanboys’ business.

      I wish we could make gaming great again… by bringing back flame wars.

      These days it’s all regressives, token diversity, academic BS and political wrangling with a chokehold on gaming. Sad times.

      • Hawk Hopper

        Of course I’ll start flame wars about whether or not games should be video games or movies. It’s stupid for games to try to be movies, since they fail 98 out of 100 times, but they keep trying to force this Hollywood nonsense down gamers’ throats.

        Video games are not movies. Performance doesn’t matter. If they do need voice acting, just cast one of the devs.

        • Sevuz

          People are buy these games. I think it’s weird to. I don’t know the sales numbers of these “games”, but they must sale well enough if the keep making them.

      • Laytonaster

        I never thought I would agree to that sentiment.

      • C G Saturation

        Pesronally, I think if people have time to fight flame wars, they could be making their own games, especially in this day and age where making a game is easier than ever.

        If only the greedy child-eating government and the regressive Sorosites weren’t pulling us down mentally and physically.

    • Sevuz

      It seems that many of Sony’s games tries to be more movies than games. It’s sad, but people seems to want it :/

    • durka durka

      the problem is they dont know when to fucking stop, another uncharted without nathan drake? WTF?

    • Qrow Blackstone

      It’s called video games evolving and advancing -_-